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  1. 1. 1 Rathinasabapathy K Mobile: +91 - 9686252974 rathnasaba2k8@gmail.com OBJECTIVE: Seeking for a challenging position in an organization where knowledge can be applied to work as an efficient team member to contribute for the development of the organization PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY:  Around 10 years of working experience in Hardware Board Designing, Development & Testing.  5.2 years experience in NPI Projects and 4.7 years in Sustenance Projects.  Hands on experience in all phases of Hardware Development Life Cycle which involves working with cross functional teams, design and development , Proto typing, pilot building, verification and validation, integrating to the system  Good knowledge in analog and mixed signal design using 8-bit, 16-bit microcontrollers.  Basic knowledge in Functional safety standard (SIL standard – IEC 61508)  Thorough understanding of EMI/EMC issues and methods to take care for EMC requirement in design phase  Good in client interaction, Team management, interpersonal, analytical & problem solving skills.  Six Sigma Green Belt certified and knowledge in CMMI Level 5 Process, Agile Process. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Hardware Design Tools : ORCAD, DX Designer, PADS. Simulation Tools : LTSPICE, PSPICE Protocol : I2C, SPI, RS232, RS422, ARINC429, MIL Std 1553B, 4-20mA loop Measurement Tools : Oscilloscope, DMM, Spectrum Analyzer, Function Generator. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • “Technical Lead” in Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore from Jun 2014 to till date. • “Senior Hardware Developer” in Opto Circuits Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, from Jan 2012 to May 2014. • “Hardware Engineer” in Larsen & Toubro – IES, Mysore, from Nov 2010 to Dec 2011. • “Hardware Design Engineer” in Indus Teqsite Pvt Ltd, Chennai, From Dec 2008 to Oct 2010. • “Hardware Design Engineer" in Avitronics Systemtech Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore from Jul 2006 to Nov 2008. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:  Bachelor Degree in Electronics & Communication, Raja College of Engineering & Technology, Tamilnadu, Passed out in 2005 with 67.33%  Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, KLN Polytechnic, Tamilnadu, Passed out in 2002 with 91.67%
  2. 2. 2 PROJECT DETAILS: HONEYWELL TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Jun 2014 to Till Date  PROJECT Product : FS-24X EN54 Testing Description : FS-24X is Multi-Spectrum Triple IR Flame detector for oil and gas industries. For achieving EN54 certification, we carried out EMC testing which has some EMC issues. EMC add-on board has been designed to overcome the EMC failures in En54 certification testing. Product : XNX -60 & XNX Enhancement Description : The XNX Universal Transmitter is a comprehensive gas detection system designed to operate in hazardous locations and utilize multiple sensor technologies, catalytic bead, electrochemical (EC), or infrared (IR) to detect toxic gases, flammable gases, and oxygen depletion gas hazards. Each technology has a dedicated personality boards and has a Main board. Team size & Role : 3, Technical Lead for Design, Development, Testing • Engaged in design activities on these products which includes  Re-designed XNX Main board and personality boards for functional design corrections and design improvements.  Worked in EMC testing for EN50270 - 2015 standard.  Resolved heater, RTC issues and other design issues.  Involved in analysis of different flame detector design circuits.  Knowledge in Functional safety and intrinsic safety designs. PROJECT DETAILS: OPTO CIRCUITS PVT LTD Jan 2012 to May 2014  PROJECT Products : nGenuity, nCompass, Gemini (506NT3) Product Description : These are patient monitoring systems which are used to measure and monitor the performance of ECG, SPO2, Temperature, Blood pressure. Filac 3000 Temperature Module Integration with Gemini Current Temperature (Fastemp) has been changed to new Filac 3000 temperature module with more accuracy. For this, we re-design our isolation board with higher power ratings. Team size & Role : 3, Hardware - Sustenance Engineer for all products Responsibility: • Experience in designing power supply, battery charging circuits, EMI/EMC and in-house testing. • Knowledge about IEC60601 standards for designing products. • Engaged in sustenance activities on these products which includes  Searching of alternates for EOL, obsolescence parts and evaluation of same component prior to production  Preparation of Verification/test procedures and creating change orders in agile for approval of changes with clients for production process.
  3. 3. 3 PROJECT DETAILS: L&T IES Nov 2010 to Jan 2012  PROJECT Project name : Surge Box Team size & Role : 2, Team member(Design, Development, Testing) Description : The Surge Box is a protective device used to protect electrical devices from high transient voltage spikes and is designed with specially designed thermally protected MOVs and each MOV is capable of handling 50KA 8/20µs surge current MOV Board The MOV module consists of 16 MOVs connected to input power lines. A 3 Phase SMPS section is used to derive 6V for microcontroller section. 3 Phase Bridge rectifier followed by linear regulator derives 350V DC and flyback converter used to step down the 350V DC to 6V DC. A PWM controller TYNY274 and an inbuilt MOSFET will regulate the output voltage by adjusting the duty cycle. PWM duty cycle is adjusted by EN/UV pin of the TYNY 274 IC which is controlled by an optocoupler LTV 356 and a voltage regulator IC TL431. Controller Board The microcontroller performs several functions which include monitoring the peak surge current, LED, LCD & Relay interfacing circuits. A 16bit Microcontroller - PIC24FJ64GA006 has been used in this section PROJECT DETAILS: Indus Teqsite India Pvt Ltd Dec 2008 to Oct 2010  PROJECT Project name : 3 ATI Display Team size & Role : 4, Team member (Design, Development, Testing) LCD Controller board The Input signal to the system comes from aircraft through Rear IO module in the ATI system. The RGB data from Graphics module is converted according to LCD panel and also gamma values is controlled by Gamma DAC. The Microcontroller is used to control the Brightness of the Backlight and BEZEL light. The LED Driver is used to drive the LEDs of the backlight. LED board and Driver board This LED board act as backlight source for this 3 ATI Display and This driver board is used to drive the backlight LEDs in LED board using LTC driver IC. PROJECT DETAILS: Avitronics Systemtech Pvt Ltd July 2006 to Nov 2008  PROJECT Project name : Tarang ATE Team size & Role : 6, Team member (Design, Development, Testing)
  4. 4. 4 Description: Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for TARANG (Radar warning receiver) in Fighter Aircrafts. ATE is a Universal tester to carry out the Analog, Digital and RF tests for various LRU’s of TARANG System. Interface Module routes all required signals to tests LRU. It Consists of Current Measurement Card, Relay Driver Card and Interface Card. Programmable Voltage Generator (0-60VDC) This card is used to generate Programmable voltage (0-60VDC), which is required to test LRU and it is capable of generating the different voltage for its internal operations This card communicates with PC through RS232 gets the commands and generates voltage output voltage accordingly. All the signals are generated and controlled by 8-bit Micro controller and read back the Voltage through TLC548. Current Measurement Card This card is used to measure the Current consumed & Voltages from the LRU through the Multi Output Power Supply of ATE using current monitoring circuit.  PROJECT Project name : Board Test Adapter (BTA) Team size & Role : 6, Team member (Design, Development, Testing) Description : BTA is used for testing PCBs of different LRU’s of RWR system. The BTA communicates with PC through USB communication. BTA facilitates troubleshooting the cards down to fault signal flow path and in some cases to specific faulty component. Digital Input Output (DIO) card Digital input and output board is an ISA based one, which is used to generate all the discrete TTL signals required by the LRU’s of Tarang RWR System. This board can generate 48channels of TTL signals by using PPI (82C55), 12 Pulse IN & 12 Pulse OUT channels. Two numbers of PPI’s are present in this board and each can generate 24 channels of TTL signals. All the control signals for the PPI are generated by the EPLD present in the same board. This board also generates TTL pulses and driven by Pin drivers (EL7156) PERSONAL PROFILE: Nationality : Indian Father’s Name : R.K.Kumaresan D.O.B : 08.06.1984 Language Known : English, Tamil Present Address : #600,4th A main, 13th cross, Virat nagar, Bommanahalli, Bangalore – 560068 Passport No. & Expiry date : N2415066, 19.08.2025 Declaration: I declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Date: Yours Truly, Place: K.Rathinasabapathy

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