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How to study abroad , Dream Global Consultants

Dream Global Consultants,
How to study abroad.

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How to study abroad , Dream Global Consultants

  1. 1. How To Study Abroad DREAM GLOBAL CONSULTANTS
  2. 2. Make sure about your right study abroad Program  Very first thing you will have to decide the best and right study abroad program.  Decide that program, you want to do not your nearest friends in college  Choose that city where you'll be studying,
  3. 3. Test and Score  After choosing your study program and city , you have to take the required test and get the scores before application deadline of the program.  you might have to report the scores to the chosen program departments or schools as instructed in how to apply in their website.
  4. 4. Student Visa/ Passport  After qualifying test and arranging documents for applying fill out your application and submit.  You'll have to ask about the student visa requirements and make sure to have a current passport.  Once you get your admission decision ask them for the official admission document because different countries have different documents, with which you can apply for visa, then apply for visa.
  5. 5. Prepare for other Country Culture  You can start Preparing yourself for different culture.  Concentrate on your language skills.  Take classes.  Prepare for your destination city
  6. 6. Best Countries  UK  USA  Canada  Australia  New Zealand  Singapore
  7. 7. Role of Study Abroad Consultants  They Help to get right program at right University which suits students profile.  They offers services for different countries.  They guides student with right explorer.
  8. 8. Examinations For Study Abroad  SAT (Scholastic Aptitute Test)  TOEFL (Test Of English as Foreign Language)  IELTS (International English Language ad Testing Service)  PTE (Person Test of English)
  9. 9. Thank You