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Driving Repeat Sales From "Idle Customers"

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Keep your customers buying from you with "Idle Customers" email marketing campaigns delivered through Rare.io’s smart ecommerce email marketing platform.

This is an ecommerce email teardown by Rare.io - the ecommerce email marketing platform used by thousands of merchants on Shopify, BigCommerce and Enterprise for smart email marketing.

Rare.io makes it simple to create personalized email marketing campaigns that drive more sales.

Increase your opens, clicks and sales with:

- Smart Timing: deliver your emails based on when your customers are most likely to open their emails.
- Recommended Products: automatically add recommended products for each customer based on their browsing history, previous purchases, and more.
- Automated Campaigns: Welcome emails, Order Follow-up, Abandoned Cart and more! Take advantage of all the most effective email marketing tactics, right out of the box!
- Advance Segmentation: easily create detailed customer segments from your email list. Increase your sales by targeting specific customer groups like repeat customers, VIPs, and more!
- World-class onboarding and Customer Success team: Rare.io will work with you to get you setup and making sales in no time at all.

Try Rare.io for FREE today!

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