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CV of Rani George

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CV of Rani George

  1. 1. Rani George, Manager ( Production Technology) Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK) No.7, VFPCK Staff quarters , Mythribhavan , Kakkanad . Contact: +9656883158| Email: ranigeorge1971@yahoo.co.in | Date of Birth: 13th December 1971 A person with integrity enthusiasm and intiativeness known for developing successful models and programmes creating sustainable outputs and outcomes in the field of Agriculture. Career – At a Glance  Seasoned professional, offering 19 years of accomplished career track at VFPCK known for delivering sustainable models and programmes both for development of farming community  Formulating & implementing strategic & tactical plans and ensuring profitability of organization & income for farmers 1 Core Competencies: Strategic Planning Innovativeness Project Development Organic farming Hi tech Agriculture Protected cultivation Project implementation monitoring and follow up Revenue generation Resource Optimization Training & Development Report preparation
  2. 2.  Diligent and resourceful professional with hands on expertise in devising measures for enhancing income and living standards for farming community through effective follow up monitoring, communication & operations management.  Experience both in field level operations and office management  Perfect team manager having ability to lead cross-functional teams and integrate their efforts to maximize operational efficiency. Proficient in striking perfect coordination with all involved agencies ensuring bottleneck-free work execution.  Involved in project preparation , its implementation and follow up in the field of protected cultivation, hi tech agriculture, precision farming and soil test based nutrient application Professional Abridgement 1997 to 2007 Asst. Project t Manager-Credit and Chief Manager- Credit (HQ) Credentials of establishing:  Looked after the agriculture credit flow in the state  Arranging Agriculture Credit worth 60 crores/year  A network of more than 500 branches of 11 banks .  Strategic planning for achieving 100 % repayment in of Agriculture loans  Arranging matching deposit to branches  Crop insurance support for farmers  Life and health insurance support for farmers  Conducted bankers workshops and interactions  Promoted as Chief manager credit in 4 years 2
  3. 3. 2007- till date Manager Production Technology -HQ  Timely submission of projects for getting financial assistance from various funding agencies and attending presentations at various stages  Submission of projects in the field of protected cultivation, hi tech agriculture, soil test based nutrient application for optimizing the resources and getting maximum returns .  Looking after the implementation monitoring and follow up all the schemes.  Published 4 books on crop production and organic farming.  Act as a Poly house and hi tech agriculture resource person  Act a resource person for transplants especially vegetable seedlings  Actively participated with CTCRI for tuber crop multiplication programme and arranged the by back by CTCRI and farmers  Purchase and installation of 26 Automatic Weather Stations  Implementation of the project for soil testing labs and bio control labs.  Implementation of the project on soil mapping and soil health card printing  Conduct of training on soil mapping in all the districts Academia  M Sc Agriculture- Agronomy Tamil Nadu Agricultural University –Coimbatore 1997  B Sc Agriculture- Tamil Nadu Agricultural University – Pondicherry - 1994  12th - Providence Women’s Collage- Calicut Kerala Agricultural University; 1989  10th – St. Josephs HS. Kunnoth - Kannur Kerala Board; 1987 Rani George 3