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  1. 1. Randy V. Miller 7 Robin Run Dr. The Woodlands, TX 77381 (936)900-9343 rvmontex@aol.com Summary Senior Geologist with extensive experience in exploration, development, and production geology, with special emphasis on subsurface stratigraphy and reconstruction of depositional environments. Familiar with Geological and Geophysical computer applications. Experience includes Acquisition and Divestiture of producing properties, economic analysis, generation of prospects, and the evaluation of regional plays, producing properties, and coal-bed methane projects. Additional experience in reservoir characterization, water-floods, well-site geology, well completions, and production operations. Areas of Experience • Rocky Mountain region – all major basins. • Western Canada Basin – Southern Alberta, and Canadian Williston Basin. • Mid-continent – Including the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. • Gulf Coast. • East Texas, N. Louisiana. • Permian Basin. • California. • International – South America, Mexico and Caspian Basin. Work History 1. Independent Geologist 1992 to present. Houston Texas and Denver, Colorado. The following is a summary of client – companies and work performed. Overlapping years represent concurrent work for more than one client. o Oil and Gas Asset Clearinghouse: Houston, Texas 2003-2006. Providing geologic input into the identification and evaluation of upside value in properties sold through negotiated sales processes. To date, have participated in the successful sales of properties exceeding $1,500,000,000.00 o Geopark, Ltd.: Buenos Aires, Argentina 2003. Worked Austral basin of Southern Argentina and Southern Chile. Integrated subsurface geology and seismic data to identify oil and gas prospects and development opportunities. o El Paso Production Company: Houston, Texas 2000-2003. Worked Rocky Mountain region with emphasis on geological evaluations of northeastern Utah and northwestern Colorado. Developed stratigraphic – framework for interpretation of depositional environments of Tertiary and Cretaceous age formations. Integrated geological data with source-rock and reservoir-engineering analyses. Work led to oil and gas discoveries,
  2. 2. identified significant water-flood opportunities, and detailed the potential for basin- centered gas in deeply buried Cretaceous formations. o Decker Operating Company: Houston, Texas 1997-present. Evaluated numerous recommendations for seismic acquisitions, leasing and drilling, resulting in several discoveries. Assisted in 3D seismic interpretations in East Texas and on the Gulf Coast. Worked on Rodessa, Travis Peak and Cotton Valley plays in East Texas. Provided geological interpretations and evaluations which led to acreage acquisitions (200,000+ acres) and successful drilling of numerous gas wells in Northern Montana. o Netherland, Sewell, and Associates, Inc.: Houston, Texas 1997-2000. Worked on geological and engineering evaluation projects, which are summarized as follows. • Southern Mexico: Mapped salt domes in the Salinas Basin. Evaluated remaining reserves in the Miocene sandstone reservoirs, and identified infill drilling opportunities. Made recommendations to PEMEX for development of additional reserves. • Northern Louisiana: Performed geological evaluation of various oil and gas fields in northern Louisiana. Identified numerous infill and step out drilling opportunities with clients. Provided geological input for accurate reservoir characterizations of Cretaceous and Jurassic formations to engineers for reserves determinations. • Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast (onshore and offshore): Mapped, compartmentalized, and fault bounded reservoirs associated with salt domes. Determined reservoir volumes for remaining reserves determinations. • British Columbia: Worked with team in Calgary, Alberta for Coastal Oil and Gas. Reviewed geology and reserves potential for various properties in Northern British Columbia. • Colorado: Reviewed geology, economics and reserves potential of projects in the Denver Basin. Also, evaluated coal bed methane reserves potential for several producing properties in the Raton Basin. • Utah: Evaluated producing coal bed methane properties in the vicinity of Price, Utah. Mapped coal volumes and made reserves determinations utilizing decline curves, and coal-gas volume analyses. • Oklahoma: Mapped gas fields in the thrust belt play of southeastern Oklahoma. Determined reservoir volumes of fault compartmentalized traps, and identified and development drilling opportunities. • West Texas: Provided geological evaluations of Atoka, Morrow, and Ellenburg gas fields in Texas and New Mexico. Studies determined reservoir characteristics, remaining reserves potential, and identified new drilling opportunities. o Seagull Energy Corporation. (Ocean Energy): Houston, Texas 1996-1997. Worked on major gas field expansion project in northern Montana and southern Saskatchewan. Investigations included detailed cross-section work, subsurface mapping of structure and various isopach data related to gas productivity. Conducted additional geological studies of depositional environments as related to regional trends in Canada and the U.S. In
  3. 3. addition, provided geological input into gas reserves studies and economic analysis of the play. Upon completion of the study, assisted in the establishment of two large federal units. o Marsh Operating Company: Denver, Colorado 1995-1996. Provided geological input for divestiture of company’s oil and gas assets in Montana, Colorado, Kansas, the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles, the Western Anadarko Basin and the Permian Basin. Properties were successfully sold in 1996. o Richardson Operating Company: Denver, Colorado 1995-1996. Performed geological evaluations of diverse plays and prospect areas in the Wyoming and Utah Overthrust Belt, Unita Basin, Wind River Basin, Big Horn Basin, Powder River Basin, San Juan Basin (coal-bed methane), and Williston Basin. Assisted in the acquisition of the giant Bell Creek field in southeastern Montana from Exxon. The field was extensively studied and successfully returned to production with upgraded water-flood. Also assisted in the presentation of a large development drilling program to the Greek National Oil Company in Athens, Greece. o Balcron Oil and Gas Company (Equitable Resources): Billings, Montana 1994-1995. Conducted geological studies of the Cretaceous Frontier and muddy formations in the Wind River and Big Horn basins of Wyoming. Promising trends were identified and recommendations for acreage acquisitions and seismic purchases were made. o Axem Resources Company: Denver, Colorado 1994-1995. Conducted geological studies of Cretaceous depositional trends in the greater Green River Basin of Wyoming. o Snyder Oil Company: Denver, Colorado 1993-1994. Conducted geological studies of gas-bearing Cretaceous reservoirs of the giant Wattenberg field complex in east-central Colorado. Studies included D and J sandstones, the Sussex and Shannon formations, and the Niobrara and Codell formations. Numerous infill locations were identified and drilled, resulted in the development of significant new oil and gas reserves. o Parker and Parsley: Midland, Texas 1993-1995. Conducted geological evaluations of company’s producing properties on the Moxa Arch in the Green River Basin, and in the Washakie Basin of Wyoming. Additional evaluations were made in the Williston Basin and in the Delaware Basin of New Mexico. o Hallwood Energy Corporation: Denver, Colorado 1993-1994. Conducted geological studies and developed prospects and plays in northern Montana and on the Sweetgrass Arch. Recommended drilling, which led to significant expansion of Devonian oil production at Southeast Kevin field. Evaluated acquired properties in the central Anadarko Basin. Recommended drilling, which led to several oil and gas discoveries in Pennsylvania Red Fork sandstones. Assisted acquisitions team in the evaluation of offshore oil fields in the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan Republic. Traveled to Baku, Azerbaijan for extensive meetings with the technical staff of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR). Follow-up work involved geologic mapping of oil and gas reservoirs in Pliocene sandstones, and identification of water-flood opportunities for determination of reserves potential. o J. Burns Brown Operating Company: Malta, Montana 1991-1992. Conducted geological evaluations and exploration for oil and gas in Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Paleozoic formations on the Sweetgrass Arch of northern Montana and southern Alberta. Numerous locations were identified for infill and wildcat drilling. Subsequent drilling found new reserves of gas.
  4. 4. 2. Marsh Operating Company: Denver, Colorado 1988-1991. Conducted geological searches for shallow gas opportunities in the Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain regions. Made extensive geological studies of the Sweetgrass Arch and Bowdoin gas field, which resulted in the acquisition of approximately 250,000 net acres in Montana and Saskatchewan. Provided geological input and testimony for the formation of the Martin Lake Tight Gas Area in Phillips County, Montana. Additional geological work was performed in the Washakie Basin of Wyoming, the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles, the giant Hugoton gas field, and the Unita basin of Colorado. 3. Synder Oil Company: Denver, Colorado 1982-1987. Retained as a consultant working such diverse areas as the Unita Basin, the Wattenberg gas field (early Niobrara-Codell play), and Washakie Basin. Identified a significant Tertiary Green River shoreline play in the Unita Basin for leasing opportunities. This trends today has over 300 producing oil wells. 4. Donald C. Slawson: Denver, Colorado 1978-1982. Conducted exploration in the Denver Basin, Williston Basin, Unita Basin, Douglas Creek Arch, and the Piceance Basin. Drilled a number of prospects which resulted in oil and gas discoveries. Performed well-site geological duties on numerous wells. Education • 1971 B.S. Geology, Lamar University – Beaumont, Texas. • 1973 M.S. Geology, University of Tulsa – Tulsa, Oklahoma. • 1975-1977 Post graduate studies, Colorado School of Mines – Golden, Colorado. Professional Societies • American Association of Petroleum Geologists – Certified Petroleum Geologist • Houston Geological Society • Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies: Finance Committee • Tulsa Geological Society