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Fundraising KKI 2020 - Bounce Back Faster

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Fundraising KKI 2020 - Bounce Back Faster

  1. 1. 1 2020 Fundraising “Bounce Back Faster” Investing >< Empowering The Poor Through KKI
  2. 2. 2Pictures: KKI members with their Frame of Dreams 2Koperasi KASIH Indonesia Introduction to KKI: A social business that empowers poor women • KKI’s vision is “to be present for, involve with, and support poor families, wherever they are”. • KKI is a fruit of GOD’s calling, which was answered by Leon and Lucy, a pair of friend at university; It was established in February 2011. • 9.5 years later, it’s serving 9,600 low-income women in North Jakarta with mindset-training, saving facilities & working capital loan.
  3. 3. 3 3Koperasi KASIH Indonesia Why we need funds: To support members to bounce back faster Pictures: KKI members with their micro-business • COVID-19 outbreak had caused 60-80% of KKI members to stop their micro-business. Most of their spouses also lost their job / income. • After social distancing is eased, they don’t have needed working capital as it was used for consumption, due to no income. • KKI wants to support its 9,600 members with needed working capital so they could bounce back faster. Our current cash is not enough.
  4. 4. 4 “Pada hari pertama membagikan beras saya bertemu dengan kelompok sutim, ada satu ibu yang sangat terharu dibagikan beras, karena ibunya sudah tidak dibolehkan dagang bakso di pinggir jalan, dan suaminya hanya ojek online dengan penghasilan 20.000- 30.000 selama masa pademi ini. Beliau begitu terharu mendapatkan beras.” (shared by Siska) 4Koperasi KASIH Indonesia Story from field #1 during rice distribution for members, April 2020 Pictures: KKI members holding 5 kg rice for their families Our vision called us to be present for & support our members, especially during tough times. KKI distributed 5kg rice to 9,579 members, for free.
  5. 5. 5 “Saat itu saya pergi ke kelompok Manggis, ada ibu benar-benar menangis di depan saya. Menurut beliau KKI ternyata selama ini tidak hanya asal ambil setoran tapi benar-benar peduli dengan Anggotanya. ‘Waktu Manggis banjir KKI tetap nagih setoran kami, tapi saat kami sedang kesusahan seperti ini KKI benar-benar peduli dengan kami.’” (shared by Siska) 5Koperasi KASIH Indonesia Story from field #2 during rice distribution for members, April 2020 For more stories, click here (stories shared by KKI’s field officers) Initially we were scared as 5kg rice for 9,579 members cost IDR465 million. In the end, 159 people donated IDR 301 million. GOD is our provider.
  6. 6. 6 6Koperasi KASIH Indonesia Our vision called us to do “whatever we can” to support members Pictures: Members doing repayments at office; Receiving biscuits & masks KKI’s special initiatives during pandemic: 1-month repayment holiday; Restructured repayments to only 10% for 1.5 months; Allowed members to repay loan with compulsory savings; Provided more time for voluntary savings withdrawal; Distributed 5kg rice + 1 mask + 1 can of biscuits to each member; Educating members on COVID-19 prevention (through poster & continuous reminder).
  7. 7. 7 7Koperasi KASIH Indonesia How much is needed & for how long: IDR 10 billion for 3-12 months Picture: KKI members after 2019 “Fasting Month Loan” disbursement • KKI plans to disburse new loans to 2,500 members (needing IDR 8.5 billion) & top-up existing loans of 7,100 members (IDR 3.5 billion). • We have IDR 2 billion and need additional funding of IDR 10 billion, to be returned within 3-12 months, based on your choice. • We will return the loans using members’ repayments. Since 2014, KKI have been having 100% repayment rate (0.004% bad debt to date).
  8. 8. 8SOURCE: KKI 8Koperasi KASIH Indonesia Why you could trust us: We are not here for money, but as a calling • KKI founders are doing this as a calling, not for money. Leon, as an example, earns less today vs. 9.5 years ago in his previous job. • KKI is trusted by >300 donors who had donated IDR 2.1 billion and 42 lenders who had loaned a total of IDR 10.9 billion to KKI until today. • KKI’s financial stays solid despite pandemic, with Retained Earnings of IDR 2 billion and assets of IDR 14 billion as of March 2020. Click pictures below to access KKI’s publication on:
  9. 9. 9SOURCE: KKI 9Koperasi KASIH Indonesia Appendix: Interest rate for different amounts & other arrangements IDR 50-99 million IDR 100 - 199 million IDR 200 - 299 million IDR 300 - 599 million IDR 600 - 999 million IDR >999 million • Interest are subject to tax, with the final total percentage varies based on your personal / corporate income tax bracket. It will be paid on 2 occasions. • The first portion (15%) of the tax is paid through KKI & acts as a Tax Credit. • The second portion is paid from lender’s end, by reporting the Interest Income and Tax Credit in your SPT Tahunan. • For more detailed explanation, click here. • Contact us at +62855-8252218 (Leon) or Koperasi.kasih.Indonesia@gmail.com. Other arrangements (All loans are in IDR 50 million / multiple) 8% 9% 10.8% 11.5% 12% 13% Interest per year, gross Loan amount