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Barry Ashworth mailout

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Barry Ashworth mailout

  1. 1. Barry  Ashworth     Dub  Pistols   DJ  &  Sound  System  Sets  Available     Dub  Pistol’s  front  man,  Barry  Ashworth  is  renowned  for  his   ability  to  get  a  party  started!    The  Dub  Pistols  are  the  winners   of  the  ‘Best  Live  Act’  award  at  the  Bass  Music  Awards   towards  the  end  of  last  year.  They  have  remixed  for  the  likes   of  Moby,  Crystal  Method,  Limo  Bizkit,  Bono,  Korn,  Ian  Brown,   and  the  legendary  Busta  Rhymes.       The  Dub  Pistols  are  finishing  up  their  sixth  studio  album,   Return  of  the  Pistoleros,  which  is  set  for  release  later  in  2015.   The  band  is  now  gearing  up  for  their  brand  new  European   tour  to  preview  the  new  album.  The  Return  of  the  Pistoleros   tour  kicks  off  in  late  February  hitting  major  European  cities,   and  will  begin  its  second  leg  here  in  the  UK  in  late  April.  
  2. 2. The  Dub  Pistols  have  also  announced  several  major  festival   dates  over  the  coming  months  and  into  the  summer.  These   festivals  include  Snowbombing,  Lemonfest,  Symmetry   Festival,  Blissfields  Festival,  Nass  Festival,  Northbound   Festival,  and  Boom  Town  Fair.   Barry  Ashworth  is  a  remarkable  DJ  and  MC.       For  more  information  click  here.   Interview  with  DJ  Target  discussing  what  the  Dub  Pistols  have   been  up  to.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I43L1Kui4AQ     http://dubpistolsmusic.co.uk/   https://soundcloud.com/dubpistol   https://www.facebook.com/barry.ashworth.31?fref=tl_fr_box&pnref=lhc.friends   https://twitter.com/dubpistols       For  all  booking  enquiries  contact:  Cath@ultradj.co.uk