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Yamang tubig

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The design of slides are quite simple, hope you wouldn't see its ugliness.xD Thanks!

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Yamang tubig

  1. 1. Malawak ang karagatan ng Pilipinas na umaabot sabaybayin ng 17,640 kilometro at 266 milyongektaryang coastal waters at 193.4 ng karagdagangbahagi na nagmumula sa karagatan. Tinatayangumaabot ng 18.46 milyong ektarya ang kabuuanglawak ng karagatan kabilang ang 338,393 ektarya nglatian at mga ilog imbakan na matatagpuan sa bansa. Ang yamang tubig ng Pilipinas ay ang pagkakaroon ng ibat ibang klase ng mga isda. At nakakatulong ito sa pagkakaroon ng hanapbuhay ng mga Pilipino sa pamamagitan ng pangingisda.
  2. 2. Tubbataha Reef Marine ParkThis Unesco World Heritage-listedmarine parkis located in the Municipality ofCagancillio, Province of Palawan.Tubbataha is made of about10,000 coral reefs lying in themiddle of Sulo Sea.Tubbataha is a nesting place forgreen sea turtles.It has almost 500 species of fish,about 45 species of birds, 9 species of dolphins and whalesand it has about 400 species ofcorals.
  3. 3. Puerto Princesa Subterranean RiverNational ParkThis great wonder of nature is anothersight to enjoy.It is located in Palawan, Puerto Princesa,about 50 kilometers north of the CapitalCity.It has about 8 kilometers of navigableUnderground River considered to be thelongest in the world and features alimestone karsts mountain landscape.The river winds through a cave before itflows directly to the sea. This underground river has severalchambers and also contains majorformations of stalactites and stalagmites.Like the Tubbataha Reef, this nature parkis included in the Unesco Heritage List.
  4. 4. The whaleshark, Rhincodontypus, is a slow-moving filter feedingshark, the largestlivingfish species. Thelargest confirmedindividual was 12.65metres (41.50 ft) inlength and the heaviestweighed more than 36tonnes (79,000 lb), butunconfirmed claimsreport considerablylarger whale sharks. Whale shark spotting in Dorsogon became a word of mouth passed on to every tourist exploring the Philippines. As thousands of visitors arrive each season to swim and witness their friendly behavior, the unknown town of Donsol, in which its economy was initially reliant to fishing and cottage industry alone, now benefits from higher revenue brought by the presence of these giant fish locally called "Butanding".
  5. 5. The Sinarapan (Mistichthys luzonensis) is the world’s smallest commercially-harvested fish endemic or native to the Philippines. They are found in the Bicol region in southern Luzon island, particularly in Lake Buhi, Lake Bato, Bicol River and other bodies of water in Camarines Sur province.Sinarapan are a type of goby and they are transparent, except forthe black eyes. The sinarapan is so tiny, they measure only 2.1-2.45cm and have an average length of 12.5mm. The males of thisspecies are smaller, shorter and more slender than the females. Aschool of sinarapan, approximately 100,000 to 500,000 individuals,swim at an average depth of 7 to 10 meters. If placed inside atabletop aquarium, they live for only about 10 minutes
  6. 6. Pisidium – pinakamaliit na kabibe.Tridacna Gigas – pinakamalakingkabibe.
  7. 7. PEARL OF ALLAH – pinakamalaking perlas sa daigdig.
  8. 8. Thank you =) Pangkat 3