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Resume Rakesh Jhajharia(2)

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Resume Rakesh Jhajharia(2)

  1. 1. RAKESH JHAJHARIA Village - Nangal, Bhiwani, Haryana; Contact: +91 99107 48070, +91 97284 31131 Email: jhajharia40rakesh@gmail.com Rakesh Jhajharia Village - Nangal, Post Office –Sehar, Tehsil – Loharu District - Bhiwani, Haryana; Pin Code – 127201 I am submitting herewith my resume for your perusal and favorable consideration for a job in your organization. Academically sound with 3-years diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Haryana State Board of Technical Education, Panchkula. I am a confident and proactive individual, possessing an analytical & creative bent of mind. With exceptional planning, execution and interpersonal skills, I am a hardworking, innovative and self-motivated individual. Conceptually strong with an innovative and analytical approach to the work with an eye for detail. My basic objective is to hone in my skills for comprehensive personality development and be an epitome of trust and reliability in the corporate world. My prime goal is to understand professional environment and capitalize on opportunities. The above credentials along with my enclosed resume make me ideally suitable for the above position in your organization. I would appreciate an opportunity for a personal interview. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, Rakesh Jhajharia
  2. 2. CURRICULUM VITAE Mr. Rakesh Jhajharia Village: Nangal Post Office: Sehar Tehsil: Loharu District: Bhiwani Pin Code: 127201 Mobile: +91-9910748070 Home: +91-9728431131 E-mail: jhajharia40rakesh@gmail.com jrakesh@brcm.edu.in OBJECTIVES:- Seeking a challenging working environment, which would provide me learning and technical growth, at the same time helps me in contribution meaningfully to the growth of the organization. TECHNICAL QUALIFICATION:- • Three year Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering from CDRZ Polytechnic under Haryana State Board of Technical Education, Panchkula (Haryana) With 62.62%. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS:- • 12th from NIOS, New Delhi with 55.8%. • 10th from CBSE, New Delhi with 47.04%. OTHER QUALIFICATIONS:- * NCC Certificate • Electronics and Communication Engineering: Labs:-  PCB Designing  Basics of Electronics  Analog Electronics  Analog Electronics & Circuits COMPUTER PROFICIENCY:-
  3. 3. • Working on Microsoft Outlook 2010. • Working with Windows XP/ Server/Windows 7. • Working with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. • Basic of Computer Hardware. • Installation of All type of Software and networking. • Skill to work on SAP Entries & internet etc. VOCATIONAL TRAINING AND COURSES:- • One Month training from “B.S.N.L. Exchange in Hissar. • Ten days workshop on Introduction to Research Methodologies Conducted - by IIT Bombay. • One day workshop on Modeling & Simulation Using Simulink Conducted - by ISTE. EXPERIENCE:- • Presently (i.e.-28th October, 2015) working as an Facility Executive Technical, Integrated Facilities Management in JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consulants (India) Pvt Ltd, AON Hewitt, Gurgaon (Haryana). – handling HVAC System, Extra AC File & Power Consumption entry in Portal, Making Work Permit for Vendor, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTACs), Variable Air Volume (VAV), Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), Air Handler, or Air Handling Unit (AHU’s) maintenance work and Electrical operation & Building Management System (BMS), Maintenance Team like Supervisor, Multi Skill Technician (MST), Carpenter, Plumber & Soft Team also House Keeping Supervisor & Team like Pantry Boy, Office Boy, House Keeping Boy and sometimes handing help desk also calling, allow entry mails, coordinate with Vendors. • Unitech World Cyber Park, Sector-39, Gurgaon (Haryana) as a HVAC Senior Supervisor handle Chiller AC plants and Electrical operation & BMS System, SAP entry of extra AC hours, CCTV cameras, AHU’s, Fire alarms panel, Maintenance work joined in 1st July, 2015 to 28th October, 2015. • Government of Haryana, Department of Education in UTKARSH Society (Panchkula) handles Receive only Terminals (ROT’s) & Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT’s) sites, Computer labs set up in Haryana joined in 07th May, 2013 to 07th May, 2015 as a Junior Engineer. • BRCM College of Engineering and Technology, Bahal, District- Bhiwani, Haryana- 127028 handles Printed Circuit Designing (PCB), Basic of Electronics (BOE), Analog Electronics (AE), Analog Electronics and Circuits (AEC) Labs teaching Practical’s on bred Board with loose components, joined in 11th March, 2011 to 30th April, 2013 as an Instructor in (Electronics & Communication Engineering Department).
  4. 4. • Gateway Institute of Engineering & Technology, District- Sonipat, Haryana handles Printed Circuit Designing (PCB), Basic of Electronics (BOE), Analog Electronics (AE), Analog Electronics and Circuits (AEC) Labs teaching Practical’s on bred Board with loose components, joined in 15th Sep. 2010 to 8th March 2011 as a Technician in (Electronics & Communication Engineering Department). PERSONAL PROFILE:- Name : Rakesh Jhajharia Date of Birth : 16th October, 1990 Father’s Name : Sh. Karan Singh Jhajharia Mother’s Name : Smt. Rajbala Jhajharia Marital Status : Married Sex : Male Language Known : English, Hindi Declaration:- The above statements are true to best my knowledge and belief. Date:……………........ (Rakesh Jhajharia) Place:…………………