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  1. Welcome to Rahul Enterprises GMP certified Private Label / Contract Manufacturer /Exporter of Cosmetics and Toiletry products. We open your door to Success
  2. About Us We are India based leading GMP certified Private Label or Contract Manufacturer and Exporter of Cosmetics and Toiletry products. ( Baby Care, Oral Care, Men’s Care, Talc Powder, Shampoo, Beauty Care & Hair Care). Major Clientele include such as, Alpha Chemika ,Kim Chemicals,Amanzada Group, Emami Ltd,Vasa Global Company, Agarwal Herbal Products ,Brillare Science, Thermolab Group. Equipped with sound technical expertise and strong manufacturing capabilities, we have developed complete product & packaging solutions for our customers across different countries. We have the capability of offering the complete range of cosmetics & ointments in all possible types of packaging. We are basically manufacturer of Packaging machineries, so total automation from Filling to Cartoning. So we will give our huge participation regarding the same. Our Area is under Free Octori Zone and L.B. T. Zone. Products manufactured in our units are consumed locally as well as exported. Being an owner managed manufacturing unit production process, quality, deliveries etc are closely. All our products are well tested for better results. At Rahul Cosmetic we are committed to Quality, Innovation. Our production unit is located in total area of 4 dept. 16,000 square feet perfectly equipped to produce high quality products.Extensive industry knowledge allows us to adapt our manufacturing facilities to most of the client’s requirements, thus making us an ideal choice for your future endeavors
  3. Pvt. Label Product
  4. Brands we deal with
  5. Contract Manufacturing We create products under your own name or brand. We establish a new brand of our customers to covering all aspects. A world class service is provided to generate a product as promoted by the customer. Our team assists in various fields’ right from testing and qualifying formulations, identifying packaging, allocating production schedules, package & label design to faster shipping. Due to our up to date manufacturing lab. Rahul cosmetics like Skin care, Hair care, Oral Care, Beauty care, Men’s care & Baby care product includes a sophisticated research and development wing that append new dimensions to our services and helps us in providing best personal care products that comply with the global quality standards. Moreover, our Contract Manufacturing Services are provided as the most affordable cost according to the budget of our clients. We are known for our expertise not only as a contract manufacturer, but also in the research and development of these products. We are capable of meeting all of your formulation needs to your specifications. We can manufacture both conventional and natural organic personal care products for you.
  6. Our Major Client Vasa Global Company,Mumbai Kim Chemicals Ltd.,Mumbai Amanzada Group (Valo Products Pvt. Ltd.), Santacruz,Mumbai Emami Ltd., Goregon,Mumbai Agarwal Herbal Products, Mumbai Al Tayab Mohammed Al Khadar, Sansa, Yemen. Eurl Apicius, Oran-Algeria  Medisynth Naturals Pvt. Ltd. Rich & Real (A Division of Korten Healthcare Pvt Ltd.) Vasai , Thane Aero Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Murbad Firmenich Aromatics India Pvt. Ltd.,Mumbai Zeal International, Vashi Renuka Export, Pakistan Aloe Plus International, Goregaon, Mumbai Aura Beauty Personal & Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai Brillare Science , Ahmadabad
  7. Our Own Product Gallary
  8. Product we cater for our client Men''s Care Shaving Cream, Shaving Gel, Men’s Fairness Cream Hair Care Shampoo, Oil, Cream, Styling Gel, Care Synergy, Hair Food Toiletries, Hand Wash, Hand Cream, Shower Gel, Hand Sanitizer Baby Care Massage Oil, Nourishing Oil, Talcum Powder, Shampoo, Moisturizer, Lotion, Body Wash, Nourishing Cream. Oral Care : Toothpaste Gel, Toothpaste, Tooth Powder Talcum Powder Beauty Talcum Powder, Prickly Heat Powder Beauty Care : Cream, Lotion, Face Scrub, Apricot Face Scrub, Petroleum Jelly, Lip Gel, Mask /Pack, Skin Care Synergy Attar
  9. Services Offered Services Offered by us Works on Unique formulation Developing formulation as per Client requirement Paste, Cream, Liquid Manufacturing Tube - Jar Filling & Packing Sachet Filling & Packing Bottle Filling & Packing Labeling of Bottle, Jar & Sachet In terms of Packaging, we have facility to pack Seamless Tubes & Laminated Tubes Pet & HDPE Bottles & Jars Pouches Glass Bottles & Jars  Acrylic Bottles & Jars
  10. Production capacity Average Production Capacity Tubes 42,000 Nos./Shift Pouch/Sachet 48,000 Nos./Shift Bottle/Jar 15,000 Nos./Shift
  11. List of Facilities SR. NO DESCRIPTION SIZE / CAP. QTY IN NOS. 1 Mixing Tank Of Planetary Mixer -Cream Section 1500 Ltr 1 2 Mixing Tank Of Planetary Mixer -Cream Section 600 Ltr 2 3 Gel Kettle 1000 kg 1 4 Oil Phase Kettle 300 kg 1 5 Stainless Steel Storage Tank 3 ton 2 6 Stainless Steel Storage Tank 1500 Ltr 2 7 Stainless Steel Storage Tank 500 Ltr 3 8 Stainless Steel Storage Tank 200 Ltr 5 9 Vaccum Pump -Water Circulation 1 10 Cooling Tower 1 11 Shrink Tunnel 2 12 Weighing Balance 300 kg 2
  12. List of Facilities SR. NO DESCRIPTION SIZE / CAP. QTY IN NOS. 13 Weighing Balance 25kg 1 14 Weighing Balance 10 Kg 2 15 Weighing Balance 300 gm 3 16 Induction Cap Sealing Machine 2 17 D. M. Water Plant 1 18 Softner (Water) 1 19 Colloidal Mill & Homogeneriser 1 20 Liquid Filling Machine – 6 Head 1 21 Cream/Lotion/Shampoo Filling Machine 2 22 Boiler (Steam) 1 23 Shifter 50 kg 1 24 Augur Filling Machine ( Powder) 2
  13. List of Facilities SR. NO DESCRIPTION SIZE / CAP. QTY IN NOS. 25 Ribbon Blender 300 kg 1 26 Cartnator 1 27 Filling and Sealing Machine Speed 120 tubes/min (Lami) 1 28 Filling and Sealing Machine Speed 60 tubes/min (Lami) 3 29 Pouch Filling Machine 4 30 Air Compressor 2 31 Pilot Plant for R & D 7 Ltr. 1 32 Two Head labeling Machine 1 33 Videojet Inkjet Printer 2
  14. Quality We are of the fact that compromise with the quality of the products can harm end users in many way. Therefore, we make no compromises with the quality standards. We understand that the quality of our products is not only a reflection of our company but also of our valued customers. Hence, all our products are manufactured using high quality ingredients. A team of quality controllers guides production experts to obtain flawless products. This team also checks manufactured products on the basis of their composition, effectiveness, shelf life and aroma before dispatch. Our products are examined at a modernized inspecting lab. To achieve the highest quality standards, we have implemented and maintained the following: Site registration for Cosmetics (FDA) Current good manufacturing practices (GMP) throughout our manufacturing facility Registration and permit under Cosmetics Act Complete documentation Training & Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) Batch Records & QC Testing Rigorous in-process and finished product quality checks Incoming inspection and full traceability of ingredients and components Regulatory compliance Certificates of free sale Certificates of manufacture & Certificate of analysis MSDS(material safety data sheet) Compliance with international standards
  15. We work with the mission of becoming:  A high performing and fast growing company  A successful network of clients & suppliers  A firm, which provides clients with supreme quality products & gives clients satisfaction by providing right solution for end consumers.  An organization, having inspiring work environment and growth opportunities without bounds.  A firm which continuously improve factors related to Quality, R&D, Product Formulation, new product concept for giving better service to Client A Service Provider which offer clients from around the world, the best possible quality in each product category at the most reasonable prices. Our Mission
  16. Why Us R&D: We can create any product or texture as per your requirement at our R&D center Procurement: We help you find the best source for all packaging and also get them at the best price for you. Client Satisfaction: We are meeting Clients Requirements which result in utmost Customer Satisfaction. Privately held group, that reacts to customers' needs much faster Quality Assurance: Best quality products using all USP/BP/IP raw material and extracts. Even all the packaging is sourced from reputed companies. GMP standards are maintained. Tax Free Zone: Our Factory is located in Octori and LBT free zone and therefore you can save on a lot of taxes. Flexibility: We can manufacture any number of pieces for you starting from a few thousands to lacs of pieces. We have production machinery that can take care of different sizes of batch. We have an ability to deliver BulK Order in time. Price : Most consistent & world class quality at most reasonable price Packaging : World class & wide range of packaging options (i.e. tube, cartons, sachets, jars, bottles, blister pack etc.
  17. Contact us For developing any kind of Skin care,Hair care, Oral Care, Beauty care, Men’s care & Baby care product, Toiletry products under private labeling (your brand, your artwork, your Specifications) or contract manufacturing, please Contact us Rahul Waghuade, Head-Cosmetic Division Cell : +91 93204 41301 Rahul Enterprises B /67, Additional MIDC,Anand Nagar, Ambernath – 421506,Maharashtra, India Tel/Fax. : +91 251 2621243 Email : Website :