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Soul of the island magazine "Music and Fashion"

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MAGXIBZ Edit. Junio

  1. 1. Edit.JUNY-JULY2016 www.magxibz.com Edit.JUNE-JULY2016
  2. 2. www.ecoibiza.com RENTAL VILLAS IBIZA www.everysides.com/videos/ecoibiza.html
  3. 3. ECOIBIZA Enterprise EcoIbiza Creation Graphic Designer Rafael Bertran Digital and Social Networks Mario Sylleros Reporters & Writers Rafael B. / Joe R. MagXIbz “Soul of the Island” ibiza.magxibz@gmailcom www.magxlondon.com www.magxibz.com MUSIC 08 CARL COX 10 DJ AND PROMOTER 12 IMS _ LEGENDS / DAY TWO 16 IMS_IBIZA / DAY ONE 22 ISSU _ DIFFERENT 1 24 ANDREA PERINI _ FABRIK 28 BOAT CARL COX _ SPACE 38 LANGUAGE OF MUSIC PART 2 42 IMS_THE ART OF PLAYING 44 2VILAS _ DJ PRODUCER 47 TOP10 _ JAY MORALES THANKS TO ALL; Special thank you to everyo- ne who contributed towards this edition and also for all the promotional support for magazine from social networks. Thanks to all the artists for participating in this edition. FASHION 48 MAKE_UP SUMMER 50 FASHION WEEK_WOMEN 52 ALEXANDER MACQUEEN 54 RICK OWENS_MENS 61 DISCO BUS 64 HANDY PHONE NUMBERS 4
  4. 4. www.safehousemanagement.com www.carlcox.comwww.carlcoxtickets.com www.spaceibiza.com www.magxibz.com
  5. 5. Rafael Bertrán DJ.; I think above all it is a business, you're right! but I think they could spend one day a week to new talents, which would serve to show the world different things and the great future of the music scene. Promoter; Do you believe that club owners or artistic directors should understand more about music and consider it into their club experience or is it a matter of money, and that’s it? DJ.; Most at this moment, no. A club is a business and this is how it is seen by so many owners, but those who understand music, always have in mind everything from the sound to the DJs. Promoter; Mr. Dj. After all we've talked you believe that people are assholes and are not aware of what is going on, and are predisposed to pay a lot of money, just because there is a big name or line up. Should we think that there is no musical culture? DJ.; No, people are cool. I think there's musical culture, although this is acquired over time. I think you have to mature to understand music, those who are playing, and who they are. Promoter; Summing up, you believe there is a section of people who only go to do drugs and go all out, without having any idea of what dj or line up there is? DJ.; There is a bit of everything, but we must take into account the social effect, people grow and evolve to acquire their musical maturity. Thank you, Mr. Promoter and Mr. Dj, for your excellent live performance. Friends, it is not usual, but this time we pretended to provide something different and special, just to let you know the opinion of these two characters, of course good vibes always, evolve and enjoy good music. A DJ AND PROMOTER HAVE A CANDID TALK! Hello everyone, I have a surprise for you for this new edition, a talk of between a _ DJ/ Producer and a promoter, of which we will keep the names of anonymous, and a mediator, let's start this exciting talk. Promoter: Do you think it's normal to have a famous DJs who arrives to their session on drugs or drunk, to be placed in front of, and be able to offer the best session for their audience in these conditions? DJ.; Depends on many factors, some of which lend themselves to go more or less hung-over, and also depends on the time, anyway, and this is my opinion, and like anything, always in moderation. Promoter; Mr. Dj. Do you believe that by being known or a famous dj, you have the right to make the session thinking only of you and your music, without thinking or looking at your audience who has paid to enjoy and have good time, with great music? DJ.; Obviously, if you're a good Dj, you must be aware of the public, but it is also true what they say sometimes "create fame and go to sleep" Promoter; Why do some say that they are a Dj/ producer, when some produce nothing and many don’t mix their own tracks, as well as prerecorded dj sessions, does that seem normal? DJ.; Well there are special cases, there are some and of course is not normal, the DJs that I personally admire are all producers, and I think a good professional should have knowledge of music and production. Promoter; Do you believe that the artistic directors and owners of clubs, should invest more in musical culture rather than on pure marketing, give more opportunities to new talents who deserve it, as they have been given to many famous djs in their time or is this not a profitable option today? 10 11
  6. 6. IMS_LEGENDS PEPE ROSELLO Pepe, Lynn y Carl Cox recuerdan los momentos mas importantes. Asi empieza la historia, Pepe Rosello en un pequeño club en el cual Carl Cox pinchaba detrás de la barra con unas mesas en las que a veces no fun- cionaban de tantas bebidas que le habían caído encima. Pepe decidió ampliar el club para conseguir un aforo de 3000 personas más, lo cual fue un riesgo con el cual al final triunfo. Carl Cox. El oh yes oh yes! salio de Carl, me salio porque queria saber como se sentia el público. Pepe. Carl siempre se sintio como parte del público y nunca se olvido que el estaba ahi para hacer feliz a la gente. Pepe. El 27 significa que muchos de los artistas jóvenes que se an muerto, Jimmy Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, su música queda como un símbolo por siempre. 27 puede ser nuestro ultimo año como Space Ibiza, pero nues- tro amor, sentimiento y música de nuestros artistas, siempre serán parte de lo que es Space. 27 sera un símbolo que durara para siempre, este es nuestro legado. El final de una era, Space con Carl Cox. Nosotros, les damos las gracias por habernos dado 27 años de buena mú- sica y por haber creado más cultura musical para todos. 10 12 13 Pepe, Lynn and Carl Cox remember the most important moments. So begins the story, Pepe Rosello in a small club, in which Carl Cox played behind the bar with turntables that sometimes did not work, because of the many drinks that had fallen on them. Pepe; decided to expand the club capacity to more than 3000 people, which was a risk, but a win at the end. Carl Cox; Oh yes oh yes! came from Carl, it came about because I always wanted to know how the audience felt. Pepe; Carl always felt like part of the public and never forgot that he was there to make people happy with his music. Pepe; 27 means that many of the young artists who died with their music like Jimmy Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, their music remains a symbol forever. 27 may be our last year as Space Ibiza, but our love, feeling and the music ;; our artists, will always be part of what is Space. 27 will be a symbol that will last forever, this is our lega- cy. The end of an era, SPACE and Carl Cox. We thank them for giving us 27 years of great music and have crea- ting more musical culture for us all. www.magxibz.com
  7. 7. JAY MORALES DJ_PRODUCER www.jaymoralesmusic.com www.soundcloud.com/jmorales www.mixcloud.com/jaymorales Booking mail to; rafaelbertran@gmail.com
  8. 8. Rafael Bertrán IMS 2016 ha inaugurado un año más la novena edición de este encuentro de profesionales de la industria de la música electrónica, aportando muy buenas perspectivas para el sector. Conocemos de la mano del analista financiero Kevin Watson que el valor del sector de la música electrónica se sitúa en 7,1 billones de dólares, lo que supone un crecimiento del 60% con respec- to a los últimos tres años. Aunque es cierto que el crecimiento se ha reducido en un 3,5% en 2015 la perspectiva sigue siendo positiva. Es evidente que es bueno crecer, pero deberíamos preguntar como crecemos si para bien o para mal con más o menos cultura musical, o bien si solo es un buen negocio…! IMS 2016 has inaugurated their ninth edition of this gathering with industry professionals of elec- tronic music, providing good perspectives for the sector. By the hand of financial analyst Kevin Watson we now know that the value of the electronic music industry stands at $7.1 billion, representing a growth of 60% over the last three years. While it is true that growth has declined by 3.5 % in 2015, the outlook remains positive. Clearly, it is good to grow, but we should ask wether we are growing for better or worse, with more or less musical culture, or whether it is only good as a business ...! IMS _ CHARLA DE KEVIN WATSON IMS _ TALK KEVIN WATSON “CRECER” “GROWTH” 16 17
  9. 9. LUXURYRENTALCARS EXCLUSIVE RENTAL CARS, Is the first company developed to offer Luxury car rental in Ibiza island, our dis- creet, exclusive and professional service have made us to be ahead for nine years. We have the most exclusive fleet of brand cars like: Ferrari, Pors- che, Range Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Hummer, Mini, Jeep… Also we can offer any other brand by order. * Tel. +34) 971 310 401 * Tel. (24h) +34) 647539 068 LUXURYRENTALCARS As part of our professional service we include exclusive rentals in lu- xurious Villa, sprivate Jets, yaths, private security, restaurants, night Clubs, private parties with the best DJ´s of the island… Thanks to our professional team we will make your time in Ibiza un- forgettable. Year after year we are the most ex- clusive company in the island. EXCLUSIVE RENTAL CARS, the lu- xury in its most pure form!! Exclusive Team *www.everysides.com/videos/exclusive.html *www.exclusiverentalcars.com
  10. 10. OMAR LABASTIDA www.mixcould.com/omarlabastida www.soundcloud.com/omarlabastida www.beatport.com/#artist/omar-lab... Contact mail to; rafaelbertran@gmail.com www.magxibz.com
  11. 11. The idea of this place has always been to get a good mix of environment and atmosphere. Always offering the best they have, in both their food and cocktail menu, the magic word at Issu is…Quality! Providing great customer service, they are happy inform you of interesting places that you must visit, and especially the the personalized service of Presale Tickets for the best parties on the island, at the best price. They love to know you've enjoyed a good night, and specia- lly see you back the next day with a big smile. Right now in Issu ...! Crta. Playa d’en Bossa, Local 3 PLAYA D’EN BOSSA _ IBIZA T. +34) 971 302 933 www.facebook.com/issuibiza Special ticket prices Personal service Quality cocktails The best place 22 23
  12. 12. 24 U/D ANDREA PERINI https://soundcloud.com/andreaperini http://www.beatport.com/artist/andrea-perini/206044 Contact mail to; rafaelbertran@gmail.com Fabrik_Madrid Andrea Perini defendiendo una vez más el icono de la isla de Ibiza.
  13. 13. Restarurante IBIZA marc's, Restaurante, Bar, Jardín. COCINA FRANCESA - ITALIANA CON TOQUE CARIBEÑO *Crta. Jesús _ Cala Llonga, KM 0,6 / T. +34) 971 316 245 *JESÚS - IBIZA *www.everysides.com/videos/marcs.html *www.restaurante-marcs-ibiza.com
  14. 14. 28 29 Get ready to Float Your Boat with The Official Boat Party for Carl Cox “Music is Revolution” at Space Ibiza. Every Tuesday and Sundays from 14 June to 20 September, join the world’s hottest Djs and coolest, friendliest club- bers for an unforgettable voyage into sound on the magical party island!! Prepárense para Float your Boat, la fiesta oficial en barco de Carl Cox "Music is revolution" en Space ibiza. Todos los martes desde el 14 de Junio ​​hasta el 20 de septiembre, se unen los djs más populares del mundo, con los clubbers más agradables para un viaje inolvidable con buen sonido, en la isla mágica de la fiesta.
  15. 15. www.magxibz.com Calle Algarb, 8 _ Ibiza T. +34 971 394 437 www.nirvanafitnesscenter.com Gravity Taichi Danza del Vientre Cardio Choy Yoga Step Sueca Tango Pole Dance TRX Ciclo Indoor Samba Bodytraining Addominales Funky Strip Dance... “POWER OF GRETNEES”
  16. 16. www.magxibz.com www.69streetrecords.co.uk Contact mail to; rafaelbertran@gmail.com 31 Reservas. T. 971 804 372 Avda. Doctor Fleming, 37 San Antonio _ Ibiza Facebook; Can-gust “Donde el arte se convierte en placer.”
  17. 17. Avda. Santa Eulalia Frente Est. Maritima Formentera 07800 IBIZA - BALEARES T. +34 971 19 26 30 www.elpirataibiza.com www.everysides.com/videos/elpirata.html C/. Garijo, 10 Bajos-Terraza PUERTO - LA MARINA 07800 IBIZA - BALEARES T. +34 971 19 26 30 www.elpirataibiza.com
  18. 18. También se dan casos de personas que, después de reproducir con notas una frase cualquiera que acababan de oír, no saben distinguir el 25 dise- ño melódico (líneas ascendentes, descendentes. etc.) de la misma. No obstante el oído absoluto representa un apo- yo importante para la memoria, no constituye un criterio de musicalidad, puesto que el arte está formado de relatividad y a menudo existe en su- jetos no músicos, mientras que otros que lo son no la poseen. Un músico, por lo tanto, puede prescindir de la audición absoluta pero no de la relativa. Como hemos dicho, ciertos músicos tienen una audición absoluta tributaria del instrumento que tocan e incluso relacionada con la digitación. Puede existir también una audición absoluta condicional, es decir relativa a un punto de parti- da convencional, por ejemplo una tónica a la que se da el nombre de do y que se canta a cualquier altura (sistema tónica do). 36 Lenguaje de la Música Ciertas pruebas en apoyo de esta última teoría provienen de estudios sobre los efectos del entrenamiento musical y de las experiencias en el procesamiento de alturas. Crozier demues- tra que, con el entrenamiento, el oído absoluto puede fomentarse a cualquier edad, y Sergeant presentó ciertas pruebas detalladamente con re- lación al efecto de la edad en que se comienza con las clases de música. Es un grave error considerar que los niños con oído absoluto no necesitan aprender las relacio- nes tonales, igual que los demás. El hecho de que puedan memorizar los sonidos con toda nitidez y sin esfuerzo no significa necesariamente que sean conscientes de los intervalos y de las rela- ciones de tensión y distensión melódica. Algunos músicos a pesar de su oído absoluto desentonan audiblemente y no son capaces de transportar y cantar con las notas una melodía sencilla en distintos tonos, por hallarse bajo el influjo tiránico de la tonalidad original en que escucharon por primera vez dicho trozo. OIDO ABSOLUTO www.magxibz.com 37 Part 2
  19. 19. Rafael Bertrán www.magxibz.com 38 Language of Music PERFECT PITCH Info para la protección auditiva. GAES: http://www.gaes.es (Audiometrías Gratis) Earprotech: http://www.earprotech.com http://www.protectoresparalosoidos.es 39 2nd Part Certain evidence in support of this last theory comes from studies on the effects of musical training and experience in the processing of high notes. Crozier demonstrates that, with training, absolute ear can be encouraged at any age, and Sergeant presented some evidence in detail in re- lation to the effect of the age at which music clas- ses are first began. It is a serious mistake to consi- der that children with perfect pitch need not learn the tonal relationships, as well as others. The fact that they can memorize the sounds clearly and effortlessly does not necessarily mean that they are aware of intervals and the relationship bet- ween tension and melodic distentions. Some musicians despite their pitch, clash audibly and are not able to carry and sing a simple melo- dy in different tones, found under the tyrannical influence of the original key in which they heard this piece for the first time. Also, there are cases of people who, after playing with notes of one phrase that they had just heard, don't know how to dis- tinguish 25 melodic designs (lines ascending, des- cending. Etc.). However the absolute ear represents an im- portant support for the memory, it is not a criterion of musicality, since art is composed of relativity and often exists in a subject, not in musicians, while others who are not. A musician, therefore, can dispense with ab- solute hearing but not the relative. As we have said, some musicians have an absolute hearing of the instrument playing and even related to the fingering. There may also be conditional absolute hearing, i.e. relative to a conventional starting point, for example a pattern given a name and which is sung at any level (System tonic do). To be continued...
  20. 20. Rafael Bertrán www.magxibz.com El panel con más grandes nombres reunidos lo han pro- tagonizado por Nicole Moudaber, Black Coffee, Camine Contey, James Zabiela y Richie Hawtin. Este último, apasionado de las tecnologías como se ha defi- nido el mismo, hacía la presentación de su nueva mesa de mezclas Model1. (PLAY differently) Referente a Richie Hawtin la frase que deci asi, “conseguir que una persona sola cierre los ojos con su música y vuele en medio de la pista ya es un gran logro”. Destacar en la tecnologia musical y según el en los últimos años los mixers que han salido en el mercado no tenian la calidad suficiente, estaban más concetrados en los efectos, que en la calidad en si del mixer. Por este motivo la PLAY differently saco el mix Todos han debatido sobre su estilo personal y su forma de trabajo en escena. Nicole pone a sus producciones, su toque personal de gla- mour y se adapatada a las tecnologias de ayer y hoy sin problemas. La originalidad de DubFire y sus ritmos estos pueden sor- prender en cada una de sus obras y sesiones. El decia que tienes que conectarte con la tecnologia, huma- nizarla, extraer una personalidad de esta técnologia. EL ARTE DE PINCHAR DIFERENTE Black Coffee, lo comento asi, nosotros somos los mensaje- ros aquí para darle música a la gente y además no respon- dio a nuestras preguntas, y la primera fue cuando le pre- guntamos que representa Ibiza para el…? James Zabiela, un dj. Contratado por sus sesiones tecnolo- gicas y no por producir ya que dicho por el mismo no pro- duce desde el año 2012…! Todo sobre el futuro y las nuevas tecnologias, cada uno de ellos con sus técnica y utilizando sus herramientas musica- les, además de músicos colaboradores. DUBFIRE, NICOLE MOUDABER, RICHIE H. JAMES ZABIELA, BLACK COFFEE. 40 41
  21. 21. The panel with the biggest names in electronic music have gathered, starring Nicole Moudaber, Black Coffee, DubFire, Camine Contey, James Zabiela and Richie Hawtin. The latter, passionate about technology as has defined himself, he made the presentation of his new mixer, the Model1. (PLAYdifferently) Richie Hawtin says, "getting a single person to close their eyes with your music and fly in the middle of the track, just that alone, is a great achievement." Highlighting music technology and recent years, the mi- xers that have come out on the market did not have enough sound quality, the manufacturers were more concentrated on the bells and whistles, than in the mixer quality. For this reason PLAYdifferently came out with the Model 1 All have discussed their personal style and way of playing on stage, but nothing special to comment. Nicole puts a personal touch of glamour to her productions, and adapts technologies of yesterday and today without problems. The originality of DubFire and his rhythms which surprise us in each of his sessions. He said, you have to connect with technology, humanize it, extract a personality from this technology. THE ART OF PLAYING DIFFERENT Black Coffee, so I mention, we are the messengers, here to give music to the people. He did not respond to our first question, we asked, what does Ibiza represent for you...? James Zabiela, a DJ. Recruited for his technological ses- sions has not produced a track since 2012 ...! Everything about the future and new technologies, each with their musical technique and tools, as well as collabo- rating musicians. 42 43 DUBFIRE, NICOLE MOUDABER, RICHIE H. JAMES ZABIELA, BLACK COFFEE.
  22. 22. 44 45 INTERVIEW _ IBIZA NEW TALENTS Little history from your beginnings to today .... Hi readers of Magxibz, we are Carlos Vila and Hector Avila, 2 guys that after having the same tastes and a twist of fate, 8 years ago, just putting music together to create our first after party in Ibiza, we feel that we glued musically and we created 2Vilas. We were 2 kids who love music, and we started to get together to create, gradually learning every day. What is your source of musical inspiration? The truth is that we have a quite extensive source of inspiration, be- cause our music does not have a set stylel, both as djs or producers. We have influences of 90’s house, since we grew up with that music, Todd Terry, Kenny Dope , Dj Sneak etc ... but also love and feel the influence of techno, which we soaked up much and admire artist like Ricardo Vi- llalobos, Rhadoo, Raresh ... What is your dynamic for B2B sets and producing? From the first day we got together in the studio or the dj booth, we feel we are one, only with 4 hands .... Many times during our set, we don’t talk, or we sit for hours and study, each with its own inspiration. Everything flows ... we feel very comfortable working with each other. What is your opinion on the future of music and technology? We think it is great that all the new technology is coming out, although we are like our old ways ... We use almost all vinyl in our sets, and in our studio, all the machines are old, we like to work with all analog. Representing the icon for you as dj_productores Ibiza? For us, ibiza is our home, this is where we have always been, Hector from Ibiza and therefore he has it inside. Carlos is from Mallorca, but has spent many years living in ibiza. Our whole life is here, and all our passion for music comes from across this island. NEWS RELEASES https://soundcloud.com/user-242858825/isla001-snippets https://soundcloud.com/isgud/wax-isgud-001 2Vilas carloshector dj_producers
  23. 23. Rafael Bertrán www.magxibz.com 46 Do you think that the actions of those who control the music indus- try are doing the right thing in general and with regard to young talents? Well lately, many developers are helping young musicians in the indus- try, and this is very good because it is difficult for any of us to start and have opportunities. Pacha Ibiza is betting a lot on us and we are excited to be part of this project. We will also be with Carl Cox (Space) in au- gust we Andy Baxter b2b 2Vilas, also joining 2 gigs at Blue Marlin, the opportunites are coming. That you have planned for this summer 2016, as performances and new releases? This 2016 we have several dates at Pure Pacha, we are one of the resi- dents of the party and have the pleasure to play alongside with classics like Bob Sinclar, Todd Terry, Louie Vega, DJ Sneak, plus we also do the opening of, We Are the Night by Insane Pacha. We have other perfor- mances in Malta, Dublin, Belgium, among others. As far as production, a lot of tracks on the way. A vinyl EP with WaxIsgud and we start our new label which will be only vinyl, Isla Records. We will be taking part of Various vinyl releases on label System2 and a digital EP d on the same label. These past few days one of our tracks was accepted for a various compilation on Politics of Dancing Records. Also, we have the opportunity to mix the official Insane by Pacha CD. Thank you very much to MagXIbz and Raf for helping young musicians and giving everything for this industry :) A big hug to all of 2Vilas. Thanks for your time guys, I wish you many successes https://twitter.com/2Vilas?refsrc=emailhttp://soundcloud. com/twovilasdjs/ http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/2vilas http://www.facebook.com/2vilas https://www.beatport.com/artist/2vilas/239627 Booking management: miguel@pacha.com JAY MORALES TOP10 _ JUNE www.jaymoralesmusic.com 47 1. Anna - Redemption (Orig._Mix) 2. Joeski - Babylon (Mihalis_Safras_Africano_Rmx) 3. Slam, Mr V - Take You There (Orig. Mix) 4. CamelPhat - Make Em Dance (Orig._Mix) 5. Dubspeeka - K377 Unfriended (Orig. Mix) 6. Darius Syrossian - Mischief Brew (wAFF Remix) 7. Alaia & Gallo ft. Kevin Haden - Who Is He (Orig. Mix) 8. Richy Ahmed - So Good (Orig. Mix) 9. German Brigante - Noose (Orig. Mix) 10. Dennis Cruz - El Agua (Orig. Mix)
  24. 24. 48 MAKE_UP SUMMER 2016
  27. 27. 54 SUMMER www.magxibz.com 55 RICKOWENS COLLECTION
  28. 28. *PUBLICIDAD *TALLER SERIGRAFIA *BORDADOS *TRANSFER *TEXTIL PROMOCIONAL *ADVERTISING *PRINTED WORKSHOP *EMBROIDERY *TRANSFER *PROMOTIONAL CLOTHING C/. Ramón y Cajal, 53 Bajo 07820 San Antonio - Ibiza Tel. +34) 971 803 670 graficsa99@hotmail.com Cami des Moli, 9 (Gasolinera) 07820 San Antonio - Ibiza Tel. +34) 971 804 772 www.tgibiza.co.uk Thomas Green’s British Super- market has been serving the island since 2006 with a wide and varied selection of British products imported direct from the UK. The shop is very popular both with British expats and visi- tors alike, and also with the local people who enjoy the different fresh and frozen food products, chocolates, sweets and drinks.  Thomas Green, Supermerca- do británico, a su servicio en la isla desde el año 2006 con una amplia y variada selección de productos importados direc- tamente desde el Reino Uni- do. La tienda es conocida por los británicos y residentes de Ibiza que disfrutan de los diferen- tes productos alimenticios, fres- cos y congelados, además de chocolates, caramelos y bebidas. 56 Cami des Moli, 9 Bajos / 07820 San Antonio - Ibiza T. +34 971 804 772 / www.tgibiza.co.uk OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ALL YEAR
  29. 29. The Best in London... I like here!! Book now. Phone. +44 (0) 2077901884 +44 (0) 07469239371 web. rmaaccomodation.com www.mediterraneapitiusa.com
  30. 30. At the heart of the port in Ibiza, discover a shop which draws our attention firstly, by the bright- ness of its lights and then inside by the vast amount of different articles; like music, lights and screens of all kinds, merchan- dise from the best discos on the island, watches, and very original mobile phone cases and covers. I might have left something out but anyway, the truth is, its in- credible. I invite you to visit "IbiMusic" www.ibimusic.es C/. D’enmig, 3 y 4 07800 Ibiza-Baleares T. +34 971 192 227 Después de muchos años CARPE DIEM se ha convertido en un simbolo de garantía, por su elaboración en su plato fuerte y estrella “Pizza al hor- no de leña” utilizando la moz- zarella fresca producida en Ibiza, no son menos sus pastas caseras y la lasagña cocinadas con diferentes sabores y con- dimentos, sus ensaladas, la fri- tura de pescado y sus delicias del mar. Como final el postre sorpresa “CARPE DIEM” un sueño que endulza nuestro paladar.” Des- cubrelo” Lunes_GIRO _ PASTA Miercoles_GIRO _ PIZZA SERVICIO A DOMICILIO!! T. 971 314 520 Crta. Cap Martinet, 54 Jesús - Ibiza 60 www.everysides.com/videos/carpediem.html
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  32. 32. 64 Oficina de Turismo Ibiza 971 301 900 San Antonio 971 343 363 Santa Eulalia 971 330 728 Formentera 971 322 057 Emergencias Bomberos/Prot. Civil 112 Guardia Civil Tráfico 971 302 505 Guardia Civil Ibiza 971 301 100 G. Civil San Antonio 971 340 502 G. Civil Sta. Eulalia 971 330 227 G. Civil San Juan 971 333 005 G. Civil Formentera 971 332 022 Policia Nacional 091 Policia Ibiza 971 315 861 Policia San Antonio 971 340 830 Policia Sta. Eulalia 971 330 841 Policia San José 971 800 261 Policia Formentera 971 322 234 Emergencias Maritimas 900 202 202 Asistencia Sanitaria Urgencias Insalud 061 Hospital Can Mises 971 397 000 Clinica Vilas 971 301 916 Cruz Roja 971 191 210 Ambulancias Clinica Balear 971 392 232 Ibiza 971 398 887 Cruz Roja 971 390 303 Transporte Maritimo Mediterranea Pitiusa 971 322 433 Acciona 902 160 180 Balearia 971 314 486 Taxis Aeropuerto 971 395 481 Ibiza 971 398 483 San Antonio 971 340 074 San Jose 971 800 080 Santa Eulalia 971 330 063 San Juan 971 333 333 Formentera 971 322 016 Compañias Aereas Aeropuerto Ibiza 971 809 000 Iberia 902 400 500 Air Europa 902 401 501 Air Berlin 901 116 402 Ryanair Contact +448712460011 Ryanair Atención 807 110 162 Vueling 902 333 933 Vueling Office +34.933 787 878 Autobuses Disco Bus 971 313 447 Vila Bus 971 340 382 San Antonio 971 340 510 Voramar Gaucho 971 340 510 www.pvcmari.com 07820 San Antonio - Ibiza PVC Y ALUMINIO, MAMPARAS, MOSQUITERAS, CRISTALES CÁMARA Y CLARABOYAS www.everysides.com/videos/pvcmari.html
  33. 33. JAY MORALES CHICAGO - USA ANDREA PERINI FLORENCE - IT Contact mail to; rafaelbertran@gmail.com www.everysides.com/videos/intime.html