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IHME Impact

  1. 1. GBD: The global picture Lifestyle and behavior are linked to 20–25% of the global burden of disease.
  2. 2. COLOMBIA Rodrigo Guerrero, 2014 Roux Prize recipient and former mayor of Cali, Colombia, uses disease burden data to help address violence, resulting in his city’s lowest homicide rate in 27 years.
  3. 3. “GBD is super-helpful when we’re talking to developing countries… So I’ve been taking GBD charts with me when I’ve met with people in Cambodia, or Indonesia, or even at the French aid agency about trends in francophone Africa… It’s a very important tool for me. Before I go into strategy meetings, I sometimes look at the GBD to remind myself of the numbers.” Bill Gates
  4. 4. NIGERIA Lagos-based Friends Africa, an advocacy and training organization, implements programs on workplace health and free HIV testing and counseling in six countries.
  5. 5. The Global Burden of Disease A truly global enterprise: 1,700+ collaborators; 124 countries, 1 territory Strengthening data inputs, quality review, interpretation, local dissemination
  6. 6. GBD: The global picture More than 33% of the disease burden and almost 60% of premature deaths among adults can be associated with behaviors or conditions that began or occurred during adolescence.
  7. 7. CHINA The Chinese government sets new regulations and targets for lowering air pollution based on GBD.
  8. 8. “Through our research, we strive to provide the most accurate and comprehensive information on population health that, in turn, will create a stronger foundation for strategic decision-making, and, ultimately, better health for people worldwide. And we aim to engage everyone in seeking understanding about how to improve people’s health, because this is no longer the purview of the specialist; this is in your hands.” Dr. Christopher J.L. Murray
  9. 9. INDIA Indian Council of Medical Research launches a state-level assessment of health loss nationwide.
  10. 10. GBD: The global picture By 2020, non-communicable diseases are expected to account for 7 out of 10 deaths in developing regions.
  11. 11. “[This research] makes clear that poor nutrition is the single greatest cause of preventable diseases and ailments in this country — the single greatest cause. Simply what we put into our bodies — seems obvious, but we still resist that truth.” Michelle Obama
  12. 12. IHME not only gathers health data, but it also develops new methods of understanding the data. And with its education programs, IHME is training the next generation of data scientists.
  13. 13. IRAN Government sets ambitious goals to reduce heart disease and tobacco use, and increase mental health in its 2015–2025 national health plan.
  14. 14. CHINA Implementing limits on coal to address health burden and reduce effects of climate change.
  15. 15. BOTSWANA Facing daunting opposition, the president cites public health concerns to increase taxes on alcohol, helping lower the incidence of rape, domestic violence, road injuries, and other burdens.
  16. 16. NORWAY Special IHME study reveals fewer Norwegians die from heart disease and road injuries, but early deaths from lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and drug use have risen.
  17. 17. U.S. The National Institutes of Health uses the GBD to determine how best to direct public funding for cancer and other diseases.
  18. 18. RWANDA Agnes Binagwaho, 2015 Roux Prize recipient and former Rwandan Minister of Health, leads efforts to reduce household air pollution — a key factor in premature death and disability — by giving clean cook stoves to one million households.
  19. 19. U.K. government implements new health policies, creates a burden of disease unit, and establishes county-level health studies. U.K.
  20. 20. U.S. Burden of Disease released at White House event in 2013: • Michelle Obama and IHME’s Christopher Murray provide state and local policymakers with findings on physical activity, obesity, and life expectancy. • Health profiles prepared for 3,000+ counties and cities.
  21. 21. UGANDA First-ever comprehensive assessment of gains and gaps addressing regional health needs, part of the Malaria Control Policy Assessment project.
  22. 22. NIGERIA There are stark geographic disparities for malnutrition, vaccines, and other childhood health concerns.
  23. 23. KENYA Using GBD data, IHME and the Kenya Red Cross examine progress on HIV, malaria, and TB, mapping strategies to tackle the rising tide of non-communicable diseases.

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