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UTPT 2019 LitEnt Quiz Round 3 - Pick Your Pill

  1. Pick Your Pill Round
  2. Rules Rules • 10 Categories to choose from, team with lowest score goes first • +10/0 on direct • +10/-5 for pounce
  4. INDIAN CINEMA Ganashatru, released in 1990 was a fairly obscure adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play “Enemy of the People”. Adapted to an Indian setting, it featured the ever-reliable actor Soumitra Chatterjee as a doctor who finds his popularity waning after discovering a health problem from a temple’s holy water. The film itself fared moderately but is regarded important, owing it being one of the last works of which icon? The film briefly entered consciousness in 2017 owing to another film supposedly having plagiarized its poster despite not having much in common with the former. Which film was this, which cleverly utilized the hand leitmotif to indicate the context surrounding its premise?
  6. ANSWER Satyajit Ray Newton BACK
  7. Moratoriums in the entertainment business refer to the practice of suspending the sales of Blu-Rays and DVDs of certain films after a certain period of time, often to preserve their characteristics if required for later re-releases. The most notorious of these was studied by Jim Korkis, a historian who has devoted his career to study the entity that owns it. Claiming that the entity in question does so to “keep the magic alive for future generations”, he titled his findings ‘The _____ of ____’ (5,4), a punny and homophonic reference to its physical connotations and its origins. FITB. Ultimately, the entity has recently made the decision to end the usage of its moratorium owing to what competitive reason? BIZENT
  9. ANSWER The Vault of Walt The launch of Disney+, Disney’s streaming service which will feature all their classics. BACK
  11. Featuring a rising star at the time, PepsiCo aired a web series in 2012 which had 4 episodes. It portrayed the protagonist playing an elderly man, going by an alias “Andrew” schooling teenagers at what he was good at. Because of his elite ball- handling skills and dribbling prowess, fans corrupted a part of his alias and gave him what nickname? Which player is this, who ultimately ended up starring in a feature alongside greats including Reggie Miller, Shaq and Nate Robinson? SPENT
  13. ANSWER Uncle Drew Kyrie Irving BACK
  14. Bande a Part (Band of Brothers), directed by the legendary Jean Luc-Goddard in 1964 remains one of the French New Wave’s crowning films. Featuring an oddball love-triangle among a group of robbers, the film is noted for producing scenes that brought modernist influences to the fore. The following scene from the film, however stood out to X, who not only used the movie’s title to feature in his production company but also brought it to prominence roughly three decades later. What did the scene inspire? ID X. WORLD CINEMA
  16. ANSWER Dance scene from Pulp Fiction Quentin Tarantino BACK
  17. Released as a part of the Streets of London Pack, the X and Y Conspiracy was a two-part DLC that allowed players of a specific game to delve into an alternate universe to help X and Y protect their works against exploitation. In Our Mutual Friend, the player is expected to ferry and protect a friend of X’s , John Harmon who while en route to meet his estranged fiancé as a means for obtaining a large inheritance decides to fake his own death and delivers the sad news to her with an alias ‘John Rokesmith’. And in Y’s Orchard, the player is expected to aid Y in recovering a prized Orchid which he’d requested from the island of Madagascar before it fell into the hands of his rivals. Which game? ID X and Y. GAMING
  19. ANSWER Assassin’s Creed : Syndicate Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin BACK
  20. The Tower of Babel was a series of paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The paintings depict the construction of the namesake, which according to the Book of Genesis in the Bible was built by a unified, monolingual humanity as a mark of their achievement and to prevent them from scattering. What influential work, regarded as one of Science Fiction’s earliest offerings did this structure inspire? ART
  21. Architecture au Claire de Lune is a Rene Magritte work with little associated literature but its representation in a 1998 satirical offering is well remembered. Which film’s ending scene did it supposedly inspire, following the protagonist as he leaves his life from his simulated reality?
  23. ANSWER Metropolis The Truman Show BACK
  24. Bowling for X is a documentary by film maker Michael Moore famous for his political commentaries such as Fahrenheit 9/11. It asks the tough questions of what went wrong and how America ended up experiencing one of the biggest incidents of gun violence in Colorado two decades ago. The documentary is most notable for it's interview of Y who was made a scapegoat by the media and right wing politicians for the attack. Y is a famous shock rock artist, deriving his persona by juxtaposing the names of two cultural icons from the 60s, and is known for having a cult following and is considered widely to be controversial due to his on stage theatrics and stage persona. ID X and Y. DOCUMENTARIES
  26. ANSWER Bowling for Columbine Marilyn Manson BACK
  27. MUSIC The opening scene from Series 3, episode 5 of the hit TV show Peaky Blinders. It depicts Brummie mob boss Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) sliding in and out of consciousness. Released in 2016, this scene is a tribute by the showmakers to a prolific personality who came in the news earlier that year. ID the personality.
  28. MUSIC
  30. ANSWER David Bowie, Lazarus BACK
  31. In 2010, moviegoers were strangely left with a dissatisfaction from a game changing experience. "I wasn't depressed myself. In fact the movie made me happy . But I can understand why it made people depressed. The movie was so beautiful and it showed something we don't have here on Earth. I think people saw we could be living in a completely different world and that caused them to be depressed.” 1000s of such posts were found all over the internet and the phenomenon was given a two word term alluding to the characters in the movie and the general feeling of sadness and desperation, which aptly fit in with the scheme of the movie. ID the term and the movie. SCI-FI
  33. ANSWER Avatar N’avi Blues BACK
  34. X is a manga series that has been featured in weekly shonen jump since the late 80s, written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. Said series has been adapted into 8 different parts to date, with each part's protagonist having the same alliterative nickname, which is also part of the title X. Furthermore, the characters in this series are named after various bands including Wham!, ACDC and Pink Floyd. Though drawn realistically, the characters are coloured in a surrealistic manner, with the colour scheme changing in nearly every scene. X? ANIME
  36. ANSWER JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures BACK