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An introduction to QuerySurge webinar

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Introduction to QuerySurge Webinar
Wednesday, April 29th 2020 @11am ET

Eric Smyth, Director of Alliances
Bill Hayduk, CEO
Matt Moss, Product Manager

This is the slide deck for our webinar. Learn how QuerySurge automates the data validation and testing of Big Data, Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence Reports and Enterprise Applications with full DevOps functionality for continuous testing.


During this webinar, we demonstrate how QuerySurge solves the following challenges:

- Your need for data quality at speed
- How to automate your ETL testing process
- Your ability to test across your different data platforms
- How to integrate ETL testing into your DataOps pipeline
- How to analyze your data and pinpoint anomalies quickly

Who should view this?
- ETL Developers /Testers
- Data Architects / Analysts
- DBAs
- BI Developers / Analysts
- IT Architects
- Managers of Data, BI & Analytics groups: CTOs, Directors, Vice Presidents, Project Leads

And anyone else with an interest in the Data & Analytics space who is interested in an automation solution for data validation & testing while improving data quality.

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An introduction to QuerySurge webinar

  1. 1. a software division ofQuerySurge™ Eric Smyth Alliance Team the QuerySurge Team Bill Hayduk CEO
  2. 2. Data Migration ETL ETL Mainframe BI & Analytics C-level executives are using BI & Analytics to make critical business decisions with the assumption that the underlying data is fine ETL Data Issue areas that validates We know it is not
  3. 3. is the smart testing solution for automated validation & testing of Data QuerySurge QuerySurge™ Use Cases a software division of
  4. 4. QuerySurge connects to any 2 points at one time Comparison of every data set Source Data Target Data Data Analytics Dashboard, Data Intelligence Reports, automated emails Results – pass/fail HQL SQL Target Data Big Data stores • Hadoop • NoSQL Data Warehouses Business Intelligence Reports SQL XML Web Services Source Data Data Stores • Databases • Data Warehouses • Data Marts Flat Files • Fixed Width • Delimited • Excel • JSON Mainframes • DB2 • Various file types
  5. 5. Data Warehouse ETL Data Mart ETL Source Data Big Data lake BI & Analytics ETL Developer: Codes data movement based on Mapping Requirements Data Tester: Tests data movement based on Mapping Requirements Testing Point #1 Testing Point #2 Testing Point #3 Testing Point #4
  6. 6. a software division ofQuerySurge™ Data Quality at Speed  Automate the launch, execution, comparison, & emailed results Smart Query Wizards - no coding needed  Query Wizards create tests visually, without writing SQL Test across different platforms  Data Warehouse, Hadoop, NoSQL, DB, mainframe, flat files, XML, JSON, BI Reports Data Analytics & Data Intelligence  Data Analytics Dashboard, Data Intelligence Reports, emailed results, Ready-for-Analytics back-end data access Create Custom Tests  Modularize functions with snippets, set thresholds, stage data, check data types DevOps & Continuous Testing  API Integration with Build/Release, Continuous Integration/ETL , Operations/DevOps Monitoring, Test Management/Issue Tracking, more
  7. 7. Web-based… Supported OS... Connects through… …to any JDBC compliant data source QuerySurge™ QuerySurge Controller QuerySurge Server DB Server (MySQL) App Server (Tomcat) QuerySurge Agents (Ships with 10 Agents) a software division of Installs... …in the Cloud…on a VM…on a Bare Metal Server
  8. 8. QuerySurge supports the following data stores… • Amazon Redshift, Elastic Map Reduce, DynamoDB • Apache Hadoop/Hive, Spark • Cassandra • Cloudera • Couchbase • Exasol • Flat Files (delimited, fixed-width) • Hortonworks • IBM (Db2, Netezza, Informix, Big Insights, Cloudant, MDM, Cognos) • JSON files • Mainframe • MAPR • Micro Focus Vertica • Microsoft (SQL Server DWH, HDInsight, PDW, SSAS, Excel, Access, SharePoint) • MongoDB • Oracle (Oracle DB, MySQL, Exadata, NoSQL, Hadoop) • Pivotal GreenPlum • PostgreSQL • Salesforce • SAP (HANA, IQ, ASE, SQL Anywhere, Altiscale Data Cloud) • Snowflake • Tableau • Teradata, Aster • Workday • XML …and many other data stores Flat Files Excel
  9. 9. Perpetual license Customer owns and uses QuerySurge forever. • Annual maintenance plan (18%) which entitles you to support, bug fixes, upgrades • New users can be added at any point in time. QuerySurge™ Subscription license Use QuerySurge for a fixed period of time (typically 12 months). • At the end the subscription period, terms can be renewed or discontinue use. • Support, bug fixes, and upgrades are included in the subscription • New users can be added as needed. Two Licensing Models a software division of Two License Types Full User • Unlimited access to create, schedule & run tests, view results, run & export reports, send & receive email notifications, export data Participant User • Cannot create or run tests • Can view all other information including viewing all query pairs, results, reports, receiving email notifications, exporting test results and reports. User Types All users are named users QuerySurge is distributed per instance: Instance = single installation of DB Server (MySQL), App Server (Tomcat), and Agents (10)
  10. 10. Design Library Scheduler Run-Time Dashboard Query Wizards a software division ofQuerySurge™ Data Intelligence Reports Data Analytics Dashboard QuerySurge for DevOps
  11. 11. (1) Trial in the Cloud of QuerySurgeTM, including self-learning tutorial that works with sample data for 3 days (2) Downloaded Trial of QuerySurgeTM, including self- learning tutorial with sample data or your data for 15 days (3) Proof of Concept of QuerySurgeTM for your clients for 30+ days • Your POC can include: • Excel upload/download for existing queries • BI Tester • QuerySurge for DevOps • QuerySync • Ready for Analytics TRIAL IN THE CLOUD QuerySurge™ Proof of Concept a software division of
  12. 12. QuerySurge™ a software division of • Continuously detect data issues early in the delivery pipeline • Dramatically increase data validation coverage • Leverage analytics to optimize your data • Improve your data quality at speed • Provide a huge ROI
  13. 13. built by QuerySurge™ a software division of Any questions before the demo?