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Why Content Strategy?

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Contains animations: Please download! This is a basic conception of content strategy for those who may not have a clue.

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Why Content Strategy?

  1. 1. content strategy
  2. 2. Why does content need a strategy? What is content?
  3. 3. Lorem ipsum sit amet dolor… that’s why.
  4. 4. content needs intent audience goals purpose direction targets
  5. 5. content has relationship tone form SUBSTANCE meaning Voice! size
  6. 6. content is enjoyed revisited created played read seen repurposed changed shared experienced heard
  7. 7. content flows components beginning middle end connectors
  8. 8. content comes from anyone you everywhere there here me anywhere everyone
  9. 9. content must be transformed organized refreshed designed mashed up distributed reused published presented delivered sold deployed developed authored edited migrated repurposed styled tracked measured versioned governed tested gathered created formatted streamed tagged built retired stored modeled managed targeted evaluated archived analyzed planned consolidated marketed produced optimized reviewed assembled structured templated supported protected
  10. 10. and that’s what content strategy does. join the #contentstrategy community! created by : rsgracey@gmail.com