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lean manufacturing

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it give brief idea about lean manufacturing

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lean manufacturing

  1. 1. A Presentation On “LEAN MANUFACTURING” By Radha Kishan Sharma https://www.facebook.com/SharmaRadhakishan https://twitter.com/_radhakishan
  2. 2. CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. Principal of lean manufacturing 3. Elimination of wastes 4. 5S workplace organization 5. Example 6. Advantage 7. Who Uses Lean Manufacturing? 8. conclusion
  3. 3. LEAN MANUFACTURING  Lean manufacturing is a Japanese approach to management.  Performance-based process which maximizing customer value while minimizing waste.  Achieving manufacturing excellence through the creation of more value with fewer resources.
  4. 4. PRINCIPAL OF LEAN MANUFACTURING Value The Value Stream Flow Pull Perfection
  5. 5. ELIMINATION OF WASTES Waiting Motion Over processing Inventories and queues. Transportation Overproduction Fixing defects and mistakes.
  6. 6. 5S WORKPLACE ORGANIZATION A series of activities for eliminating wastes that contribute to errors, defects, and injuries. Simplify 5S workplace organization Straighten Stabilize Scrub Sustain
  7. 7. EXAMPLE Problem :Tools difficult to identity and search time high. Present Methodology Proposed  More Search Time  More Travel Time  Tools difficult to identity  Less Visual Control  Reduced Search Time.  Reduced Travel Time.  Tools easy to identity  Better Visual Control Methodology
  8. 8. ADVANTAGE  It significantly improve overall productivity  It increase market share  It improve speed-to-market with new products  It reduce manufacturing and engineering labor costs & time  It eliminate non-value-added operations and processes  Continuous improvement processes
  9. 9. WHO USES LEAN MANUFACTURING?  Lean manufacturing processes are being used predominantly in the automotive industry and also in other industries .  Toyota Motor Company, considered the leader in lean manufacturing techniques, started using the techniques during the 1950s and 1960s  Lifescan, Inc. a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson -- Electronic Products.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION  Many companies have implemented lean manufacturing techniques to create more efficient workflows.  Through the elimination of waste and the creation of flow through the various processes, companies are able to eliminate costly scrap and rework while contributing to their bottom line
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