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Top Skills Needed For SEO Professionals

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Top Skills Needed For Every SEO Professional
Watch the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3iXCZpQ3jo

I have stared my career after my masters qualification. I have now 8+ years of experience in this field and now sharing this video who are going to apply for SEO jobs.

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Top Skills Needed For SEO Professionals

  1. 1. www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  2. 2. Top Skills Every Great SEO Professional Needs www.gsesoftsolutions.com www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  3. 3. • I will share my experience of My SEO Career. I am also an SEO. I feel that for success in SEO, we should have some skills. Lets go… www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  4. 4. Looking For SEO JOB? • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As name speaks… Search Engine(Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) Optimization of your contents. • For SEO Job, You should be expert in some skills, which will help you to get success in SEO. www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  5. 5. TOP SKILLS Needed for SEO JOBs www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  6. 6. 10.Analytical and Creative Thinking • We can make the plan of our SEO work and can think that why happened? And what is the solution of this? • Creative thinking to produce content for your website’s users. • Understand the Search Engine Algorithm www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  7. 7. 9.Technical Skills • We(SEO) must know the technical skills like programming(coding) not to dependent upon programmer. We should know html, XML, Javascript and programming languages to implement codes. www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  8. 8. 8.Web Designing • If you have learned web designing somewhere. It is good for you to design images and website design. www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  9. 9. 7.Databases • We should have knowledge about databases like Excel, SQL, MySQL, Oracles. It is not necessary to know this when you are going to apply for SEO jobs. The database administrator will help you in the company. Well, Excel is necessary. You must know this. www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  10. 10. 6.Content Writing Skills • This is now the must have skills for SEOs for content writing, blogging and social media promotion. Your writing skills should be good to get SEO jobs. www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  11. 11. 5.SEO Audit Skills • Every SEOs should have this skills to audit any website or anything else in terms of their optimization in search engines. The company’s person can ask you to audit. So be ready. www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  12. 12. 4.Analytics and SEO Tools • We should know about the various SEO tools and analytics tools like Google Analytics, stat counter etc. It will help you to make SEO report for clients. www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  13. 13. 3.Reading Skills, Be Motivated • Reading habits are necessary. There is always a update. You keep updated yourself always. • Try Rajyoga Meditation at Brahma Kumaris to be motivated always. You will be master on some skills like An Analytical Mindset, Strong Memory, Comfort Speaking, Humility & the Wisdom, NO Anger, Leadership skills etc www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  14. 14. 2.TOP SEO Skills • SEO Strategy • Keyword Research, Competition Research, Language Skills(Important Languages) • On-Page SEO(On-site optimization skills like meta tags, xml sitemap etc) • Off-Page SEO(Backlinks Building) • Tracking of Website’s Visitors www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  15. 15. 1.Leadership Skills • I mentioned in back slides, Rajyoga Meditation helps us to improve ourselves in leadership skills. • If you have leadership skills, you will grow very fast in any company. www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  16. 16. You can easily get jobs if you have 1. SEO skills 2. GOOD communication and written skills 3. Some technical skills 4. Frequently reader of any updates www.gsesoftsolutions.com
  17. 17. Hope These Help! • Thanks for watching  • Likes, Subscribe and Comment • Follow us at @GSESoftSolutions • www.gsesoftsolutions.com www.gsesoftsolutions.com