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Online Shopping Mall

This project is based on Online Shopping.The user can select the product which he/she likes to buy the product and can add that product to the shopping cart. After selecting all wanted products they can order the product.

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Online Shopping Mall

  1. 1. Aryabhatta International College of Technical Education Ajmer, Rajasthan A PROJECT REPORT ON Shopping Mall: C++ Submitted in partial fulfilment for Award of the Degree of 2017 Year, BACHELOR OF COMPUTER APPLICATION Submitted to Aryabhatta International of College Technical Education Submitted by: Riddhi Chouhan
  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Primarily I would thank god for being able to complete this project with success. Then I would like to thank my C++ Teacher Miss kriti sankhla, whose valuable guidance has been the once that helped me patch this project and make it full proof success his suggestions and his instructions has served as the major contributor towards the completion of the project . Then I would like to thank my parents and friends who have helped me with their valuable suggestions and guidance has been helpful in various phases of the completion of the project. Last but not the least I would like to thank my classmates who have helped me a lot. Riddhi chouhan
  3. 3. ABSTRACT An online shopping system that permits a customer to submit online orders for items and/or services from a store that serves both walk-in customers and online customers. The online shopping system presents an online display of an order cut off time and an associated delivery window for items selected by the customer. The system accepts the customer's submission of a purchase order for the item in responseto a time of submission being before the order cut off time. The online shopping system does not settle with a credit supplier of the customer until the item selected by the customer is picked from inventory but before it is delivered. Therefore, the customer can go online and make changes to the order. In addition, available service windows are presented to the customer as a function of customer selected order and service types and further, the order picking is assigned in accordancewith a picker's preference. When ordering goods, many shopping systems provide a virtual shopping cart for holding items selected for purchase. Successiveitems selected for purchase are placed into the virtual shopping cart until a customer completes their shopping trip. Virtual shopping carts may be examined at any time, and their contents can be edited or deleted at the option of the customer. Once the customer decides to submit a purchase order, the customer may print the contents of the virtual shopping basket in order to obtain a hard copyrecord of the transaction.
  4. 4.  Shopping mall: Login: List:
  5. 5. 1. Add Product: 2. Display all Protect:
  6. 6. 3. Query Product: ● By Id:
  7. 7. ● By name: 4. Modify Product Detail:
  8. 8. 5. Delete Product:
  9. 9. 6. View Product: 7. Logged Out:
  10. 10. Thank you Created By:-Riddhi Chouhan Aryabhatta International College of Technical Education