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Online Examination Protal

Online examination is conducting a test online to measure the knowledge of the participants on a given topic. In the olden days everybody had to gather in a classroom at the same time to take an exam. With online examination students can do the exam online, in their own time and with their own device, regardless where they life.

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Online Examination Protal

  1. 1. Aryabhatta International College of Technical Education Ajmer, Rajasthan A PROJECT REPORT ON Online Exam Portal: C++ Submitted in partial fulfilment for Award of the Degree of 2017 Year, BACHELOR OF COMPUTER APPLICATION Submitted to Aryabhatta International of College Technical Education Submitted by: Riddhi Chouhan
  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am Riddhi Chouhan Student of Bachelor’s of computer application Aryabhatta International College Of Technical Education would like to express my gratitude to each and every person who has contributed in stimulating suggestions and encouragement which really helped me to co-ordinate my project. I also thank Aryabhatta International College Of Technical Education who provided insight and expertise that greatly assisted the project. Also, a special thanks to my teacher, parents and colleagues who have supported me at every step. Not to forget, the almighty who blessed me with good health because of which I worked more I worked more efficiently and better Riddhi chouhan
  3. 3. ABSTRACT Examination System was necessary to separate teaching and testing. A web- based Examination System was developed with Java Web technologies. The system provided the functions, including question management, paper generation and online test. Also the combination of client side programming and server-side programming techniques were used and analyzed. Online course examinations are useful to evaluate the Student’s knowledge using Modern computer technology without any effects on the traditional university course exam that uses Pens, Papers and invigilators. Online exam can improve the standards of Students Examination whereas the traditional examination system using the pen and paper requires more effort on the part of students and invigilators. Online examinations are considered an important source for university exam, and the development of network technology Polices has given the possibility to conduct the exams online. Thus, the university Students can benefit from these services
  4. 4.  Online Portal :  Introduction Page: 1. Create an Account:-
  5. 5.  Successfully Account created...  Subject:-
  6. 6. 1. C++:
  7. 7. 2. Java:
  8. 8. 3. DBMS:
  9. 9. Thank you Created By:-Riddhi Chouhan Aryabhatta International College of Technical Education