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Property Management

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Property Management

  1. 1. Property Management Buy and HoldSo you want to be a buy and hold investor or you area buy and hold investor. Well, you have made agreat decision because long-term buy and holdinvesting has made millions for tens of thousands ofindividuals throughout history.Long-term buy and hold investing is one of theoldest investment vehicles traced back hundreds ifnot thousands of years. The stock market andmutual funds have not been around that long.So, great choice to choose such a time tested investment. Now, you may bea first time investor reading this deciding how and where to get started oryou may be a season pro with 15 rental properties, in either case you needto be educated about property managers and property management.Most investors do not manage their own properties and prefer theinvestment to be more passive. To have the most success you need tomake sure you are aligning yourself with a top-notch property manager. Doyou know what a top-notch property manager does? Well, first of all yourproperty manager should manage your assets the way they want to not theway they want to. A lot of new buy and hold investors purchase a few rentalproperties, get them ready to rent, and then turn them over to a propertymanager which is good but you need to know this property manager knowswhat they are doing. Even some seasoned investors do what the propertymanager says without knowing if it is truly the best way to do it.Property management is a great tool to allow your investment to be more ofa passive investment but you need to educate yourself about property
  2. 2. management so you ensure your property manager is providing you thehighest level of service.You do not need to become an expert in property management but should atleast know what to look for in one to know you are choosing the right one.Simple things such as does the property management company havesomeone on staff to personally show your property to prospective tenants orare they just handing out lockbox codes?Does the property manager perform quarterly inspections of your propertyor do they plan to see it when the tenant moves out? At PA Deals, LLC weknow what to look for in a property manager and what they should be doingfor you as we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes toproperty management.Author Zack WiestEmail social@realestateseminar2011.comKeyword: PA Deals LLC Real Estate InvestorsResource Box Resource BoxZack Wiest is owner of PA Deals, LLC. They are a residential real estateinvestment firm located in Harrisburg, PA. Though founded in 2006, theprincipals of the company have been investing in real estate since the year2000. You can find out more about us at http://budurl.com/padealsbmpartCategory: Real EstateSummary: So you want to be a buy and hold investor or you are a buy andhold investor. Well, you have made a great decision because long-term buyand hold investing has made millions for tens of thousands of individualsthroughout history