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  1. SundariSundari
  2. Sundari Sundari was a big red, white and blue kite.
  3. When Bobby made her she smiled at him. You are beautiful and I will call you Sundari He said.
  4. •One day, Bobby took Sundari to the fair.
  5. A band was playing and everyone was smiling.
  6. A merry-go-round was playing a happy tune. It was carrying lots of boys and girls round and round on its wooden animals.
  7. Bobby looked for an open place where he could fly his kite. Sundari looked too.
  8. Out in the grass ran Bobby, holding up his kite as high as he could
  9. Puff! The wind came along. Sundari started to fly up!
  10. But she could not go very high. A little dog was holding on to her long tail. It was in his mouth.
  11. Bobby shooed the dog away. We will try again He said.
  12. This time Sundari leaped up in the air. She tugged hard.Oh,how she wanted to let go of her string! She gave a big tug. Bobby had to let her go.
  13. Wheee! Cried Sundari. Now I can fly as high as I please!
  14. And away she went. She flew up,up,up in the air.
  15. dizzy
  16. fair
  17. smile
  18. string
  19. Things used for making a kite
  20. kites
  21. Paper kite butterfly
  22. longest ?
  23. Paper-kite butterfly
  24. Up - down
  25. far-near
  26. Beautiful-ugly
  27. Long-short