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3 class english

  1. DIFFERENT SOUNDS ON THE ROAD • Birds sounds • Cycle sound • hawker’s,vegeta ble seller’s calls • School children talking • The sound of the shoes • Vehicle sounds
  2. Which is the commonWhich is the common black bird we find in theblack bird we find in the mornings?mornings?  CrowCrow  What sound does itWhat sound does it make?make?  cawingcawing
  3. Which bird is this?Which bird is this? SparrowSparrow What sound does it make ?What sound does it make ? chirrupschirrups
  4. What is this ?What is this ?  CycleCycle  What sound does itWhat sound does it make ?make ?  Tring-a-lingTring-a-ling
  5. What do you call this person ?What do you call this person ?  Vegetable sellerVegetable seller  How does he call?How does he call?  Cucumber,potatoeCucumber,potatoe ss
  6. Who are these children ?Who are these children ? School GoingSchool Going ChildrenChildren What do youWhat do you call their talkingcall their talking ChatteringChattering
  7. What sound do their shoesWhat sound do their shoes make?make? TrampingTramping soundsound
  8. Rules to be followed on the roadRules to be followed on the road Always walk on theAlways walk on the pavement.pavement. Always cross atAlways cross at zebra crossing.zebra crossing. Follow the trafficFollow the traffic sigmals.sigmals.
  9. VALUESVALUES Haste makes waste.Haste makes waste. Safety first speed next.Safety first speed next. Roads belong to us it’s our duty toRoads belong to us it’s our duty to maintain them.maintain them.

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