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RES Software

  1. Corporate Presentation
  2. RES Software at a Glance Privately owned Not only a and venture–backed quick fix, but a future- ready concept 18 distributors worldwide 120+ certified resellers 1,100,000+ Licenses sold 3000+ customers Focus on EMEA and the US
  3. RES Software Customers
  4. Ever-Changing Infrastructure Work from Home Task Worker Knowledge Worker Mobile Worker
  5. Desktop Transformation Work from Home Task Worker Knowledge Worker Mobile Worker
  6. RES Enables Companies to… • Take Small Steps Towards Big Goals • Create Future-Ready, Heterogeneous Desktops • Deliver IT as a Service through Dynamic Desktops
  7. The User Workspace Concept
  8. The User Workspace Concept
  9. The Reasons… Why Dynamic Desktops? Why RES Dynamic Why RES Software? Why RES Software? Desktop Studio? • Deliver IT as a Service • Adaptive • Thought Leadership • Make Change Easier • Independent • Unparalleled Support • Reduce Costs • Context Aware • Proven Technology • Enhance Security & • Complete • Strong Partnerships Compliance • Cutting-Edge Architecture • Truly Global • Move Towards a • Non-Disruptive Strategic Philosophy
  10. Dynamic Desktop Studio
  11. Third–Party Validation “40 Percent of Global 2000 “Any company that is embarking on a new Enterprises will Have Context-Aware desktop delivery project or desktop migration Computing Projects Focused on the initiative would do well to take a considered User Experience by 2013.” look at the RES (Workspace Manager) product.” William Clark, Analyst Somak Roy, Karthik Balakrishnan, and Andy Kellett Gartner Analysts Butler Group, 2009 “[RES Workspace Manager] is currently the most complete user-profile-based product (but also does much more than personalization), and “The vendor's progressive approach supports user-installed applications (with user to full management of VDI, as access rights).” opposed to… a 'Big Bang' approach, Brian Gammage, Analyst could appeal to IT shops that will Gartner, 2009 undertake that massive task.” Rachel Chalmers The 451 Group, 2009 12
  12. ROI Proof Points • Gartner says a locked and well-managed desktop PC can be 42% less expensive to keep than an unmanaged one • On average 35% of IT budgets are being spent on managing desktops, according to Gartner • IDC reports technologies like ours saves $197 per user per year
  13. Customer Successes
  14. Customer Quotes “There are several management tools that “RES Dynamic Desktop Studio can be help sort out the many necessary Citrix compared to an aircraft flight deck: it scripts, yet only RES Workspace Manager tells our managers what is going on and and RES Automation Manager make this allows them to control our IT truly simple.” environment from a single place.” Tonny Lievers, Senior IT Consultant Jos Demandt, Head of ICT Department City of Enschede, Netherlands Orbis Medical “RES Software solutions have become a critical component of our evolving IT infrastructure. Upgrading to the latest version will give us the extra flexibility we need to be more dynamic and creative with our applications and desktops, as well as prepare us for seamless upgrades and changes to our IT environment in the future.” Roger Riggins, Network Administrator Lutheran Service of Iowa
  15. Vertical Benefits of RES Software 16
  16. Customer Reference: City of Rotterdam BUSINESS SITUATION GOALS BENEFITS PROVIDED • Large local government • Reduce costs • Reduction of labor costs for IT staff • 17,000 • Centralize IT • Personalized desktop • Six IT departments • Enable multiple for all users with six different application delivery infrastructures methods • Fast implementation of services for users • Never interrupt user service levels 10,500 RES Workspace Manager Licenses
  17. Customer Reference: Lantmännen BUSINESS SITUATION GOALS BENEFITS PROVIDED • Farmers cooperative • Reduce costs • Mixed environment with 45,000 members with independent • Implement Citrix workspace • Outsourced IT supplier environment management • Focus on cost • Provide better IT • Able to manage and efficiencies services to users focus on the users’ • Smoothly integrate needs new technologies 5,500 RES Workspace Manager Licenses
  18. Customer Reference: Allen & Overy BUSINESS SITUATION GOALS BENEFITS PROVIDED • Law firm • Reduce costs • Delivering dynamic user workspaces • 4,500 employees • Eliminate end user service issues • Remote and locally • Satellite offices delivered apps • Better manageability • Optimized apps for • Smoothly integrate reliability and scalability new technologies • Improved user management 2,000 RES Workspace Manager Licenses
  19. Strategic Partnerships 20