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  1. 1. CV OF SRI-RATAN CHANDRA DEY. 01. Name of the applicant (In Block letters) : SRI-RATAN CHANDRA DEY 02. Father’s / Husband’s Name (In Block letters) : SRI-MANORANJAN DEY 03. Date of Birth/Sex : 25.12.1973 (Male) 04. Age as on 30.06.2014 : 40Years,6 month and 5 days 05. Category : OBC 06. Phone No. : 9085812213 07. E-mail address : deyratan00011@gmail.com 08. Correspondence Address : Vill+P.O-Brahmansashan(Near Shiva Temple) P.S-Nilambazar,Dt-Karimganj,Assam,788722 09. Organization/relieving Authority where presently working : Governing Body. (Approved by Addl.Director of Education (H), Haflong,Dima Hasao,Assam) 10. Education Qualifications (in chronological order from Graduation): Sl.N Examination passed Year of passing Board/University Subject taken Marks obtained 1 B.A (Pol.sc) 1995 RGU,Arunachal Pradesh Enclosed-1 417/900 2 M.A (Pol.sc) 1998 AU,Silchar,Assam Enclosed-2 864/1600 3 B.ED 2000 AU,Silchar,Assam Enclosed-3 563/1000 11. Experience (in chronological order) S.N Post held Organization Post held From To Length of service Pay band with grade pay Nature of duties 1 Subject teacher of Political Science Rashtra Bhasha H.S School Lanka,Nagoan Assam 01.08.98 30.05.06 7yr 9mth Honorary Teaching Political Science subject 2 Principal J.B.H.Memo. Jr.College, P.O-Diyungbra Dt-DimaHasao Assam,782446 25.07.06 Till date of application 8yr 12000.00 (Consolida ted pay)/ month Management and Administration
  2. 2. -2- 12. Native District : Karimganj. 13. State ; Assam 14. Skill ; Teaching,Management, Administration, and others. 15. Education Qualification Assessment - A. Master of Arts (Political Science) from Assam University in the year 1998 with 54% marks. B. Bachelor of Education from Assam University in the year 2000 with 56 % marks. C. Bachelor of Arts (Arunachal University) from Indira Gandhi. Govt. College. P.O-Tezu, DT: Lohit Arunachal Pradesh in the year 1995 with 46% marks. D. AISSCE- XII (CBSE) Arts from Govt. Higher Secondary School. P.O- Tezu, DT: Lohit Arunachal Pradesh in the year 1990 with 52% marks. E. AISSE X (CBSE) Govt. Hr.Secondary School Tezu DT: Lohit AP in the year 1988 with 31%. 17. Language ability – A. English-Read and Write B. Hindi-Speak. C. Bengali- Speak. D. Assamese- Speak. 18. Nationality- Indian. 19. Marital Status- Married. 20. Religion- Hindu. 21. Other Experiences- 1.Passed Swift India 2000 Computer Course from NIIT. 2. Completed typewriting course from Pitman Commercial Academy, Nilambazar, Karimganj, Assam, 788722. 3. Trained NCC Cadre. 22. Family Economic status- No one in our family is employee of Govt/Semi-Govt. 23. Employment Exchange Regd No-1548/2014, NCO CODENO-X01.30/151.10 24. Preference location- NE State and anywhere in India 25. PAN Card no- ARTPD6101B 26. Job Interest in- Education/Private Co./Govt.Job/Any job
  3. 3. DECLARATION I solemnly declare that the statements and details given above in the application form are correct to be best of my knowledge and belief. In case any of the details in the application form are found false at a later stage, my candidature/appointment may be cancelled/ withdrawn. Date-22-10-2014 Place-Brahmansashan (Signature of the candidate)
  4. 4. 10. Education Qualifications (in chronological order from Graduation):