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Net Prophet 2011 - Online conversations

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Net Prophet 2011 - Online conversations

  1. 1. Net Prophet: 12th May 2011contact@brandseye.com
  2. 2. The Brief• The Brief: To harness the stories, ideas and future predictions of the most innovative/successful/creative/ambitious thinkers and entrepreneurs in the internet space in a fresh, relevant and engaging format.• The result: www.netprophet.org.za
  3. 3. BrandsEye’s Role• BrandsEye monitored and measured the online conversation about Net Prophet in order to assess the success of the event and longevity of the brand online.• Our intention is to provide you with simple, accessible information about the event itself and of the lasting impact of the Net Prophet message.• In this way we aim to assist the organisers and participants of both current and future events to create increased and lasting value for our greater online community.
  4. 4. What did BrandsEye track?• Any online conversation about this year’s event since February, relating to the theme, the speakers, the sponsors and the attendees themselves!• Any mentions of Net Prophet across over 35 billion open-content websites within: – Social media networks, blogs – Online news, forums – Company websites
  5. 5. In just over 3 months, this year’s Net Prophet event received 6 093online mentions by consumers, companies and members ofthe press.
  6. 6. On the actual day of the event, there were an incredible 3 530Tweets that either engaged with @NetProphetLive or who usedthe “NetProphet” hash tag - a similar volume of conversationassociated with this year’s State of the Nation Address.
  7. 7. Volume• The greatest spikes in conversation occurred on March 16th when registration opened (110 mentions) and on the day of the event itself (3 583 mentions). These volumes were obtained with relatively minimal pushing of the Net Prophet brand with only 2% and 1% being driven by the organisers and press- based sources respectively.
  8. 8. How many people were reached by the Net Prophet brand?
  9. 9. The potential reach of Net Prophet’s Twitter-basedconversation amounted to3 708 895people on that day alone – implying a 53.0% share of thetotal conversation across the last 3 months.
  10. 10. With such extensive reach, conversation from just that day,yielded approximately,R 923 044in earned media value (the cost saved in paid advertising inorder to reach the same size population online).
  11. 11. However, during the last three months, more than6 994 025people had the opportunity-to-see and share in theNet Prophet story.
  12. 12. These figures represent a lot ofpeople! How did we get there?
  13. 13. Credibility The more people you Are you a can reach credible online, source? the more How many credible followers your do you conversation have? is.Most people who talked about Net Prophet had online audiences of300 - 1000 people (credibility 3 - 4). However, there were also ahigher percentage of respected authors (credibility 5≤), resulting in agreater overall reach.
  14. 14. And reaching credible numbers like that, implies a very valuableconversation! This yielded approximately, R 1 619 173in earned media value (the cost saved in paid advertising mediain order to reach the same size population online).
  15. 15. The Net Prophets
  16. 16. The speaker who generated the most conversation wasRichard Mulholland, who accounted for 298mentions alone, of which 88% thereof engaged withhis Twitter presence.
  17. 17. However, the audience engaged the most with Diana Blake’scontent, with the Joule concept vehicle receiving 208direct mentions solely on the day of the event.
  18. 18. The Net Prophets• Gustav Praekelt and Jason Xenopoulos received 137 and 113 mentions respectively, with a large share thereof also coming from interactions on Twitter.• Permjot Valia and Rapelang Rabana also generated considerable volumes of conversation, with 93 and 90 mentions respectively.• Conversation for these speakers, also focused more on their content rather than their individual public presences.
  19. 19. What was our community saying?
  20. 20. Top Themes 1 490 Retweets on the day!
  21. 21. Top Themes 107 Tweets pledging support for the Net Prophet bursary.
  22. 22. Visual Support The conversation trended with overwhelmingly positivesentiment overall, with only a limited volume of downplaying mentions relating to small organisational bottlenecks.
  23. 23. Visual Support Great engagement with speakers’ content
  24. 24. Visual Support Great engagement even after the event!
  25. 25. Where was this conversation coming from?
  26. 26. Across the last three months as well as on the day of the event,consumers accounted for a 97%share of the total conversation. Moreover, considering only 2%of this conversation was driven by the organisers – thisrepresents a very successfully enacted engagement campaign.
  27. 27. Top DomainsOnline engagement with Net Prophet throughout the reporting periodtook place predominantly on Twitter, in addition to some presscoverage by Memeburn and Afrinnovator as well as someconversation happening on blogs like shesthegeek.co.za anddonpackett.posterous.com.
  28. 28. There were 851 uniqueauthors tweeting on the day.
  29. 29. With an average of 2.4 tweets per person.
  30. 30. But who spoke the loudest?
  31. 31. Top Influencers TwitterNet Prophet also saw some organic citizen journalism at the event,with the likes of Clinton Liederman (49 Tweets!), Brett Commaille,Altesh Baijoo, Dirk Tolken, Ashley Shaw and Cameron Oliverreporting consistently throughout the event!
  32. 32. Key Take AwayThe success of next year’s Net Prophet event is dependenton two things – both the quantity of people reached by thisthis year’s event and overall public perception of this year’sevent.As people reflect about the event to their friends andnetworks, offline conversations will become critical inpromoting attendance next year.With this year’s Net Prophet content now banked within theonline space, going forward, the message of overwhelmingpositivity shared by the community will have a much morelasting impact and sets up a great legacy for future events.
  33. 33. Thank you.
  34. 34. For more information contact:Net Prophet: www.netprophet.org.za @NetProphetLiveBrandsEye: +27 21 467 5979 www.brandseye.com contact@brandseye.com @BrandsEye