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2014 Québec International Annual Report

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In 2014, Québec International multiplied its initiatives to help the region’s businesses and research centres throughout 2014. Notably, our agency organized 112 activities and events, participated in 27 international missions and welcomed 49 economic delegations. In all, 4,750 individuals from 1,100 businesses and research centres participated in our activities. With $153M in economic benefits, it is safe to say that these efforts have paid off.

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2014 Québec International Annual Report

  1. 1. HIGHLIGHTS 2014
  6. 6. 6 STRONG COMMITMENT TO PROMOTING AND DEVELOPING KEY CLUSTERS TARGETED ACTION TO PROMOTE THE QUÉBEC CITY METROPOLITAN REGION AND ITS INDUSTRIES businesses and research centres working within 5 regional hubs of excellences economic and promotional publications showcasing the economic vitality of the region and its industries awards and distinctions confirming Québec International and the region’s position as leaders on the national and international stage 35 5 130 Green and smart building Optics-photonics Life sciences Digital arts and interactive entertainment Health food
  7. 7. 7 ATTRACTING FOREIGN INVESTMENT Québec International offers support services to investors and foreign- owned subsidiaries. Our team provides a turnkey service to support them during each phase of their setup or expansion project. A PROACTIVE STRATEGY FOR PROSPECTING IN TARGETED TERRITORIES Québec International carried out 7 prospecting and promotional missions. Our agency also spearheaded initiatives in several Asian cities. These activities gave us the opportunity to meet with 167 businesses and potential investors and to continue expanding our network of strategic partners. businesses and investors met 167 Result: considerable economic benefits for the regional economy $57.2M in foreign investments and economic benefits 9 165 setup or expansion projects jobs created or maintained
  8. 8. 8 A PROGRAM OFFERING VISITS AND SUPPORT TO FOREIGN-OWNED SUBSIDIARIES WELCOMING INVESTORS AND STRATEGIC PARTNERS ON RECONNAISSANCE MISSIONS TO QUÉBEC CITY There are more than 200 subsidiaries of foreign corporations in the region, whose investments generate significant economic impacts. In 2014, visits to subsidiaries allowed our experts to identify a number of expansion and consolidation projects. In 2014, Québec International welcomed several delegations and investors from Europe, South and Central America, Asia, the Middle East and the United States to Québec City. foreign-owned subsidiaries visited 42 14economic and official delegations 25businesses or investors 39activities to host investors and delegations
  9. 9. 9 PROMOTING THE REGION AMONG BUSINESS NETWORKS WITH A HIGH POTENTIAL FOR INVESTMENT Thanks to the efforts of Québec International and its partners, in 2014, Québec City welcomed the first meeting of the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) to ever be held outside the United States. It was an excellent opportunity to promote the region among influential players in industrial and corporate real estate, many of which appear on the Fortune 500 list. in tourism benefits $600,000 FERNANDO MORENO EGEA // Executive Chairman Verónica Olaya, General Counsel SOLUTEX In Québec City, Solutex found the people, the expertise and the resources it needed to innovate and to expand into North America. Québec International’s team and its partners, including Investissement Québec, played a key role in our decision to open a new subsidiary in Québec from where we run several of the R&D activities that allow us to maintain both our technological edge and our position as a leader in the field of nutraceuticals, natural-ingredient extraction and omega-3. HELPING FOREIGN INVESTORS WITH SETUP OR SUBSIDIARY EXPANSION PROJECTS Québec International supported the completion of several investment projects in 2014. in foreign investments projects completed jobs created or maintained $56.6M 9 165 ” ” 400participants
  10. 10. 10 SUPPORTING TRADE AND MARKET DEVELOPMENT Québec International’s market development service helps businesses in the Québec City region take on foreign markets. Our team has a vast network of contacts and a wide range of services and initiatives to stimulate corporate competitiveness in global markets. TRADE MISSIONS TO TARGET MARKETS In 2014, our agency provided assistance to 130 businesses during 15 trade and exploratory missions. Based on figures from these businesses, these missions could generate benefits of $31.5M in actual and potential sales. These missions also lead to one foreign business setting up in the region, 3 industrial agreements and 4 agreements with commercial intermediaries. 15trade/exploratory missions $31.5M in actual/potential sales declared Result: considerable economic benefits for the regional economy 51.3M$ in actual and potential sales 18 5 trade and industrial agreements foreign expansion projects
  11. 11. BUSINESS NETWORKING EVENTS AND WELCOMING FOREIGN BUYERS 11 In 2014, Québec International welcomed 10 buyers, contract givers and economic delegations that allowed 122 companies to explore business opportunities with foreign partners and clients in Europe, Asia and North America. TRAINING SESSIONS AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE In 2014, our agency organized 49 professional development activities to strengthen the trade and market development skills of business managers. An estimated $3.7M in economic spinoff resulted from these sessions, which attracted over 1,300 participants. 1 300participants $3.7Min actual and potential sales declared 49training sessions and networking events 10activities to host delegations/buyers receptions
  12. 12. 12 Québec International’s aid helped us identify our strengths and weaknesses and improve our marketing practices. It also gave us the opportunity to participate in a custom mission designed to identify and meet potential clients. The network of clients that we developed in just a few short months far exceeds our expectations! In sum, Québec International’s team gave us the tools required to speed our expansion into our target market, all while decreasing the risks and costs associated with this process PATRICK SIROIS // CEO TRIODE 4expansion projects 146participating companies 11trade and industrial agreements 19new exporters 16.1M$ ” ” AN ASSISTANCE PROGRAM AND PERSONALIZED CONSULTING SERVICES ON EXPORTATION In 2014, we provided 140 consultations through our front-line consulting services on product exportation. We also launched an 18-month, step-by-step assistance program on foreign market development called SME Passport. in actual and potential sales declared
  13. 13. 13 FOSTERING INNOVATION AND HI-TECH ENTREPRENEURSHIP Québec International promotes hi-tech entrepreneurship and fosters innovative business practices. Our professionals offer personalized support services and innovative initiatives that boost the development and competitiveness of companies that strengthen the region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. A CONSULTING SERVICE FOR HI-TECH COMPANIES In 2014, our professionals provided 85 consultations to 64 businesses through our personalized consulting service that helps entrepreneurs revise their business plan, create a strategic marketing plan and access funding. Businesses that participated in 2014 attracted $17M in potential and secured investments. 85 $17Min actual and potential investmentsentrepreneurship interventions Result: considerable economic benefits for the regional economy 19.2M$ in research funding and investments 12 11 industrial consortiums partnership agreements
  14. 14. 14 A TRAINING PROGRAM AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMPETITIONS DEVELOPMENT OF A BUSINESS CORRIDOR AND ACCESS TO A VAST NETWORK OF CONTACTS AND RESOURCES In 2014, our agency helped 17 entrepreneurs participate in FastTrac® TechVenture™, a program that supports the start-up of technology-based businesses. We also launched 1 pilot project that sought to foster sales for technology-based start-ups as well as an entrepreneurship competition in which 7 companies in the video game industry participated. In 2014, Québec International continued its efforts to develop a business corridor with California. In addition to our missions, we created CONEQT Québec-Silicon Valley, a marketing assistance program. Our agency also partnered with 6 technology accelerators in the United States. 25 6 start-ups benefited from our support services agreements with technology accelerators QB3 CTA@Cleantech Cambridge Innovation Center Grind Rocket Space Plug and Play
  15. 15. 15 EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES TO STIMULATE THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ECOSYSTEM SUPPORTING PROJECTS AND HOSTING INDUSTRY ACTIVITIES TO FOSTER INNOVATION In 2014, our agency headed a delegation of 20 entrepreneurs at the International Startup Festival and sponsored the PREconference at one of the biggest investment meetings in the world. Our agency also organized 5 activities on funding, marketing, management and productivity that led to 5 agreements between research centres and businesses. In 2014, our agency organized 16 activities/events and 1 high performance program to foster innovative practices among businesses operating within the region’s key clusters. These initiatives attracted over 1000 participants. Our agency also supported the creation of 12 industrial innovation consortiums and projects in life sciences, health food, optics-photonics, and green and smart building. These initiatives generated an estimated $2.2M in economic benefits. 75partnerships between research centres and businesses activities and events on innovation and entrepreneurship I’d like to thank the whole team at Québec International. It was a terrific experience that I strongly recommend for all future entrepreneurs. I cannot even imagine what the next year of work on my project would be like without everything that I learned during the 10-day program! The feedback I got on my project and the course work allowed me to examine my project in a different light, which will push me to take an important step in the coming months. ALAN BOUDREAULT // Participant FASTTRAC ” ” $2.2Min economic benefits for the key clusters industrial consortiums activities and events 1216
  16. 16. 16 ATTRACTING QUALIFIED FOREIGN WORKERS Québec International offers support services for attracting qualified foreign workers. By addressing the challenges linked to the hiring and integration of foreign workers, our team is able to help companies fulfill their labour needs. We also develop initiatives that promote the Québec City area to foreign workers. A WIDE VARIETY OF SUPPORT SERVICES FOR HIRING FOREIGN WORKERS In 2014, Québec International guided several businesses through the foreign recruitment process, which attracted 220 skilled workers and brought the total number of newcomers to 550. 220 330skilled workers spouses/children Result: considerable economic benefits for the regional economy $25.9M in economic benefits 119 220 participating companies foreign workers recruited +
  17. 17. 17 MISSIONS TO RECRUIT QUALIFIED FOREIGN WORKERS IN TARGETED TERRITORIES CONSULTING SERVICES ON INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY FOR EMPLOYERS In 2014, our agency provided businesses in the region with 40 free personalized consultations with experts on international mobility. Our professionals provided 28 international recruitment assessments and took 110 front-line actions in order to assist businesses with their recruitment and integration strategies. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES FOR MANAGERS AND INFORMATION SESSIONS In 2014, our agency offered businesses 13 training sessions, workshops and events on international mobility. Our agency also organized 13 information sessions on permanent residency to facilitate the retention of international students and individuals recruited abroad. In 2014, Québec International accompanied businesses from the Québec City region on 5 promotion and recruitment missions in Europe and in Latin America. The latter was a virtual mission based on an innovative model that takes advantage of digital solutions. 5recruitment/ promotion missions France Belgium Mexico BrazilColombia 26activities/events 178actions for businesses
  18. 18. 18 Once again, Desjardins Group is pleased to rely on the expertise, strength and support of Québec International for the event Journées Québec à Paris (Quebec in Paris days). Over the years, this partnership has allowed us to hire competent and skilled workers in fields for which workforce shortages are omnipresent. Numerous businesses partner with Québec International which allows us to, among other things, improve our visibility, access more services and benefit from a structured organization and professional development opportunities. ÉMILIE VILLEMURE // Consultant - Strategic HR Planning DESJARDINS GROUP SUPPORT FOR INDIVIDUALS LOOKING TO SETTLE IN THE QUÉBEC CITY REGION TO START A BUSINESS PROMOTING THE QUÉBEC CITY REGION TO FOREIGN WORKERS In 2014, our agency provided assistance to several international entrepreneurs. This resulted in a start-up project that generated an investment of $400,000. Our professionals are currently working with over 15 international entrepreneurs and, therefore, additional projects could very well take shape. In 2014, there were 320,000 visits to the website Quebec First, the primary tool for communicating with foreign candidates. This portal allowed companies to post close to 800 job offers and receive thousands of résumés. This bank of candidates now contains close to 7,000 résumés - a 600% increase in the span of a year. $400,000in investments 320,000 800 7,000visits to the site job offers posted résumés received ” ” www.
  19. 19. 19 DEVELOPING AND PROMOTING KEY CLUSTERS Québec International fosters the development of regional industrial clusters in health food, digital arts and interactive entertainment, green and smart building, optics-photonics and life sciences. Our experts have intimate knowledge of these sectors and they work hard to develop promising initiatives for each of these industries. Green and smart building Optics-photonicsLife sciences Digital arts and interactive entertainment Health food Result: considerable economic benefits for the regional economy $15.7Min benefits linked to industrial initiatives 12 57industrial consortiums events, hosts and trade missions RECOGNIZED KEY CLUSTERS Québec International promotes the development of 5 key regional clusters by implementing initiatives that meet the specific needs of business in life sciences, optics-photonics, digital arts and interactive entertainment, green and smart building, and health food.
  20. 20. 20 7 1 2 4 3 3 5 7 6 2 2 4 industrial innovation consortiums industrial innovation consortium industrial innovation consortiums activities to host economic delegations, international buyers and investors trade or exploratory missions trade or exploratory missions marketing/innovation support activities and events marketing/innovation support activities and events marketing/innovation support activities and events partnerships with key Canadian and foreign clusters partnerships with key Canadian and foreign clusters partnerships with key Canadian and foreign clusters DEVELOPING THE OPTICS-PHOTONICS INDUSTRY In 2014, the strategies adopted by Québec International within the framework of the ACCORD Capitale-Nationale initiative resulted in: In 2014, the strategies adopted by Québec International as part of the ACCORD Capitale-Nationale initiative resulted in: In 2014, the strategies adopted by Québec International as part of the ACCORD Capitale-Nationale initiative resulted in: $3MIN ECONOMIC BENEFITS DEVELOPING THE LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY$3MIN ECONOMIC BENEFITS DEVELOPING THE GREEN AND SMART BUILDING INDUSTRY$5.5MIN ECONOMIC BENEFITS
  21. 21. 21 Ubisoft has confirmed its intent to make its Québec studio a full-fledged AAA studio capable of leading the way in next generation gaming. We are extremely pleased to be once again generating new investments in Québec and creating more high value-added jobs. We would like to thank Québec International because without their help we could not have attracted this investment. We consider ourselves lucky to work with them. FRANCIS BAILLET // Vice President, Corporate Affairs UBISOFT ENTERTAINMENT INC. 2 3 12 2 industrial innovation consortiums trade or exploratory missions marketing/innovation support activities and events partnerships with key Canadian and foreign clusters 3 3 7 1 activities to host economic delegations, international buyers and investors trade or exploratory missions marketing/innovation support activities and events partnership with a key cluster abroad ” ” In 2014, the strategies adopted by Québec International as part of the ACCORD Capitale-Nationale initiative resulted in: In 2014, the strategies adopted by Québec International as part of the ACCORD Capitale-Nationale initiative resulted in: DEVELOPING THE HEALTH FOODS INDUSTRY$2.8MIN ECONOMIC BENEFITS DEVELOPING THE DIGITAL ARTS AND INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY $1.4M IN ECONOMIC BENEFITS
  22. 22. 22 PROMOTING THE REGION’S COMPETITIVE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Québec International contributes to the Québec City’s national and international profile by adopting promotion strategies that highlight the region’s strengths. An undeniable reference on economic intelligence, our agency ensures the diffusion of up-to-date information on the business environment and the economy’s key industries. In 2014, our agency produced 32 publications and analyses that provided a clear picture of the evolution of key economic indicators for the Québec City region. Our agency also published 3 promotional brochures on the region’s transportation infrastructure and expertise in insurance and financial services and the green and smart building. PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS AND ECONOMIC STUDIES 32economic publications and analyses 3promotional brochures
  23. 23. 23 awards and distinctions for the region and for Québec International 5 ENTRIES IN NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS In 2014, our agency entered 7 distinguished competitions which led to 5 awards and honours. Our professionals provided 125 media responses in 2014. These efforts, which generated over 200 mentions in the regional, national and international media focused on the local economy, our agency and successful companies in the region. NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL MEDIA STRATEGIES mentions in national and international media KPMG’S COMPETITIVE ALTERNATIVES > Québec City ranked first in the world among cities with between 500,000 and 2 million inhabitants TOP CANADIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP > Québec International ranked among the top 10 economic development groups in the country for an eighth consecutive year STARTUP CANADA > Québec City was awarded the title of Startup Community of the Year INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL > Québec International received 2 awards: one for its newsletter and one for its entrepreneurship assistance program 204
  24. 24. 24 Our agency’s professionals had the opportunity to give conferences at 17 regional, national and international events. Moreover, 26 presentations were given to strategic liaisons and international partners. conferences and presentations that showcased the region DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIES Increasingly, promotional efforts focus on digital platforms. Thus, in 2014, Québec International launched a new mobile application to release its publications. In addition to this new application, our internet site received over 165,000 visits during the year while our newsletters now have 5,500 subscriptions and our social media sites have over 14,000 followers. 5,500 subscriptions to our newsletters 14,000 social media followers 165,000visits to our website POSITIONING STRATEGIES FOR STRATEGIC LIAISONS 43 KEVIN DOLLHOPF // Vice President, Worldwide Real Estate HANEBRANDS INC. The forum was a tremendous success! Québec City and Canada left a very positive impression on IAMC participants. IAMC would also like to sincerely thank you for your leadership, enthusiasm, help and cooperation during planning and the forum itself. We couldn’t have done it without you! “ “ www.
  25. 25. 25 THANKS TO OUR OTHER FINANCIAL PARTNERS Bell Business Development Bank of Canada Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec CAP 2.0 Collège François-de-Laval Conférence régionale des élus de la Capitale-Nationale Deloitte Desjardins and Caisse populaire Desjardins de Québec École des Ursulines EDC Emploi-Québec Export Québec Fonds de solidarité FTQ Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada Groupe Perspective HSBC Joli-Cœur Lacasse Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie Momentum Technologies Phoenix Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton ROBIC Ubisoft THANKS TO OUR MAJOR GOVERNMENT PARTNERS Canada Economic Development Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et des Exportations Secrétariat à la Capitale-Nationale Ville de Québec
  26. 26. 2014 quebecinternational.ca FOLLOW US ON : SUCCESS AT HOME AND ABROAD 1175, Lavigerie Avenue, suite 300 Québec City (Québec) G1V 4P1 418 681-9700 info@quebecinternational.ca