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2011-2015 年中国玻璃纤维行业产销需求
China Fiberglass Industry Production & Marketing Demand and
Investment Forecast Report, ...
复合材料应用量仅占1.5%,未来10-20 年,
PVC 等传统材料,将
玻纤替代钢、 木材、

traditional materials like steel, aluminum, wood and PVC which may
的竞争格局、竞争趋势;玻璃纤维主要细分 industry; market development status of major fiberglass product
产品市场发展状况;玻璃纤维市场的领先企 segmentation; lead...
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China fiberglass industry production & marketing demand and investment forecast report, 2011 2015

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China fiberglass industry production & marketing demand and investment forecast report, 2011 2015

  1. 1. 2011-2015 年中国玻璃纤维行业产销需求 与投资预测分析报告 China Fiberglass Industry Production & Marketing Demand and Investment Forecast Report, 2011-2015 前言 近几年欧美复合材料产需均持续增长,中 Current these years production and demand of Euro-American 国尤其是中国内地的复合材料市场发展迅速。 composite continuously increase while China composite market fast 树脂与玻璃纤维在技术上不断进步,生产厂 develops. The constant improvement of resin and fiberglass technology 家的制造能力普遍提高,使得玻纤增强复合 and general increase of manufacturing capability leads to the acceptance 材料的价格成本已被许多行业接受。玻璃纤 of fiberglass composite price by many industries. Fiberglass is a 维是非常好的金属替代材料,在建筑、 船舶、 http://en.qianzhan.com/report/detail/49bd98f62a054437.html§ 化工管道、 汽车、 航空、 风力发电等领域有着 perfect metal alternative material and widely used in the fields of 广阔的应用前景,并且其应用领域仍在不断 building, ship craft, chemical pips, auto, aviation and wind power generation. And the application areas are widening. Therefore, the global 拓展,全球市场空间巨大。 2008 年以来,全世界的玻璃纤维企业对扩 market space is huge. 产计划变得更加谨慎,世界玻璃纤维生产能 Since 2008 fiberglass corporations in the world took a careful attitude 力增长缓慢。2010 年,全球连续玻璃纤维产 towards expanding plan and growth of global fiberglass production was slowing down. The global fiberglass production in 2010 is 4.715 million 能为471.5 万吨,预计在2011 年达到500 万 吨,2012 年达到530万吨。2010 年世界市场 ton which will reach 5 million ton and 2011 and 5.3 million ton in 2012. 对玻璃纤维的需求量约为435 万吨。 在今后两 Global fiberglass market demand in 2010 is about 4.35 million ton and 年中,玻璃纤维需求量将增长11%-12%,预 will increase 11%-12% in the following two years. It is predicted that there will be a shortage for global fiberglass demand and supply from 计在2011-2012 年间世界玻璃纤维的供需将 2011 to 2012. 出现紧张形势。 与全球市场空间相比,国内市场具备更大 The development potential of domestic market is larger comparing with 的增长潜力。2010 年全国玻璃纤维累计产量 that of global market. The accumulated production of China fiberglass in 256 万吨,比上年同期增长近25 个百分点, 2010 is 2.56 million ton with a year-on-year growth of 25%. Proportion 中国玻纤产能占世界的比重为超过50%,且 of China fiberglass to global fiberglass is over 50%. And production 池窑拉丝产量占中国全部玻纤产量的比重已 proportion of pool furnace drawing to fiberglass has increased from 44% 经由2002 年的44%上升到2010 年的80%以上。 in 2002 to over 80% in 2010. There are 850 corporations of scale in 2010 年中国玻璃纤维行业规模以上企业有 China fiberglass industry which increase 7.19% comparing with that of 850 家,比上年增长7.19%;2010 年销售收 last year; sales revenue in 2010 is as high as 79.205 billion Yuan while profit is 5.903 billion Yuan and capital scale is 80.854 billion Yuan. 入高达792.05 亿元,实现利润59.03 亿元, 808.54 亿元。 With the development of high-tech and update of traditional industrial 资产规模达到 随着高新技术的发展,传统工业材料的更 material, fiberglass has become an indispensable new material for 新换代,玻璃纤维成为了一种国民经济发展 national economy. Energy consumption of fiberglass (per ton) has 不可缺少的新材料,发挥着不可替代的作用。 lowered than that of 0.8 ton standard coal. View from the strength energy 玻纤吨能耗已降到0.8 吨标准煤以下。 从每立 consumption per cubic meter, that of fiberglass is 40% that of steel and 10% that of aluminum. View from the application ratio for various 方米强度能耗的水平看,玻纤仅有钢的 40%,铝的10%。 从各类材料的应用比例来看 materials, that of composite is only 1.5% and fiberglass will replace the
  2. 2. 复合材料应用量仅占1.5%,未来10-20 年, PVC 等传统材料,将 玻纤替代钢、 木材、 铝、 traditional materials like steel, aluminum, wood and PVC which may result in over 4 times growth of global fiberglass industrial production in 导致全球玻纤行业产值至少增长四倍以上。 future 10 to 20 years. According to statistics, per capita annual fiberglass 统计数据显示,发达国家人均玻纤年消费量 consumption in developed countries is 3-6 kg while it is only 0.6 kg in China. The low consumption in China reflects that the application field 达3-6 公斤,而我国人均玻纤年消费量仅为 0.6公斤,中国国内玻璃纤维消费量低,玻璃 for fiberglass products is not yet well developed thus the development 纤维产品的应用领域尚没有被充分开发,玻 space for fiberglass industry is quite enormous. The structure of global fiberglass industry is oligopoly-oriented for a 璃纤维行业未来的发展空间十分巨大。 世界玻璃纤维行业长期以来一直是寡头垄 long time. And the China fiberglass industry is raising in current years 断格局。近年来,随着中国玻璃纤维行业的 that the three major fiberglass giants not only control the domestic 异军突起,中国三大玻璃纤维巨头不仅垄断 market but also becomes the new oligopoly in the global market. After 了国内市场,同时,也成为国际玻璃纤维市 years of development, for China fiberglass corporations the product 场上的新寡头。中国玻璃纤维企业经过多年 quality is on the upstream level while the general fiberglass has reached 的发展,产品质量已处上游水平,通用玻纤 global standard and ratio of deeply-processed product gradually 已居世界同类水平,深加工产品比例逐年提 increases. Gross profit rate of leading corporations in China fiberglass 升。目前中国玻璃纤维行业的领先企业毛利 industry is about 25%-35% which is obviously higher than that of 10% 率在25-35%之间,明显高于国外巨头10%的 for foreign giants. View either from domestic or the world, oligopoly 毛利率。无论从国内来看,还是从全球来看, structure of fiberglass industry has formed. As a newly emerging force, 玻璃纤维行业的寡头垄断格局已经形成,中 China’s production growth rate in current years will be over 20% per 国作为新生力量,经过近几年来年均20%以 year. And it is predicted that China will take up more than 60% global 上的产能增速,预计2012 年将占据全球60% market share in 2012. China fiberglass industry develops quickly that the production scale and 以上的份额。 我国的玻璃纤维行业发展很快,生产规模 amount has ranked first in the world. However, shortages which are 和产量早已跃居世界第一,但片面追求初级 caused by excessive pursuit of primary products and production 产品产量的扩张,深加工的发展滞后,产品 expansion, backward development of further processing and low added 附加值低的弊病日渐显现。且在未来的发展 value for products are appearing. What’s more, competition of fiberglass 中,随着玻璃纤维行业竞争的不断加剧,企 industry is fiercer and merger is more frequent during the future 业间的并购整合与资本运作日趋频繁。国内 development. Thus the domestic outstanding fiberglass manufacturers 优秀的玻璃纤维生产企业尤其是外资企业, pay more and more attention to the industry market research, especially 愈来愈重视对行业市场的研究,特别是对产 the in-depth research of product consumers. With Forward’s the long-term tracking and collecting market data of 业发展环境和产品购买者的深入研究。 本报告利用前瞻资讯长期对玻璃纤维行业 fiberglass industry, we roundly and accurately analyze the structure 市场跟踪搜集的市场数据,全面而准确地为 system for you from the view of mastering the whole industry. This 您从行业的整体高度来架构分析体系。报告 report will base on the macro condition of current fiberglass industry, 从当前玻璃纤维行业的宏观景气状况出发, production and marketing condition, industry demand trend of auto 以玻璃纤维行业的产销状况和行业需求走向 industry, then detailed analyzes the current market capability, market 为依托,详尽地分析了中国玻璃纤维行业当 scale, development speed and competitive landscape of China fiberglass 前的市场容量、 市场规模、 发展速度和竞争态 industry. This report mainly analyzes the following aspects: production and 势。 报告主要分析了中国玻璃纤维行业的生产 development of China fiberglass industry; current market environment 与发展;玻璃纤维行业当前的市场环境与企 and corporation competition of fiberglass industry; market demand 业竞争力;玻璃纤维行业的市场需求特征; characteristics of fiberglass industry; import and export market for 玻璃纤维行业的进出口市场;玻璃纤维行业 fiberglass industry; competitive landscape and trend of fiberglass
  3. 3. 的竞争格局、竞争趋势;玻璃纤维主要细分 industry; market development status of major fiberglass product 产品市场发展状况;玻璃纤维市场的领先企 segmentation; leading corporations’ operation status in fiberglass 业经营状况;玻璃纤维行业的发展趋势与前 market; development trend and prospect forecast of fiberglass industry. Meanwhile, together with the comprehensive and detailed market data 景预测;同时,佐之以全行业近5 年来全面 详实的一手市场数据,让您全面、准确地把 which is accumulated for years, Forward helps you to grasp the market 握整个玻璃纤维行业的市场走向和发展趋势, and development trends of fiberglass industry, so as to win advantages from competition! 从而在竞争中赢得先机! 本报告最大的特点就是前瞻性和适时性。 Major characteristics of this report are forward-looking and timeliness. 报告通过对大量一手市场调研数据的前瞻性 Base on the forward-looking analysis of massive research data, we 分析,深入而客观地剖析中国当前玻璃纤维 further analyze the development scale and competitive landscape of 行业的总体市场容量、 市场规模、 竞争格局和 fiberglass industry. Along with the industry development route and our 市场需求特征,并根据玻璃纤维行业的发展 practical experience, we analyze and predict the future development 轨迹及多年的实践经验,对玻璃纤维行业未 prospect of fiberglass industry. This report contains a high value for 来的发展趋势做出审慎分析与预测,是玻璃 enterprises like fiberglass producing corporations, R&D institutions, 纤维生产企业、 科研单位、 销售企业、 投资企 sales corporations and investment corporations to accurately know the latest industry development trend, obtain market opportunities and 业准确了解玻璃纤维行业当前最新发展 动态,把握市场机会,做出正确经营决策和 determine an insightful operation strategy and development direction. In 明确企业发展方向不可多得的精品,也是业 the meantime, it is the first heavy weight report to analyze the up/down内第一份对玻璃纤维行业上下游产业链以及 stream industry chain and industry leading corporations of fiberglass 行业重点企业进行全面系统分析的重量级报 industry in an overall and systemic way. Here, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to National Bureau of 告。 本报告在撰写过程中得到了国家经济信息 Statistics of China, International Information Institute, General 中心、 国家统计局、 海关总署、 国际信息研究 Administration of Customs, National Institute of the Ministry of 所、 中国商务部研究院、 清华大学图书馆、 以 Commerce, National Tsing Hua University Library, Institute of Market 及国务院发展研究中心市场经济研究所、北 Economy of the State Council Development Research Center, and 京菁华前瞻市场研究中心等机构的大力支持, Beijing Qinghua Forward Market Research Center, etc. Thank you so much! 在此我们表示特别感谢! 特别说明:本报告中的大量市场数据,特 Notice: all the market data, especially the corporation list data in this 别是企业排名数据,仅供企业作经营参考用, report is only for business reference. Please don’t take the data for 望客户不要用于企业广告排名比较。否则, enterprise publicity. Thank you! Or Forward shall not take any 由此产生的一切后果前瞻资讯将不予承担! responsibility for any consequences! 前瞻资讯行业研究中心 玻璃纤维行业研究小组 Forward and Intelligence Co., Ltd. Industry Research Center Research Team of Fiberglass Industry