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QNB wins best bank in Qatar & Middle East award

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QNB wins best bank in Qatar & Middle East award

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASEQNB Named Best Bank in Qatar and the Middle Eastfor third consecutive yearDoha, June 19, 2013 – Qatar National Bank (QNB), the World’s Strongest Bank, hasbeen the recipient of two industry recognised awards from the Banker Middle East. QNBwas awarded the ‘Best Bank in Qatar’ Award and was additionally recognised on aregional level as it won the ‘Best Bank in the Middle East’ category too.2013 marks the third consecutive year that QNB won both the ‘Best Bank in Qatar’ aswell as the ‘Best Bank in the Middle East’ Awards.A reception dinner for all award winners was held last night in Dubai on this occasion.The addition of these two awards to QNB’s ever growing collection demonstrates thatthe Bank is continuing on with its commitment to be the institution of choice forcustomers, employees, investors and suppliers alike.The Banker Middle East Industry Awards recognise the best performing financialinstitutions in the MENA region. Over the years, QNB has steadily grown to be thelargest bank in the region and is by far the leading financial institution in the countrywhere it has a market share exceeding 45% of the banking sector assets. It is currentlyranked as the most valuable brand in the MENA region due to its continued internationalexpansion which is supported by strong growth locally, regionally and internationally.The Banker relies on a detailed and accurate study of audited financial results across14 measures to determine the Best Bank. Similar methods are also used to decide uponthe fastest growing banks in each country. Using all of this data, The Banker MiddleEast then compiles a list of the Top 100 Banks.Such awards highlight that QNB is becoming a powerhouse in its own right as it isunwavering in providing the best products and services to all of its customers. Not tomention that it is continuously seeking improvement through innovation and refinementof such offerings and services.*** ENDS ***.
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