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Emirates Strategic Management Analysis

  1. Galandar Mammadli
  2. What about… The case is about Emirates and its Strategic plans. The main idea of the case is to review the strategies of the company and suggest some solutions about how to sustain being global brand.
  3. History 1950 – Open Sky 1959- DNATA 1980- Emirates Group 1985- First Flight 2012- New 22 aircraft
  4. Scope • airline Emirates • Travel services • Catering • Cargo • Freigt forward Dnata
  5. Mission and Vission Mission Statement “to become one of the top lifestyle brands in the world.”
  6. Proposed Vision • To become lifestyle brand travelling each destination around the world. Mission • providing our customers with good meals, enjoyable time, make them feel special and maximum safety, as well as, help them carrying cargo and freight delivering on time.
  7. Organizational Structure No any woman manager Executive Vice chairman
  8. Major Problems... Hard competition around the world Country culture differences Different satisfactions about service Fuel Prices Low cost competitors Mission Vision statements Dispersion of its revenues
  9. Objectives for 3 years increase amount of cargo 50% İncrease revenues 20% per year İncrease number of passengers 60% Increase the percentage of international revenues to 40% To be a member of one of alliances in 3 years At least 2 women managers to organizational structure.
  10. Emirates Luxury First Class • 25 Pound total for carrying • Spas • 1400 Tv channels • Movies • First class lounge • Free Meal • Suit Business Class • a 79-inch flat bed • power supply for laptops • , extra large tables, • large screen TVs with more than 1,400 • channels, • SMS, • Internet, • mini-bar built into every seat, • privacy dividers Econom Class • 1,400 channels on their personal TV, • meals, • Internet, • phone • SMS capabilities
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  13. Finance 2013 Revenue 17.4% More ttan 2012 Operating costs increased because of bougt aircrafts Borrowing leases increased liablities Passengers takes great part of revenues In flight catering American Passengers Revenues-Geographical • UAE 77%, • international 23%
  14. Competition Singapore • 1971 • 400 Million reduction • US, Africa FlyDubai • Discount airline • 52 Markets MEA • 31 Market • 637 million revenue • Profit 62 million British A. • Entire world • 14.8 billion revenue • 4 classes • 250 aircraft Delta • 5000 flight in a day • Add 2500 • 14 billion revenue • 354 million profit
  15. SWOT Analysis Strengths • Technological Advances • Strong Brand Name • Corporative system tradition • Country Advantage • Destination advantage Weakness • Arap Spring • Rising fuel prices • 1% revenue from other segments • Different culture • Women in management • Confusing Mission statement
  16. Swot Analysis Opportunities • Partnerships like Quanta • Creating subbrands for flydubai • Run Low cost flights • IT and AI Threats • Sustainability and environment • Low price dubai flights • Singapore Airline • Unstable region • Political unstabilitiyes
  17. Recommendations Redesign strategical statements like mission and vision Decrease operating costs by the help of AI and IT Incrase share of US passengers in total passengers, connecting Oneworld alliances. Create subbrand for flyDubai or may be low cost flights Entering different markets and increasing dispersion of customers according to regions. Increase the percentage of international revenue Add 2 women to manager positions. Create sustainable and environment friendly solutions Approach every customer individually for overall satisfaction In flight selling went down, you need to focus on the causes Use destination advantage for handling country threats. Information is the best solution.
  18. Thank You For Attention

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  1. Singapore Airline Group’s fiscal year, like Emirates’, ends on March 31. For fiscal year 2012, the company’s profits were down $756 million to $336 million or 69 percent reduction, whereas revenues grew by $333 million to $14.8 billion, up 2 percent from the previous year.