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QA Fest 2019. Егор Бугаенко. Quality Assurance vs. Testing

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Most of us testers are called these days as QA engineers, which sounds pretty confusing to me. Testing and Quality Assurance are two different process areas, which may not even overlap sometimes. However, due to this configuration, most testing activities may not be performed as good as they could. Let's think whether we understand QA right and whether we really have to be testers in order to assure quality.

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QA Fest 2019. Егор Бугаенко. Quality Assurance vs. Testing

  1. 1. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 1 Yegor Bugayenko QAFest, Kyiv, Ukraine
 20 September 2019 QA vs. Testing
  2. 2. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 2 @yb190920 @yegor256 I have a question…
  3. 3. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 3 Are you
 “QA engineers”?Quality Assurance
  4. 4. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 4 Part I:
 Best tools and instruments
 for QA experts
  5. 5. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 5 Affinity diagram
  6. 6. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 6 Process Decision Program Chart
  7. 7. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 7 Interrelationship Digraph
  8. 8. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 8 Prioritization Matrix
  9. 9. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 9 Matrix Diagram
  10. 10. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 10 Six Sigma
  11. 11. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 11 Confused?
  12. 12. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 12 Part II:
 Best tools and instruments
 for software testers
  13. 13. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 13
  14. 14. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 14 QA Testing≠ My point is:
  15. 15. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 15 PM Tester Analyst Programmer Reviewer DevOps QualityScope TimeCost
  16. 16. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 16 Quality Assurance is the process of auditing the quality requirements and the results from quality control measurements to ensure that appropriate quality standards and operational definitions are used. QA Quality Control is the process of monitoring and recording results of executing the quality activities to assess performance and recommend necessary changes. QC PMBOK v.5
  17. 17. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 17 Requirements Requirements
 Matrix Validation Speed
 of approval Coding LoC or HoC Test coverage Static
 analysis 3rd party tools Code reviews Duration Rejection
 rate Coverage DevOps Frequency Speed Availability Testing Bugs/release Bugs/day Rates Quality Customers are happy=
  18. 18. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 18 PM QualityCostScope Time People Risks Coding DeployingRequirements Testing Code reviews Documentation Customers UX/UI Architecture Corrective Action Metrics Change Request ISO 9001
  19. 19. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 19
  20. 20. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 20 QA Testing :management :engineering
  21. 21. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 21 Why… they call us QA instead of testers?
  22. 22. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 22 Cynthia Cohen: “The lack of status and support makes the tester’s job more difficult and time consuming, as the struggle for recognition becomes part of the job itself”
 Managing Conflict in Software Testing, Communications of the ACM, Volume 47, Issue 1, 2004
  23. 23. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 23 How to become a better tester? code review report measure
  24. 24. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 24
  25. 25. /25@yegor256 @yb190920 25 shop@yegor256.com