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Royex - generation 2 introduction

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Royex - generation 2 introduction

  1. 1. First peak on the next generation propellant systems Royex Generation II Thomas Gustavsson Etken Teknologi Sweden +46 739 38 18 96 Thomas.Gustavsson@etken.se
  2. 2. Deflagration is a rapid high energy release combustion event that propagates through a gas or an explosive material at subsonic speeds, driven by the transfer of heat. Deflagration, or Combustion, is different from detonation, which is supersonic and propagates through shock. Propellant powders have long been used as a rock breaking tool Deflagration
  3. 3. Any application where rock and ground vibrations must be kept to an absolute minimum Breaking oversize  rock and secondary  blasting over and  underground. Oversize Break rock without  closing down traffic  or re‐routing to  protect from fly rock.  Spare road  infrastructure from  vibrations. Close to roads Break concrete or  rock in urban areas  and spare sensitive  structures and  conform to local  requirements. In urban areas To conventional explosives in areas  where legislation to  manage explosives is  complicated.  As an alternative Current applications
  4. 4. - Breaking of over size under and over ground with minimal gas risk - Controlled vibration allowes for better wall control - Lowers dilution in gold, platinum and dimond mining - Complete 1.4S solution lowers storage and transport costs Possible Advantages in mining – Achievable goals
  5. 5. What are the issues we have to address?
  6. 6. To inspire the industry to change, we need to  address the old issues and present realistic  solutions.  What advancements has Etken Teknologi achieved in propellant powder technology?
  7. 7. Introducing the Royex Generation II rock breaking cartridge Introducing Royex Generation II ‐ New propellant formula – Stronger,  fully oxygen balanced propellant  mix ‐ New modular initiation system with  timing – Only available  pyrotechnical shock tube system  worldwide.  ‐ New cartridge design – New design  allows for cable protection in hole ‐ Significantly improved unit pricing – Improvements in production  capacity gives better pricing
  8. 8. Introducing the Royex Generation II rock breaking cartridge
  9. 9. Solution to Issue 1: Introducing complete 1.4S world class timing system IntroducingtheMaxclip1.4Ssystem–separationofcartridgeandigniter ‐ NO DETONATORS – in hole and out  of hole igniters are 1.4S ‐ BUILT IN TIMING – Only available  pyrotechnical shock tube system  worldwide.  ‐ VERY SIMPLE TO USE – Connecting  the initiation circuit is just following  color coding ‐ ELECTRICAL AND SHOCK TUBE  AVALIABLE 
  10. 10. Solution to Issue 1: Introducing complete 1.4S world class timing system Designed for underground and open cast operations ‐ Modular – Use up to four cartridges  on the same cable with the 6‐way  clip ‐ Timing designed for deflagrating  cartridges – Timing designed to  work optimal with Royex  deflagrating cartridge ‐ System fully waterproof – Use in  damp or wet environments without  issues.
  11. 11. Tie up and application First complete pyrotechnical shock tube / electric system with timing  designed for PP cartridges. 
  12. 12. Solution to Issue 1: Introducing complete 1.4S world class timing system - The Maxfire igniter. ‐ Maxclip Maxfire igniter ‐ Very hot ignition coupled with a  strong cascading flame effect  enables close to optimal propellant  initiation. The Maxfire igniter is the  foundation to the Royex generation  II system.  Click on image to show video controls.
  13. 13. Solution to Issue 1: Introducing complete 1.4S world class timing system - Burning front and timing 20 holes burning front The Maxclip timing enables for a 20  hole burning front to ensure no  interference with the initiation circuit.  This is sufficient for both surface and  underground operations Click on image to show video controls.
  14. 14. Tie up and application First time ever – pyrotechnical bench  blasting with timing
  15. 15. Tie up and application Maxclip allows for pyrotechnical  decking – individual timing of each deck
  16. 16. Trials and performance – Quarry trials Timing trial Click on image to show video controls.
  17. 17. System CE approved and 1.4S classified
  18. 18. Mixture
  19. 19. Solution to Issue 2: Introducing new formula and quality of mix Introducing the Royex gen II mix ‐ HIGER DENSITY– Old density max  0.86, new density 0.98 to 1.0 g /cm³ ‐ PERFECT OXGYGEN BALANCE – 70%  AN, 30% NC gives 100% oxygen  balanced mix, no noxious gases on  initiation. Ideal for under ground. ‐ COMPONENT DENSITY AND SIZE  BALANCE – Both the AN and NC prill are of the same size (0.5 mm) and of  same density. No separation.
  20. 20. Production plant built in China Optimizing resources and production capabilities ‐ Abundance of propellant – Propellant powder mix in surplus in  china ‐ Factory built in partnership with  large explosive supplier Volume production lowers prices.  Factory ISO9000 certified. EU quality  standards in place. CE approval  granted ‐ Unit price reduced considerably  Volume and fast production means  unit price has been reduced  significantly
  21. 21. Production plant built in China MaxClip produced in largest detonator factory in the world – Qinghua – Xian under Etken license Produces over 300 million shock tube  detonators per year (2014) Employs over 5000 people Operates own train network and  airport Outstanding quality processes in place
  22. 22. Trials and performance – Quarry trials Trial 1 Click on image to show video controls.
  23. 23. Trials and performance – Quarry trials Trial 2 Click on image to show video controls.
  24. 24. Trials and performance – Quarry trials Trial 3 Click on image to show video controls.
  25. 25. Taking propellant rock breaking to the next level Ultimate solution for underground gold and platinum Drill 0.9m at 70ᵒ - CONTINOUSLY No blowing out holes. Place cartridge system in hole - connect and fire Complete 1.4S system capable of sequentially firing No noxious gasses. Most powerful PP available. Simple to use. Minimal dilution and dust losses
  26. 26. What is the impact of these changes? & ETKEN TEKNOLOGI’S SOLUTIONS? • No working timing system • The Maxclip system eliminates this problem • Electric Fuse heads used for timing - 360ºC • • The Maxfire igniter burns vigorously at + 900ºC • Local R&D has gone as far as it can • PP’s and AN have been sized and sieved before mixing • Technical formulation issues • Royex Gen 2 perfectly oxygen balanced – no noxious gasses • Unit cost mentality • Cartridges made in China – Unit cost reduced considerably • Inadequate stemming technique • Cartridge loader and stemming material extensively tested • Mechanical solutions in final testing phase • Safety issues • Complete 1.4S system, safest system available today
  27. 27. Thank you! Questions or inquiries, please email info@Etken.se The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterdays logic” – Peter Drucker