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Reasons To Invest In Yamuna Expressway Projects

If you are looking to invest in Delhi Ncr Real Estate why you invest in Yamuna Expressway Projects, what are the main developments in that area.

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Reasons To Invest In Yamuna Expressway Projects

  1. 1. Why to Investment on Yamuna Expressway For more info visit us:-> Projectsonyamunaexpressway.com
  2. 2. Yamuna Expressway Entirely elevated, 165.54 km long and 100 mt wide Yamuna Expressway promises to change the way we travel on Indian highways. There is 7 major interchanges, 35 underpass and 43 bridges along the stretch. Yamuna Expressway is one of the most modern, the fastest and the smoothest expressway in India.
  3. 3. Busiest Highway The Taj Mahal at Agra continues to be the most popular and the most visited tourist destination in India & Yamuna Expressway is capable of taking all of existing traffic and many folds more, without exerting additional pressure on infrastructure. Yamuna Expressway is planned for future needs, and with fast developing infrastructure, promises huge potential for real-estate development.
  4. 4. Connectivity  Yamuna Expressway is well connected at both ends. Staring from Noida- Greater Noida Expressway at one end, Yamuna Expressway will be connected to the Agra ring road. Apart from Delhi and Agra, Yamuna Expressway will also be directly connected to Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Palwal, Bulandshahr, Aligarh, Hathras and Mathura.
  5. 5. Yamuna Expressway City  Yamuna Expressway City is has been planned and developed over 42,500 hectares (Appox). 1,05,000 Acres. It will be approximately 35 km long and 17 km wide. No other city in the entire country, let alone NCR, was conceived and developed on such a scale.
  6. 6. Planned Development  Both Yamuna Expressway Road and Yamuna Expressway City are planned for future needs. Ample land has been left on both sides of the expressway for further future development. Yamuna Expressway city is projected to be best planned city in India, with wide roads, 35% green and the right mix of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial area.
  7. 7. Property Prices in NCR Yamuna Expressway City boasts of one of the lowest property prices in the entire National Capital Region. First lot of residential plots were allotted at a merger rate of Rs. 4,750 per sq. mt. (Appox). Rs. 4,000 per sq. yd. by Yamuna Expressway Authority, under “Residential Scheme in 2009”, wherein the money was payable in 16 half yearly instalments spread over 8 years. No other part of NCR can boast of lower property prices.
  8. 8. Sector Chi-Phi  Covering an area of 34,56,725 sq. mt. (Appox 345.67 hectors), Sector Chi-Phi is one of the largest residential sectors in Greater Noida. Located less than 3 km from Noida border, Sector Chi-Phi is the only government residential sector in Greater Noida located on Yamuna Expressway. It has 1,045 plots in 4 categories (350+, 500+, 750+ & 1000+ sq. mt. and 6 group housings along with provision for future metro station, planned in this sector.
  9. 9. Gautam Budh University  Spread over 511 acres (30% green and 5000 trees) on the southern edge of Greater Noida, Gautam Budh University was entirely funded by New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. Gautam Budh University boasts of 5 single occupancy hostels for 5,000 students, library spread over 1.8 lakh sq. ft. for 2,000 students, an auditorium with 3000 seating capacity and total built-up area of 55 Lakh sq. ft.
  10. 10. Night Safari  41.30 km from Rajghat (Delhi) slated to be built on 150 acres adjoining Mursheedpur reserve forest, the Night Safari at Greater Noida will be the first such development in India and the fourth in the world, after Singapore, China and Thailand. Covering a total of 550 acres along with existing forest, Night Safari will be designed by renowned zoo designer Bernard Harrison, who has also designed world famous Singapore Night Safari.
  11. 11. Sector Tech Zone  With 650 acres of integrated IT Park developments, Sector Tech Zone is a promising area with excellent potential for future employment of thousands of IT & ITES (IT Enabled Services professionals. There are a total of 15 plots, ranging between 8-100 acres, with most of them already been allotted. Major names include NIIT (25 Acres),Stellar (10 Acres), Unitech (50 Acres),Wipro (100 Acres), Ansals (75 Acres),Uppals (75 Acres), Kessal Valley I (25 Acres), Globus (10 Acres),KLJ (50 Acres) and SpireTech (21 Acres). Sector Tech Zone is expected to become most sought after by IT & ITES companies.
  12. 12. Jaypee Sports City  Spread over 2,500 acres adjoining Yamuna Expressway, Jaypee Sports City is India’s first self-contained sports city & JSC will be first of its kind in India. Apart from International level Cricket Stadium, Motor Race Circuit, Go- Carting Circuit and Golf Course, JSC will house variety of residential developments plots, bungalows, villas, flats and penthouse, etc, institutional developments ,offices, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, etc and commercial zones markets, shopping malls.
  13. 13. Cricket Stadium  Currently under construction, Cricket Stadium at Jaypee Sports City in Yamuna Expressway City, will be the second international cricket stadium in Uttar Pradesh, other being Green Park cricket stadium in Kanpur. Designed to seat 100,000 spectators, first phase will house 40,000 seats.
  14. 14. Formula-1 / Motorsport Circuit  The motor sport race track at Jaypee Sports City in Sector 25, Yamuna Expressway City is India’s first and only Formula-1 race track. Spread over 875 acres, the race track is 5.137 km (3.191 miles)long & designed by Hermann Like (famous international motor sports track designer).
  15. 15. Krishna Prop Info Pvt. Ltd 507, 5th Floor Wave Silver Tower, Sector-18, Noida U.P.- 201301 (O) +91- 120- 4332219,4152219 (M):+91-9811 741 277 www.projectsonyamunaexpressway.com