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Publishing Technology Online Forum - Repositioning Scholarly Publishing

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Amanda Briggs from new scholarly publisher GSE Research explains why the existing scholarly publishing model is ripe for change

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Publishing Technology Online Forum - Repositioning Scholarly Publishing

  1. 1. GSE Research Limited www.gseresearch.com
  2. 2. Repositioning Scholarly Publishing Amanda Briggs Director www.gseresearch.com
  3. 3. Symbiosis of publishing & research• Co-evolution of scholarly publishing and academic research (particularly in science) during the Enlightenment• Knowledge advanced by dissemination• Markets grew for printed material• Costs and prices fell as publishing grew• By the 21stC questions about symbiosis vs parasitism www.gseresearch.com
  4. 4. The role of scholarly publishing today• Presentation and aggregation of scholarly materials• Dissemination of research and of ideas• Stimulation of new research and experimentation• Measurement of ‘impact’ - whatever that means• Implementation of peer review processes www.gseresearch.com
  5. 5. From the Web to the App • CDRoms and online databases • Multimedia • Search engines • Discussion fora • Blogs • Content streaming • Social media • Micro-blogging • Semantic web • Smartphones and tablets • E-books • BBM www.gseresearch.com
  6. 6. Everyone can be famous for 15 minutes• In the wired world, everyone can communicate with everyone else, individually or as a group• We can start revolutions or riots; we can expose corruption or ourselves; we can inspire followers or folly• In a world where we can all be authors, who needs publishers?... And what do we need them for? www.gseresearch.com
  7. 7. What should the role of publishing be going forwards?• The goal of research should be to make a difference, not produce a paper!• Publication as the start of a conversation, not the endpoint of a process• Publisher as hub rather than gatekeeper; enabler rather than excluder www.gseresearch.com
  8. 8. The GSE approach• Inclusive and empowering to researchers, especially those who are traditionally less well represented in scholarly publications• Give authors choices: – Access type – Review process – Membership of the GSE Research Exchange – Support for good causes via the Social Enterprise Fund www.gseresearch.com
  9. 9. A lesson from 20th century physics... ... Created by conversation as much as by publication www.gseresearch.com
  10. 10. GSE: enabling academic dialogue in the 21st century• The GSE platform has been developed in partnership with Publishing Technology to encourage and support these conversations and to bring the act of publication into the centre of the research process, rather than being the endpoint of it – By encouraging researchers to publish work-in- progress, blog posts, etc. – Through the post-publication review facilities – By inviting researchers to join the Research Exchange, a social network to foster discussion, collaboration and mutual encouragement www.gseresearch.com
  11. 11. Knowledge is like love, not like cake – it gets bigger as it gets shared! www.gseresearch.com
  12. 12. A final thought... “When the fear of not making a difference outweighs the fear of making a mistake....thats when you can succeed” Frank Gehry, October 2002amanda.briggs@gseresearch.com www.gseresearch.com