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Popular Community Led Seniors’ Events at Randwick City Library

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Presented at Seniors in Focus, State Library of NSW 17 November 2018

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Popular Community Led Seniors’ Events at Randwick City Library

  1. 1. Popular Community Led Seniors’ Events Presented by Magnolia Szabo and Jodie Sheather Randwick City Library
  2. 2. Current Ongoing Programs  Mah Jong  Create Art class  Knit-in  Next Chapter Art  Writing for pleasure  Create art class  Tai Chi  Bridge club  Chess club  Seaside singers  Table Tennis Most programs run weekly in addition to technology training, one-off and term based events.
  3. 3. Improved Attendance  Approximately doubled from 2014/2015  Overall attendance (includes technology training, one-off and term based events)
  4. 4. Aims and Objectives • To foster social inclusion as well as lifelong learning, which is one of our library core objectives, building on our Council’s vision of “a sense of community”. • Being able to support a broad range of activities without sacrificing staff time and effort to maximize resources and reduce costs. Seniors Programs Learning Social Digital Movement
  5. 5. Method • Environmental Scanning • Proactive Volunteers • Right people, right programs • Flexibility- can initiate programs quickly • Cost assessment • Program development
  6. 6. Community Stars • Volunteer and community to take charge • Monitor and support • Recognition and reward • In it for the right reasons
  7. 7. Outcomes • Increased number and variety of different events. • Increased flexibility and ability to run new events. • Great outcomes and results such as publications and exhibitions like “Stories from the Street”. • We have a more relaxed and inclusive feel • Reduced staff involvement. • Outcomes are dependent on community members and volunteers.
  8. 8. Conclusion • Increased community engagement with the library. • Increased attendance, positive feedback and suggestions. • Increased social inclusion and lifelong learning. • Staff attendance at programs is reduced, which has freed up time for other duties and time to instigate new programs and activities. • We have an increased range of events that are proving very popular with our community.
  9. 9. Thank You for Listening