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Recruiting and Engaging Psychologists to the APS Wikipedia Initiative

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Robert E. Kraut, Carnegie Mellon University, and Rosta Farzan, Carnegie Mellon University

In collaboration with the APS, we have been developing processes and tools to engage members of the association and their students to improve representation of psychology articles on Wikipedia. We will describe and demo tools we have developed, report on the result of the APS-Wikipedia Initiative and the lessons we have learned.

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Recruiting and Engaging Psychologists to the APS Wikipedia Initiative

  1. 1. Eight Months of APS Wikipedia InitiativeRosta Farzan & Robert KrautHuman Computer Interaction InstituteCarnegie Mellon University
  2. 2. Outline  History of the APS Wikipedia Initiative  Evidence that the Initiative has been successful – Got psychologists & students involved – Improved many psychology articles  Some problems  Some solutions 2
  3. 3. Wikipedia is the number one source forgeneral public Google search for most psychological concepts returns the link to Wikipedia article within the first few results 3
  4. 4. Google searches 4
  5. 5. Yet many Wikipedia articles on psychologywere impoverished or out of date t ub ent A S ont oc ly n ir t ual rds •V wo ences • 350 ef er •N or 5
  6. 6. APS call to fix the problem 6
  7. 7. APSWI initiative participation has beengrowing ~12% per month 1,438 psychologists and their students have joined and contributed to 1,284 (~18%) of psychology articles in Wikipedia 7
  8. 8. w • Ne i o l b heory • Originao i th t s w from i e th b pag ated 7 e wi theory ag ith • 2 ar 2•1 p w s ep ions: 69 ixed s: 7 ct ,6 m n • Se ds: 5 •S ectio 831 or s: 1 5 : ords 0 •W e ag nce s: s : 3 18 •W • Im e s: re k •I mag nces: 5 •R efe nal lin • Ref ere s: 7 ter na l link • Ex 8 •E xter
  9. 9. How to evaluate success  Comparison of initiative members vs. others who are editing psychology articles  Comparison of psychology articles vs. other scientific disciplines 9
  10. 10. Initiative editors work harder  2,066 new non-initiative editors since Sep 1, 2011 edited psychology articles  720 initiative editors – Add more content – Add better content (i.e. longer lived) APSWI editors Non-APSWI editors Words per editor 395 296 % high quality contributions 73.8% 60.3% 10
  11. 11. APSWI newcomers did high qualitywork  In 74% of articles, over 50% of work survived  Better survival than edits in Wikiproject: Psychology, Sociology or Neuroscience 11
  12. 12. 35 faculty engaged their classes inwriting Wikipedia articles  35 classes with 676 students joined the initiative in Fall 2011 and Spring 2012  Students edited 601 articles adding 173,185 words  Edits are as good as non-classroom participation 12
  13. 13. Students found Wikipedia assignmenteffective in their learning Topic of the article they edited Norms and culture of Wikipedia community Technical aspects of Wikipedia Motivational benefits come from authentic writing experiences seen by thousands 13
  14. 14. Initiative has been successfulon many measuresStill lots of challenges 14
  15. 15. Wikipedia editing can be hard Need to learn – Domain Technology – Culture Students received the most feedback from their professor, and less from other students or Wikipedia community 15
  16. 16. Feedback from other Wikipedians canbe helpful But established Wikipedia editors can be hostile 16
  17. 17. Reverting contentI have been working on my project over vacation and I tried to put up all ofmy edits on the wikipedia website. I have been trying to get the website towork for over three hours and I asked a friend who is good with computersto help me. Neither one of us can make the project work. When we gointo the history it shows that everything I am trying to post is gettingreverted or removed by other people. I do not know what to do. If youcan please email me back so I know what to do. Thank you for your help.When I try to post my edits to the wikipedia page they dont go on atall it just tells me that it is rejected. I also am unable to enter myreferences. Nothing will work for me. I followed the step by step directionson how to edit that you sent us the link for and it still wont work. Thank youfor your understanding. I have been working really hard on this project andI dont want my difficulties with Wikipedia to affect my grade. If you haveany other suggestions please let me know. Thank you. 17
  18. 18. Email: Deleted articles and urgent request for help… a user has flagged an article for deletion of one ofmy students, without much specific content about thereasons for deletion, but more of vague and generalrants about her “bitterness”, “frustration”, and“annoyance”. She has gone on to make personalattacks on me and to make broad and overlynegative comments about the students’ work. Mystudents are understandably upset by this, and I feelbad about exposing them to this kind of thing. … 18
  19. 19. Nasty or unhelpful feedback• Harassed students about • General notability guidelines • Using primary (i.e. peer-reviewed) sources 19
  20. 20. SolutionsStudents mentoring each otherWikipedia Ambassador program, but no theytypically don’t have domain expertiseWe invited 14 students from Fall 2011 whopresented high level of success to mentor students inSpring 2012 classes6 students agreed to participate and activelyparticipated 20
  21. 21. Mentors and students communications Hi Alyssa, I am having some troubles uploading pictures to my wikipedia page or even my sandbox. Any tips? Thanks for your help, MoriahHi Moriah, Here is the Wikipedia page on uploading:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Uploading_images It looks like you weresuccessful in uploading a few images to your sandbox. Are you still havingtrouble? Also, please remember to use only images that are fair use or freelicense. 21
  22. 22. APSWI Portal Support psychologists to find psychology articles in need of work Support faculty who use Wikipedia in classroom Support students by providing tutorials and information about activities of their classmatesStop by our Wikipedia booth (102) to learn moreDemo sessions:Friday: 12:00-12:30 and 4:00-4:30Saturday: 1:00-1:30 and 4:00-4:30 22