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Microsoft case study

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By Bikumalla Prudhvi Raj , under the supervision of Prof.Sameer Mathur

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Microsoft case study

  2. 2.  Introduction  How it all Started  History And Development  Vision And Mission  SWOT Analysis  Porters Five Force Analysis.  Capabilities And Core Competencies  Corporate And Business Level Strategy  Percentage of people Using Windows  Conclusion CONTENTS
  3. 3.  It is an American Multi-National Technology Company and it has a Brand value of nearly $61.2 Billion.  Headquartered at Redmond , Washington.  Best Software Products are Windows Line of Operating Systems.  Its flagship hardware products are the Xbox Video Game Consoles and the Microsoft Surface tablet line up. INTRODUCTION
  4. 4. This beautiful Gift was first initiated by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. MAIN MOTTO :A computer on every desk and at every home HOW IT ALL STARTED
  5. 5. HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT 1975 :Initiation. 1980 :Developed DOS for IBM Computers. 1986 :Went into public and had tremendous growth later on. 1990 :Launched Windows 3.0.(with file and program manager). 1998 :Launched Windows 98 with a slogan “Where do you want to go Today?” 2000 :Windows 2000 followed by Windows XP and Xbox in 2001. 2007 :Vista Operating System. 2009 :Windows 7 and in 2011 it entered into Mobile Industry. 2012 :Windows 8. 2015 : Came up with Windows 10.
  6. 6. All Major Products Launched by Microsoft ALL PRODUCTS OF MICROSOFT
  7. 7. Microsoft’s Vision Statement Microsoft Corporation’s vision statement is “to help individuals and businesses realize their full potential.” Microsoft’s Mission Statement Microsoft Corporation’s mission statement is “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” VISION AND MISSION
  8. 8. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths :1) Market leader in Client operating system. 2)Large Clientele. 3)Stable Profits. Weaknesses :1)Windows 8 Negative User Response. 2)Lack of mobile market share. 3)Customer dissatisfaction for mobiles. Opportunities : 1)Nokia Accusation 2)Expanding Mobile Device Market 3)Promotion of Sky drive for storage. Threats : 1)Google Drive and other MS office competitors 2)Threat of Linux and Mac OS.
  10. 10.  Tangible Resources  Intangible Resources  Human Resources CAPABILITIES AND CORE COMPETENCIES
  11. 11.  Cash Reserves : Approximately $90.2 Billion in cash reserves.  Operating Revenue : Approximately $93.58 Billion.  Ranks #25 in the Fortune 500 list.  Cash , Cash Equivalents , short term investments is about $ 113.240 Billions .  Total Assets of $193.694 Billions. TANGIBLE RESOURCES
  13. 13.  Technology Based : $5.97 Billions  Marketing related : $ 1.869 Billions  Gross Carrying Amount : $9.1 Billions  Net Carrying Amount : $3.73 Billions  Intangible Assets and Goodwill : $21.605 Billions INTANGIBLE RESOURCES
  14. 14.  Microsoft's success is based on the effectiveness of their employees.  Attract and Retain the best talent in the Information Technology Business  Educated , Dedicated and committed employees. HUMAN RESOURCES
  15. 15.  Financial Control.  Capacity for Decision Making.  Continuous Improvements .  Brand Management .  Engineering and technical know-how.  Research Capability.  Ability to identify and respond to market trends and adapts. CAPABILITIES
  16. 16.  Longstanding commitment and leadership in developing innovative accessibility solutions.  Making the computer easier to see, hear, and use by building accessibility into Microsoft products and services.  Promoting innovation of accessibility in the development community and working with industry organizations to encourage innovation.  accessibility in meeting the technology needs of people with disabilities. STRATEGIES
  18. 18. WORLD WIDE PRESENCE OF MICROSOFT Microsoft Tops 2015 Enterprises ListWindows is still used over 70 % population
  19. 19.  It has adopted “Performance Culture Model” as best approach.  Growth Pyramid Of Microsoft.  Microsoft had helped a lot of People in many ways by introducing Products useful to mankind.  I made this presentation Using Microsoft Power Point. CONCLUSION
  20. 20. 1. Evaluate Microsoft’s product and marketing evolution over the years. What has the company done well, and where did it falter? Ans ) Good Times : 1) Microsoft launched the DOS operating system for IBM computers in early 1980’s. 2) went public in 1986 and launched Window 3.0 3) In the 1998, the new slogan Microsoft made helped promote its brand 4) During the mid-1990s, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer to compete Netscape, which Microsoft become the winner of “browser wars”. Falter Times: 1)In mid 1990’s, Microsoft faced antitrust charges and lawsuits because of its marketing method. 2) During the next few years, Microsoft didn’t release new operating system when the customers need it. On the contrary, Mac seized the opportunity to make a successful marketing campaign that gained lot of customers. QUESTIONS ON CASE STUDY
  21. 21. 2) Evaluate Microsoft’s recent expansions into areas such as search engines and smart phones. Do you think these are good areas of growth for Microsoft? Why or why not? Ans) 1) Nowadays, with the technology development and the popular with smartphone, the decision to expand into search engines and smartphones should be very sensible. 2) The new improvement of Windows 8, Windows 8 phone, and Surface Tablet impressed consumers with a detachable keyboard. 3) This not only connects with the development of smartphone, but also keeps communication with its consumers, which is the right way to keep activity in the market.
  22. 22. DISCLAIMER Created by Bikumalla . Prudhvi Raj ,NIT GOA during a Marketing Internship ,by Prof . Sameer Mathur ,IIM Lucknow.