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Nickolay Ivanov (Pavilion Studio): Motion Graphics

for Burgas Dribbble Meetup

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Nickolay Ivanov (Pavilion Studio): Motion Graphics

  1. 1. Speaker: Nikolay Ivanov MOTION GRAPHICSMOTION GRAPHICS What is this and why you should use it.
  2. 2. History of motion graphics 1800’s Motion graphics are digital footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. There have been presentations that could be classified as motion graphics as early as the 1800s. 1960 One of the first uses of the term "motion graphics" was by animator John Whitney, who in 1960 founded a company called Motion Graphics Inc. Later Motion graphics have been used for generating title sequences for movies. Now Motion graphics are used in many ways. You can literally find them everywhere arround you.
  3. 3. what is motion graphics Motion graphics is an animation technique that uses a variety of images, letters, objects, video and sound to tell a story. Usually it is used to present an idea, or promote a product. Their big success comes from the thing, that they are really easy to understand. Nowadays motion graphics is used in many areas of our lifes. You can find them in your mobile phone, in many websites, outdoor video advertisements, TV, internet and so, and so. Design and motion graphics goes together. Usually there is the design first and later the animator makes the moving images to give life to the illustrations. This could be work for one person, or a team-work. There are endless types of motion graphics visual styles. They can be simple ones using less images, and text, or more complicated that comibines backgrounds, characters, props and much more. Motion graphics can be made entirely on a computer, or they can be a mix from digital animated and classical animated parts. For ex- ample you can mix digital, stop-motion, cut outs, and 2D hand-drawn animation in a project, which is more complicated and more expensive, but usually with bigger impact if made well.
  4. 4. What software to use? RASTER IMAGE CREATOR vector image creator magic creator There are many softwares with which you can create motion graphics, but the most used are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Ef- fects. Usually the mix of all three is more than enough to make a stunning piece. Adobe Photoshop gives you the freedom to work in the classic way of drawing. You can make hand-drawn-like images, which later can be animated in After Effects. Using Adobe Illustrator is more common than PS, because it’s vector based software, which means tha once you draw your images, you can always scale them as much as you want, and the quality will remaint best. Aswell you can always draw by hand, or use some oldschool technique to make your film stand out from the crowd. With Cinema 4D you can make 3D motion graphics. Files from Cinema 4D are also supported in After Effects CC, so you can always combine them for the best result. Cinema 4d / 3d animation
  5. 5. How to begin ? You can start with the basics. Move some simple shapes, play with scale, position, and so. Try to make a circle jump, fall, bounce and whatever comes to your mind. Watch tutorials. Lots of tutorials. More tutorials. Experiment. A lot. Never stop learning. Practice in your free time.
  6. 6. Who to follow ? FREELANCERS STUDIOS www.antfood.com www.plenty.tv www.mummu.co.uk/ http://animade.tv/ http://brikk.se/ www.estudioronda.com.ar http://bito.tv/ wonderlustmedia.ca behance.net/danrodrigues beegrandinetti.com emanuelecolombo.it dribbble.com/rbvisuals Nasibah.co eyedesyn.com markusmagnusson.tv cargocollective.com/cindysuen
  7. 7. USeful links http://motionographer.com/ http://www.schoolofmotion.com/ http://www.motionserved.com/ http://motiongraphics.nu/
  8. 8. Questions time. ?
  9. 9. THANK YOU! ;)