11 tips to improve employee engagement

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25. Oct 2017

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11 tips to improve employee engagement

  1. Arrange a meet-up, make everyone sit down and discuss your short and long-term goals. Discuss how you’re going to hit them and dictate who does what work. 1. Collaborate & Work Together
  2. Create the environment that sparks well-being among employees that reflects the positive culture of company. Discomfort the environment, disengaged the employees. 2. Create Unique Office Environment
  3. Ask employees to give voice to their thoughts, to contribute towards work culture. This will improve their performance and make them better leader. This can help them gain more respect among collegues. 3. Encourage Employees To Speak Up
  4. Arrange a good snack stash, play games and pranks. Plan group activities for fun. Plan small trip or tour with your team that give them break from work & boosting their energy. 4. Arrange Timely Fun Events
  5. It's good to weigh up the time and efforts of employee, to appreciate their hardwork and skills by awarding them. Winning such awards open doors to new motivation and chaleenges in employees. 5. Hold An Award Night
  6. Make employees emotionally involve by giving them visibility they desire & deserve. Give them the opportunity to lead company meetings and provide them with the right to make final decision. 6. Give Employees Visibility
  7. Be social and keep employee more positive in every aspect. Make the deposits of laughter, fun, hope and generosity. This will help them to be more vulnerable towards their work and culture. 7. Foster Friendship
  9. Effective communication and feedback about performance are critical to the success of every employee. At core, an ongoing dialogue between employee and mangers, provides employees with the opportunity to assess their own performance, as how they do and what they do. 8. Regular feedback and dialogue with superiors
  10. More connected the workspace, more is the level of engagement, productivity & retention. Share with employees commonalities to work on something greater than their own contribution, which may result in greater innovation. 9. Encourage Innovation
  11. Provide employee with additional benefits and incentives, time to time, by recognizing them across different departments and levels of responsibility for achieving a variety of work- related goals. 10. Incentives & Benefits
  12. Ensure trust among employee and provide them with opportunity to work from home. Define policies and to-do list of task and make them clear to hold themselves accountable for anything not done properly. 11. Offer The Opportunity To Work Remotely