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Example Call Center Work/Information Flow Diagram

There are bound to be times when your customer support team encounters a problem dealing with customers. You have no control over what customers say or do, but you do have control over how team members respond to questions or complaints in an efficient and productive way. With a combination of competent team members, well-written scripts and the right technology, your business can attract and retain happy and loyal customers.

Process maps (flowcharts) are one tool companies use to ensure team members know how to address customer support questions, escalate issues, and route calls. In this presentation, we begin with a process map given to employees working in a call center to screen job candidates. If you enjoy working with flowcharts, you’ll love this method to investigate your own customer service model. More process map templates are available for download at www.eqbsystems.com/shop. Thanks for watching!

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Example Call Center Work/Information Flow Diagram

  1. 1. Free call center job screening process flowchart included Essential Components for a Successful Customer Support System 4
  2. 2. Happy customers are the Lifeline of your small business. Is your call center Ready?
  3. 3. FACT Dissatisfied customers are rarely quiet. The quality and level of support your customers receive from you before, during or after a transaction can make or break your business. Having a solid customer service & support system can prevent disputes or ensure a quick, amicable solution. This is why the flow of information in your call center is critical.
  4. 4. What does poor customer service or support look like? 1but first www.eqbsystems.com
  5. 5.  No follow-up with customers at all or within the time frame promised  Rude, curt and/or disrespectful tones  Not honoring terms and conditions of purchase  Refusing to escalate an issue to a manager or supervisor  Abruptly ending a call You just need a better system www.eqbsystems.com
  6. 6. A Better Customer Support System Has These FOUR Things in Place A better customer support system has these four things in place
  7. 7. 1. Competent Customer Team 2. Well-Crafted Scripts 3. Supportive Technology 4. Reliable Processes CustomerSupportSystem www.eqbsystems.com
  8. 8. Login to Avaya Phone System with password Ask any Unanswered Mininum Requirement Questions Retrieve Appropriate Script (from My Work) based on Position Applied For Verify Candidate’s Name, Position Applied For & Location Validate Candidate by Confirmation Number (Social Security Number for POM) Accept Call in RSA System Press the “Auto In” button on phone to begin making & accepting calls Check break & lunch schedule for the day in Impact 360 System EXAMPLE CALL CENTER WORKFLOW DIAGRAM FOR SCREENING JOB CANDIDATES All answers = yes One or more answers = no Thank Candidate for time and End Call © 2011-2015 Alicia Butler Pierre for Equilibria, Inc. Ask Structured & Probe Questions Type Candidate’s Responses to Questions in the Notes Section of Screen Recommend Highly Recommend Do Not Recommend Recommendation, Score & Phone Screen Status Close-Out & Notetaking Greeting / Intro Minimum Requirement Questions Detailed / Structured Questions Stage 2 Login to Computer and Open My Work RSA applications Arrival & Login Stage 5 Stage 4 Stage 3 Stage 1 Scan badge at Front Security Desk Clock-in on TimeCard Log-Out Stage 6 Stage 7 POM Super Queue Screen Pop Check Database for Candidates to call Outbound Call Inbound Call Introduce Yourself Leave Message if Candidate Not Available Provide Introductory Info About ABC Company Check the Contact Screen Notes section to determine if a previous Analyst recorded notes Provide Additional Info to Candidate based on Store Manager’s notes (i.e. Bilingual, Schedule) Determine if Any Minimum Requirement Questions Have Been Asked Review Typed Responses and Correct any Typos Verify Candidate’s Email Address Is a Hiring Event involved? Type Score (if applicable) and Recommendation Status Transfer Candidate to the Interviewing Queue Update as “Phone Screen Completed” & Interview Scheduled” Press the “F5” key Log-Out of Phone at Designated Time Log-Off Impact 360 Close MS Outlook and Instant Messenger Close My Work & RSA applications Log-Off Computer Clock-Out on Time Card Exit Building yes no Can the RSC Schedule Interview? Candidate available to talk Tell Candidate Next Steps Thank Candidate for time and End Call Press “Save” Open MS Outlook & Instant Messenger to check for daily updates Press “Save” Inform Candidate of Transfer & Verify Email Address Update as “Phone Screen Completed” & “Schedule Interview” NO YES Choose Date & Time of Interview and Share with Candidate Proceed When Close to Log-off Time.
  9. 9. If you would like a free one hour phone consultation to discuss how you can implement a better customer support system into your business, click here. View full article Free one hour phone consultation www.eqbsystems.com