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ProductiveMuslim Brand Personality

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What is ProductiveMuslim about?

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ProductiveMuslim Brand Personality

  1. 1. BRAND CONVICTIONwww.pddbsa.com/
  2. 2. OrganizationWhere  do  we  come  from?We  believe  in  the  power  of  productivity  tosolve  the  problems  of  the  Ummah
  3. 3. OrganizationWhat  are  our  ambitions?To  be  a  one-­stop  productivity  resourcefor  the  Ummah
  4. 4. AudienceWho  am  we  for?Muslims,  young  and  old,  with  anintention  to  change  for  the  better
  5. 5. CultureWhere  is  our  world  going?Muslims  are  increasingly  moving  towardsin  a  way  that  is  both  accessible  andapproachable
  6. 6. CultureWhat  is  a  cultural  tension  thatwe  can  resolve?Young  Muslims  are  tired  of  being  losers,they  strongly  desire  to  be  number  one!
  7. 7. CategoryWhat  role  do  we  play  in  the  category?We  offer  holistic  productivity  solutionsfor  Muslims  worldwide.
  8. 8. Values&  PersonalityWhat  are  we  like  as  an  organisation?Hardworking,  Sincere,  Inspiring,  Slick,Institutionally  Driven,  LoathesMediocrity,  Continuously  Learning
  9. 9. What  makes  usremarkableWhat  do  we  want  to  be  known  for?#1  Productivity  Resource  forMuslims  Worldwide
  10. 10. What  is  our  larger  purpose?Help  the  Ummah  become  #1