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How Product Managers Decide What to Build - ProductCamp Silicon Valley

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Presented at ProductCamp Silicon Valley 2015 by Jim Semick, Co-founder, ProductPlan.

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Prioritizing initiatives is difficult when there are too many opportunities to choose from and different stakeholders to satisfy.

In this session we discussed:

- 7 different techniques to prioritize initiatives for your product roadmap.
- How to align strategy with company goals, and then get stakeholder buy-in.

This was the top-voted session at ProductCamp SV 2015


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How Product Managers Decide What to Build - ProductCamp Silicon Valley

  1. 1. How Product Managers Decide What to Build 7 Ways to Prioritize Jim Semick ProductCamp Silicon Valley – March 2015
  2. 2. So many opportunities. How do you decide the right ones for your product roadmap?
  3. 3. Challenges Prioritizing details, not the big picture Priorities not tied to strategic goals Priorities driven by loudest execs Priorities determined by sales prospects Stakeholders question priorities
  4. 4. Before You Start Think high level and categorize Be Strategic (growth, satisfaction, etc.) Group smaller initiatives into themes Bring customer evidence to the table Understand customer value Have rough cost/effort
  5. 5. 7 Prioritization Techniques
  6. 6. Value Versus Complexity Complexity / Effort Business Value High High Low 1 2 ?
  7. 7. Value versus Complexity + Weighted Scoring
  8. 8. Product Function Customer Delight High Fully Implemented Low Absent Kano Model Customer Delight versus Product Function
  9. 9. Buy a Feature 1. List features 2. Assign a price 3. Hand out cash 4. Customers “buy” features
  10. 10. Gap Analysis / Opportunity Analysis
  11. 11. Affinity Grouping Photo credit: Doctordisruption.com
  12. 12. Story Mapping Image credit: AgileBuddha.com
  13. 13. The technique you choose is not as important as… …the conversation about priorities …agreement on the criteria …your product management skills …helping others arrive at the same conclusion based on evidence
  14. 14. Getting Executive Buy-In • Be transparent with execs about your process - involve them • Get agreement up front on framework and goals • Involve multiple stakeholders to get different viewpoints on prioritization
  15. 15. 30 Day Free Trial www.productplan.com @productplan Thank You!