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Presentation by TrigerrO at Zensar #TechShowcase - An iSPIRT ProductNation initiative

Presentation by TrigerrO at Zensar #TechShowcase - An iSPIRT ProductNation initiative. Working mainly in the Rewards & Recognition space and employee engagement via Social. Their tag line is “Recognition is Social”. They provide smart analytics about employee engagement as well as ROI.

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Presentation by TrigerrO at Zensar #TechShowcase - An iSPIRT ProductNation initiative

  1. 1. TriggerO™ - One of the top 15 Innovative & 50 Emerging companies of India per NASSCOM
  2. 2. World’s first single gateway solution to drive 360˚ Social R&R, Employee Engagement & Communication
  3. 3. Culture of Appreciation Reward Rule Engine Peer to Peer Recognition Social Recognition within & outside Online Redemption & Memorabilia Flexibility & Freedom for business Recognition & Rewards Engagement Score
  4. 4. Engagement & Collaboration Create a Collaborative workforce Reduce email – increase productivity Knowledge is just a click away Fun makes friends, release stress Localized Communication & Collaboration
  5. 5. Smart Analytics Measure & Monitor ROI – Business Intelligence Check the pulse via Surveys & Polls Make Employees your Brand Ambassadors Attract Talent - Social Referral Management Employer Branding
  6. 6. Social Intranet Adoption rate 10 times than of Intranet Reasons • Social Framework • Ease of use and virility • User driven engagement • Mobile platform
  7. 7. Recognition beyond Rewards Web | Mobile | LCD Screens Wall of Fame
  8. 8. Configuration Capabilities Integrates with HRIS or ERP Governance through work-flow management Organization Roles & Hierarchy Multi-domain authentication Role based access & permission
  9. 9. Sample implementation 2 All the logo are private and copyright for the respective companies. Used here just for reference purpose.
  10. 10. Recognition Vs Attrition Predictive Intelligence – Case 1
  11. 11. Confidential www.triggero.com 11 Paras Arora, CEO & Co-founder  Responsible for Executive, Business strategy, Operational, Finance & Team building  13 years work experience, B.Tech.  Prior experience with Tata Consultancy Services - Project Management, Software Development Manish Pathak, CMO & Co-founder  Responsible for Marketing, Sales, Business strategies  11 years work experience, MCA  Prior experience with HCL, TCS, CDAC Pankaj Bansal, CTO & Co-founder  Responsible for technical architecture, design & development  12 years work experience, B.Tech  Prior experience with Infogain, Outworkz, Synaps Abhishek Singh, Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder  Responsible for Creative Marketing and Core Creative  11 years of work experience, BFA  Prior experience with Pulsar, Synaps – Creative & Graphics Development Executive Team
  12. 12. Confidential www.triggero.com 12 Vineet Goel, AVP - IT  09 years work experience, B.Tech.  Infosys, Infogain, Ion Trading  Heads Technical Development team Saurabh Bansal, Accounts & Compliance  12 years of finance experience, Chartered Accountant  Independent Consultant Takes care of financial, accounts and legal matters Executive Team
  13. 13. V. K. Jaitly, Director, Corporate Coach  Mentor and assists in Sales and Collaborations  35 years of work experience, B.Tech from IITKGP  CEO C_Cube Consultants; Astrowix – President; STG – President; CISCO – Govt. & Defence Consultant, India & SAARC Region; Founder Dean, Jaypee University of Information Technology; S. Devarajan, CEO Transmation Consulting, former CISCO Dev was the Managing Director of Cisco Systems in Bangalore, India till June ‘07. An industry veteran with nearly 30 years of experience in the IT sector, Dev managed Cisco’s largest R&D Centre established outside USA. Prior to joining Cisco, Dev was the Managing Director of Tata Elxsi. He was one of the youngest Directors in the Tata Board. Pradeep Mukerjee, CEO, Mercer India Pradeep has over 28 years of experience in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development in various multi-national and Indian organizations spanning information technology, finance and manufacturing industries. Since Apr2007, he has been consulting in the area of organizational and leadership alignment & effectiveness. Confidential www.triggero.com 13 Board of Advisors
  14. 14. R. K. Caprihan, CEO New Tech Venture, Former Joint MD Samsung Raj Caprihan has held leadership position in various enterprises. He was Deputy Managing Director and the founding member of Samsung in India and later joined as Director Marketing at LML Limited Pravin Rajpal, Innovation Coach Pravin Rajpal is innovation coach to some of world's most innovative companies like Nokia, Samsung, JCB, Alcatel Lucent, H.P.C.L, Bajaj Auto, LUCAS TVS, Aditya Birla Group etc. He is the author of two best selling books – ‘5 Thinkings to Win' and ‘Achieving Business Excellence' Vivek Mungali, Director at EWMconsulting inc. Based out at San Francisco, Vivek is an entrepreneur & SAP -EWM consultant with over twelve years of hands on SAP project implementation experience. Have been a part of over seven full life cycle multi year global SAP enterprise transformation projects. Confidential www.triggero.com 14 Board of Advisors
  15. 15. TriggerO empowers the leaders to drive cultural change & reinforce desired behavior in the organization … thereby creating a performance driven, learning organization TriggerO – CEO’s perspective
  16. 16.  boost motivation  fun & joy @work  social feedback  increase productivity  measure engagement  Drive 360° engagement  Manage recognition and rewards  decentralized, instant, effective and intuitive  flexible, targeted and measurable R&R programs  Employer branding  social branding through your real ‘Brand Ambassadors’ – Employees!  leverage social media to increase ‘Brand Connect’ at NO COST! TriggerO – CHRO’s perspective
  17. 17. TriggerO provides flexibility and local control Business managers can control local  Functional rewards  Engagement  Communication  Collaboration TriggerO – Bus. Mgr’s perspective
  18. 18. TriggerO is secured and self managed Secured servers SSL certified SLA driven TriggerO is available on the Cloud as well as an application for your Secured Server! Cloud application No operational overheads Fast deployment (less than 30 minutes) TriggerO – CIO’s perspective
  19. 19.  Predictive Intelligence helps understanding real impact on productivity, attrition, bottom-line and hence ROI Rich Analytics allows you to gauge the effect of engagement on desired parameters in the organization. Analyze the trend and identify the intervention points. TriggerO – CFO’s perspective
  20. 20.  Appreciate  Engage  Collaborate  Innovate  Communicate  Get Rewarded Web access Mobile apps Social apps Easy Access  Perform  Share  Learn  Showcase  Participate  Redeem TriggerO – Employee’s perspective
  21. 21. Thanks for your time Engage with usParas Arora | +91 9810832252 Call us for FREE Demonstration Business Success Partner | TriggerO http://www. triggero.com | paras@triggero.com