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Presentation by Teritree Technologies at Zensar TechShowcase - An iSPIRT ProductNation initiative

Presentation by Teritree Technologies at Zensar TechShowcase - An iSPIRT ProductNation initiative. Powering social commerce.

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Presentation by Teritree Technologies at Zensar TechShowcase - An iSPIRT ProductNation initiative

  1. 1. 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 1 TeritreeTechnologies Powering social commerce Powered by 1 www.teritree.com Presentation to ZensarTechnologies
  2. 2. Businesses (Need) Consumers (Need) Help eCommerce : More Conversions and Stickiness 07/07/13 PoweringSocialCommerce 2 Source: clueblocks Low Sales Conversions from the consumer traffic ( ~ 2% ) High Cost of Acquisition goes as high as $50 per consumer Internet Business Looking For Elusive Sales Conversions Consumers Look For HelpTo Make A Purchase Decision 90% of online consumers trust recommendations by people they know and 70% trust those of people they don’t know, only a miserable 14% trust advertising and a paltry 8% trust celebrity endorsements Bazaarvoice.com Discovery Conversations Sharing
  3. 3. Social Commerce Commerce driven by social circles 12/09/13 PoweringSocialCommerce 3 90% of all purchases are subject to social influence wiredmagazine(UK) 67% Spend more online after recommendations Bazaarvoice.com $30 billion Predicted revenues for social commerce market in 2015 BoozandCompany 90% Of consumers trust recommendations from people they know TheNielsoncompany BoozandCompany Social Commerce is a method of shopping where shoppers friends become involved in the shopping experience. It generates brand stickiness, conversations and transactions
  4. 4. Understanding Social Commerce making social part of your business 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 4 Social Login Social Connect Social Share This is not Social Commerce Facebook Store Pinterest Store E-Commerce with Social experiences
  5. 5. The In10do Platform Powering social experiences 12/09/13 in10do: EnablingSocialshopping 5 Personalized Experiences Social Experiences Social Commerce Platform Increase sales conversions on site Repeat visit back to site •  Engagement through widgets •  Expedite purchase decisions •  Behavior based Targeting and Retargeting •  Social identity analytics for campaigns Create Brand Loyalty •  Personalized experiences •  Referral marketing
  6. 6. IN10DOTM Platform Connecting dots of consumer behavior 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 6 Clicks Search Buy Cart Share Consumer Clicks Search Buy Cart Share Friends Price Brand Attrb. Category Offer Products IN10DO Behavior Relationship Behavioral Analytics Shopping Graph Relationship Insights Social Experiences Machine Learning JSWidgets REST APIs Notifications Dash Board Campaign Mgmt. Onsite shopping behavior graph Social Network Data Friends Data Friends locations, activities on site Brand Loyalty people who are fans of FB page/ who are fans of competitors Friends Checkins ColleaguesPosts Social Network information Location , Gender, Age, Tagged Locations, Likes
  7. 7. IN10DOTM Platform Built for scale and easy integration 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 7 Shopping Behavior Graph Connecting People with Interests , Products, Brands and Location to personalize the experience Consumer Behavior Analytics Insights on the consumer behavior and Data on Influencers, Maximizers on the network to offer cash back and rewards Enterprise grade software, built using latest technologies Fully managed software platform on the cloud Performance based business result tracking Plug and Play Easy to integrate with just few scripts to be included Designed for scaleCore capabilities
  8. 8. Sales approach and Revenue Model Result based and Pay per use 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 8 Explore Social commerce Achieve Business goals Transformation Plug and Play Customized Solution Consulting Led •  Cloud based solution •  DIY website with step by step integration guide •  Performance based revenue share •  Monthly fixed access charge •  % commission on sales generated •  Cloud based solution •  Signup on website for basic behavior capture •  Integration of customized features •  Performance based revenue •  Monthly fixed access charge •  % commission on generated sales or leads •  Cloud based solution •  Consulting on the social commerce transformation and business goals defined •  Performance based revenue share •  Annual Product License •  Bonus on achievement of business goals
  9. 9. COMPANY Small steps backed by previous experiences 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 9
  10. 10. IntroducingTeritreeTechnologies Pvt. Ltd. Enabling Social commerce 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 10 Our vision is to become the best technology  pla-orm  to   predict  consumer  online  social  behavior     Registered as Private Limited Company, April 2012 Our mission is to bring social commerce in to main stream business Our philosophy is to generate value for business and consumers though rich conversations, smart transactions and deep engagement
  11. 11. Team with rich execution credentials Experienced in handling global product business 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 11 Founders with a collective experience of over 60 years in Sales, Product Management and R&D with global business exposure in top MNC’s like Siemens, Lucent, Nortel, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nokia Dr. Deependra Moitra Chairman Mary Mani President Ravikiran Annaswamy CEO SriramV CTO Education from UT Dallas, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore Sales and Finance General Management Consulting and Product management Technology and DevelopmentAdvisor and Mentor
  12. 12. Company progress so far 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 12 http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2012-12-15/news/35836590_1_suchi-mukherjee-limeroad-buynbrag Online Shopping ExpandsTo IncludeThe "Social" In Social Media Shortlisted for final pitch sessions Lalit Ahuja - Mentor Previously Chairman and President ofTarget Corporation India CEO of News Corp’s venture capital fund CEO of Datamatics Ltd and LG Group’s software Shortlisted forTechshowcase Part of global accelerator
  13. 13. Our vision for future 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 13 Cross domain social experiences Indian product for global markets Experts in predictive consumer’s social and online behavior Teritree will power through Social experiences on web and mobile will be ubiquitous
  14. 14. 07/07/13 MonetizeSocialExperiences 14 Thanks Contact: In10Do@Teritree.com +91 9900238926