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LESSON PLAN Basic sentence pattern


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LESSON PLAN Basic sentence pattern

  1. 1. I. OBJECTIVES: At the endof the lesson,the studentsare expectedto: a. Identify the basic sentence pattern b. Differentiate the basic sentence pattern from one another by discussing with peers c. Write meaningful sentences using the basic sentence pattern II. SUBJECT MATTER LEARNING DOMAIN: Grammar Awarenessand Structure Language Focus: Basic Sentence Pattern Materials:coloredpaper,LCD Projector,Laptop REFERENCE: webapps.towson.edu/ows/sentpatt.htm III. PROCEDURE A. Before the Lesson a. Review/ Drill 1. The teacherasksabout the previouslesson 2. Studentswrite onthe board wordstheycan recall fromthe lesson 3. Checkingof assignmentfollowsthe review b. Elicitation/Presentation Learning task 1 The teacherwill presentanddistribute stripsof coloredpaperwithwordsor phrases writtenonit.The studentshave toarrange wordsor phrasesaccordinglytoform a sentence. The leaderpresentstheiranswerinthe class. Question: 1. How didyou arrive withyouranswers? 2. What will happenif the wordsare arrangedin a differentpattern? 3. Do youthinkfollowingadefinite structure isimportant?Why? B. During the Lesson HighlightingofForm Keepthis in Mind! 1. The teacherpresentsthe basicsentence patternthroughan interactive discussion. 2. The teacherletthe studentsanalyse whatpatterntheyusedin arrangingthe words or phrasesthat isusedinmotivation. ControlledPractice Studentsanswerworksheetsaboutthe basicsentence pattern. Learning Task 3 Identifythe patternusedinthe sentencesgiven. Learning Task 4 Arrange the words or phrases according to the pattern given C. After the Lesson Reinforcement The studentswill create theirown sentencesusingthe picture flashonthe LCD projectorand identifythe sentence patternby underliningthe wordsandlabel it. Generalization Studentssynthesize the lessonbygivingthe rulesinformingeachbasicsentence pattern. Valuesformation: How isfollowingcorrectstructure similarto our society? Explainitssignificance toyou. IV. Assignment 1. Write five sentencesaboutthe personyou treasuredthe most.Identifythe patternyou usedinyour sentences.Make sure touse the differentpatternsyoulearned. 2. What are the differentkindsof noun? Define eachandgive 5 examplesof eachkind.