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State of Customer Experience (CX) 2016 infographic

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Customer Experience (CX) clarifies what customers run into during all phases of working with a vendor. Using this solution, vendors discover areas of pain and excellence that customers encounter with them. This infographic contains insights from the 2016 State of Customer Experience research. For more information about the report, visit https://www.primary-intel.com/industry-insights/

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State of Customer Experience (CX) 2016 infographic

  1. 1. In Primary Intelligence’s annual report on the State of Customer Experience (CX), global CX leaders provide their feedback on how they’re implementing and leveraging Customer Experience programs to increase buyer loyalty and drive long-term revenue growth. CX programs continue to be an essential ingredient for measuring customer loyalty, buyer satisfaction, and long-term customer and revenue retention. http://www.primary-intel.com/product/state-of-customer-experience-2016/ The State of Customer Experience The State of Customer Experience 2016 10 Strategies for Success10 Strategies for Success 1. Utilize bi-directional communication with customers 2. Ensure employees understand the goals of Customer Experience programs 3. Get organizational alignment around CX initiatives 4. Share success stories and best practices 5. Create small wins to build momentum 6. Identify and nurture brand advocates 7. Use metrics to demonstrate Customer Experience ROI 8. Incorporate customer comments, not just metrics 9. Make corporate decisions through the lens of Customer Experience 10. Iterate, and don’t expect perfection Better Intelligence. Better Strategy. Better Win Rate. Industry InsightsPowered by To learn more about the State of Customer Experience 2016 report, visit http://www.primary-intel.com/product/state-of-customer-experience-2016/ © 2016 Primary Intelligence Inc. USAGE OF CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PROGRAMS REMAIN STRONG This is roughly equivalent to the percentage of organizations with CX programs in place in 2015 (81 percent) and highlights the ongoing commitment to collecting customer feedback to improve products, support, and internal processes. 78% CX Program in Place 3% Unsure 19% No CX Program in Place 20% Less than a year old 38% 1-2 years old MORE FIRMS OPTINGTO START CX PROGRAMS As more organizations realize the importance of Customer Experience initiatives, there’s a growing number of firms adopting CX programs. One in five B2B organizations started a new CX program within the past year. Close to 40 percent have had Customer Experience programs in place for two years or less. STRONG BELIEFTHAT CX PROGRAMS HELP RETAIN CUSTOMERS CX managers believe most strongly that Customer Experience programs help improve organizations’ability to retain customers. Of concern is the low confidence in most CX leaders that they have a solid understanding of the overall customer experience of their clients. 9.0 7.7 8.4 8.7 6.7 CX helps us sell additional products / services CX can help me perform more efficiently in my role My organization has a good understanding of the overall customer experience of our clients CX improves an organization's ability to retain customers Our organization should increase its investment in CX 0 = Strongly disagree, 10 = Strongly agree Improved understanding of customer needs 91% Improved customer support/service 69% Improved customer communications 62% IMPROVED UNDERSTANDING OF CUSTOMER NEEDS REMAINSTOP CX BENEFIT Over 90 percent of CX managers believe the most significant benefit from Customer Experience programs is an improved understanding of customer needs. It’s likely that this will continue to be the most important benefit in the coming years since improved understanding of customer needs was also the most important identified benefit in 2015. In both years, an improved understanding of customers was approximately 20 points higher than the #2 benefit. ONGOING CUSTOMER FEEDBACK PREFERRED BY MOST COMPANIES More than three quarters of firms collect customer feedback on an ongoing basis versus quarterly or annual collection. Ongoing feedback is considered a best practice at Primary Intelligence, as is unfiltered feedback from all customers. 78% ongoing CX feedback with all customers B2B FIRMS ORGANIZING DIFFERENTLY TO MEET NEEDS OF CUSTOMERS Eighty percent of all organizations in 2016 have a dedicated Customer Experience team or department. This is a substantial increase from 2015, when 51 percent of organizations reported having a dedicated CX resource to collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback. 2015 2016 51% 80%Dedicated CX resource, team, dept. SPENDING ON CX PROGRAMS EXPECTED TO INCREASE Nearly 60 percent of firms plan to increase spending on CX programs in the next year. Of these, one in five will increase their CX investment by 1-10 percent and an additional 24 percent will increase spending by 11-20 percent. We view these investments as a positive indicator toward ongoing commitment to Customer Experience programs. Plan to increase spending 57% Will not change spending 24% Unsure 10% HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF FIRMS SPENDING $100K-$500K ANNUALLY ON CX PROGRAMS The largest percentage of organizations—approximately one-third—are spending between $100K and $500K annually on their CX initiatives, largely unchanged since 2015. Still, the best performance—in terms of revenue growth, profitability, and a deeper understanding of customers’top challenges and priorities—is seen by firms spending $500K to $1 million annually on CX programs. $100K–$500K 31% $50K–$100K 16% $500K–$1M 7% Best results