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Powercraft Engineers

  1. Who We Are Established in 1972 by Late Shri Sudhakar Sheth, Powercraft Engineers is currently lead under the guidance of Mr. Bipin S Sheth. We are the Authorized Distributors for RAYCHEM, ELPRO, KIRON, KEI in western India having the below product range;  MV Heat Shrink Cable Joints, Terminations  Passive Fire Protection materials (Paints, Mortars etc)  Automation - Wireless Temp Sensors ( WBTMS)  Insulating Material as per IS Standards - Electrical safety Mats  Surge Arresters  GOD Fuses & Isolators  Cable Glands, Lugs  Lightning Arrestors
  2. Who We Are Powercraft Engineer is client centric organization and aim at gaining maximum customer satisfaction all the time. We are part of the reputed well established OEMs in their respective domains. Owing to 48+ years of industry experience supported by our well-knit distribution network & expert team members, we are able to meet the customers expectations all the time. Our Mission We shall work to grow with the growth of its customer, employees and vendors. It shall continuously endeavor to serve customers with quality and genuine products backed with best services that will help build long lasting relationships. Our Vision We aim to be among the top suppliers of electrical and machinery good to the industry providing them with the quality products backed with excellent services that will help build long lasting relationships
  3. WE ARE SPECIALIZED IN Supply Products 1. Passive Fire Protection 2. Wireless Bus bar Temperature Monitor 3. extra high voltage cables 4. low voltage joints 5. pre molded ehv joints 6. ehv outdoor terminations 7. heat shrink medium voltage terminations 8. medium voltage switchgear terminations
  4. Supply Products Passive Fire Protection CABLE COATING : Char Coat Cable Coating is the intumescent Latex Coating for the Fire Rating of Electrical Cables (Circuit Integrity) and to stop flame Spread FIRE RATED MORTAR – UPTO 4 HRS. FIRE RATING : Up to 4 hours with single cable and tray Up to 4 hours E Ratings (Integrity) Up to 4 hours EI Ratings (Integrity & Insulation) 50mm to 100mm thick seals INSULATOR COATINGS : Char Coat IC is the Vulcanized silicone Coating on the market today for the protection of Insulators from pollutants : • Protects from pollutants and contaminating layers • Prevents dry band layers
  5. Supply Products Wireless Bus bar Temperature Monitor Challenges In Industry : Failure in Power distribution system due to Temperature can result in loss of productivity and even fire or explosion Generation of heat is an indication of loss of energy and wastage of power Heat also contributes in shortening life of an equipment Since contact resistance measurement would be dangerous it is necessary to use isolated sensors WBTMS integrates online temperature measurement, data collection, data analysis and control function WBTMS consists of : • Sensors ( Wireless Temperature transmitters – BBS350) • Receiver (Wireless Signal Receiving & Monitoring Unit – BBC969) • Software (Processing, Alarming & Reporting Software – AmpSCADA
  6. Supply Products Extra High Voltage Cables Extra high voltage cable is used widely in power transmission utilities and many other industries involved in water, renewable energy, nuclear and thermal power stations, airports, railways, steel, and other manufacturing industries.
  7. Supply Products LOW Voltage Joints Raychem products offer excellent insulating and sealing performance with heat- shrinkable, gel and resin materials. These proven materials form the basis of straight and branch joints for voltages up to 1kV.
  8. Supply Products Pre Molded EHV Joints The joint is a pre-fabricated one-piece design for voltage classes up to 245 kV. Polymeric insulated cables of various designs can be adapted with respect to shielding and metal sheath. The silicone rubber joint body with integrated geometrical stress control provides proven electrical function. The joint components combine electrical performance, stress control and moisture sealing to provide the important functions required for all High Voltage products.
  9. Supply Products EHV Outdoor Terminations The extra-high voltage outdoor termination (OHVT) is designed for voltages up to 245 kV. Polymeric insulated cables of various designs can be adopted with respect to shielding and metal sheath. Composite or porcelain housings with different creepage lengths are available covering the most common and also extreme pollution levels. The termination is designed according to following standards: IEC-60840, IEC-62067, IEC-60815, IEEE-48 & IEEE-1313
  10. Supply Products Heat Shrink Medium Voltage Terminations Our medium-voltage terminations have been used by utilities and industrial organizations worldwide for more than four decades.
  11. Supply Products Medium Voltage Switchgear Terminations Heat-shrink and cold-applied systems for switchgear and transformers with standardized bushings for 250A, 400A and 630/1250A have been installed by utilities and industrial organizations worldwide for more than 25 years.
  12. Electrical Safety Insulating Rubber Gloves Elecsafe gloves provide complete hand protection from electrical shock during electrical operations. Insulating Composite Gloves Electrical safety gloves provide complete hand protection from electrical shock during electrical operations. IEC & AS/NZS Standard Insulating Mats Elecsafe high voltage insulating rubber mats conforms to IEC 61111:2002 and are manufactured using high quality elastomer rubber in order to provide complete protection against electric shock due to electrical earth faults. These rubber mats are suitable for use in outdoor and indoor applications.
  13. Thank You Contact us 1182 / B, Tilak Road, Sadashiv Peth, Pune-411030,Maharashtra, India. 304, Elphinston House, 17, Marzban Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400001. +91 2024482025 +91 9823029266