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Pro-union Influencers

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An analysis for the Cabinet Office

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Pro-union Influencers

  1. 1. Pro-Union Influencers An analysis for the Cabinet Office Contact: Gaelle Bertrand, Head of Brand Insight Gaelle.Bertrand@precise.co.uk
  2. 2. Retrieve content Through intelligent search string Focus on ‘Better Together’ campaign key words and hashtags Time period 1 Aug 2014 – 31 Aug 2015 Identify influential groups Classify authors into different categories (the media, individuals, organisations), using information available on their profiles Research their backgrounds online. Assess influence Reach: potential audience Activity: how often they posted pro-union tweets Resonance: evidence their opinion is shared, or echoed by others (e.g. replies, quotes, retweets, and follows) Relevance: do they express an informed opinion: do they shared others’ posts or dissect the news agenda? Create profiles Understand their social media footprint Methodology September 2015 Pro-union influencers
  3. 3. Most vocal and influential academics Pro-union influencers September 2015 Author Type Bio Reach (follower count) Number of Pro-Union Tweets Retweets Impressions @Historywoman (Jill Stephenson) Lecturer Professor of History at Edinburgh University 2,224 188 0 242,806 @Holland_tom (Tom Holland) Historian Historian. New book, 'Dynasty', out in Sept! Herodotus translator. Dinosaur lover. Hedgehog conservator. A 'leading English cricketer' - The Times 37,847 11 16 278,358 @AileenMcHarg (Aileen McHarg) Professor Professor of Public Law, University of Strathclyde. Interests: Scottish and UK public law; energy regulation; climate change regulation. 1,035 1 550 468,720 @ProfTomkins (Adam Tomkins) Professor Professor of Law | Constitutional Adviser | Father of four | Aspiring Politician | Not in that order 6,761 4 119 97,415 @peatworrier (Dr Andrew Tickell) Lecturer Prolixity from Andrew Tickell. Constitutional law, human rights & Scottish politics. Jacobin- sympathetic scribbler, lecturer in law, and jaded flâneur. 10,637 4 69 87,876
  4. 4. Influencer profile: Jill Stephenson Pro-union influencers September 2015 Jill Stephenson Professor of History at Edinburgh Universityand commentator on the potential impact of Scottish Independence @Historywoman 2,224 followers https://www.linkedin.com/pub/jill-stephenson/59/613/a40 188 tweets 0 retweets Twitter impressions: 242,806 Influential because of her media profile and recent outburst about SNP MP Mhairi Black in July 15. Previously featured in the FT and the Scottish Review. Her Twitter activity has consisted in retweeting other tweeters supporting the union such as @ProfTomkins Her opinion: “Those of us who are desperate for some real live action from the unionist side are anxious and frustrated.” Her views are strong and all about what independence will bring on top of what devolution has already failed to bring.
  5. 5. Influencer profile: Tom Holland, Academic and broadcaster Pro-union influencers September 2015 Tom Holland Historian. New book, 'Dynasty', out in Sept! Herodotus translator. Dinosaur lover. Hedgehog conservator. A 'leading English cricketer' - The Times http://www.tom-holland.org/ @Holland_tom 11 tweets 16 retweets Twitter impressions: 278,358 His Twitter activity consisted of original tweets always mentioning #bettertogether. Influential because of his media profile and potential to generate social media impressions. His approach to influencing on social media is ‘soft’ in that he points out what makes UK countries ‘Better Together’.
  6. 6. Most vocal and influential celebrities Pro-union influencers September 2015 Author Type Twitter Bio Reach (follower count) Number of Pro-Union Tweets Retweets Impressions @JK_Rowling (JK Rowling) Writer Author 5,290,832 17 5,759 68M @richardbranson (Richard Branson) Businessman Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at @virgin! 6,484,642 4 1,895 20M @Duncanwhitehead (Duncan Whitehead) Author Award Winning & Best Selling Author. Good in bed. I sleep like a log. 2013 & 2014 International Book Award Winner. Animal Lover (Not Literally). 422,080 4 118 1M @MichelleMone (Michelle Mone) Entrepreneur Voted No1 UK Female Entrepreneur by Glamour Magazine. Founder of Ultimo http://t.co/9cTTHBJdrj http://t.co/IfjfeUwLMy 1,026,921 5 298 732K @francisboulle Francis Boulle Businessman/ TV personality Gold Explorer in Africa & Central America, Author, occasionally on TV (made in Chelsea) 582,429 2 134 1.2M
  7. 7. Other Pro-Union Celebrities (who have voiced their support on Twitter and have the large followings)) Pro-union influencers September 2015