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2000 - 2005
St. Scholasticas College, Manila
Tita Gie’s Food-To-Go Catering
SM HYPERMARKET, Philippines (April 2009 - 2011)
Managed and es...
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Curriculum Vitae Vitae

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Currently I am employed with M.H. Alshaya Co. in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates, under health and beauty division, Mac Cosmetics Department as store in-charge Product Specialist and have been involved in number of events.

My record of academic achievements and professional career history, demonstrates attributes that make me a valuable employee. My CV is and portfolio is enclosed to provide you with details of my skills and accomplishments, but I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal my desire and ability to contribute to your organization.I would like to take this opportunity to be a part of your prestigious organization and enhance more my knowledge and skills.

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Curriculum Vitae Vitae

  1. 1. CONTACT ME +971561778840 precious.pantig@yahoo.com EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT 2000 - 2005 St. Scholasticas College, Manila Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Visual Communication 1997 - 2001 Angelicum College Quezon City Dubai Marina, Dubai Precious PantigPrecious Pantig WORK EXPERIENCE MAC Cosmetics, Dubai (April 2012 - Present) STORE IN-CHARGE MAC Fashion Store Mall of the Emirates Responsible for ensuring that the store is fully operational from start of the day to closing with the absence of the store manager such as; bank- ing, opening and closing tills, stock check, merchandising, cleanliness to be well maintained all through out the day, daily briefing and securing the store at the end of the day. ❋ Coordinates with Cosmetics Sales Manager. ❋ Sets individual target align to the store target. ❋ Builds a positive rapport to encourage the team. ❋ Organize time management to ensure a good cover of shop floor at all time. ❋ Developed customer relationships and manage team members. ❋ Conducts in-house training programs. ❋ Delegating tasks effectively and appropriately to create a self managing team. ❋ Sends daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly report. ❋ Maintain merchandising standards and store policies. Product Specialist MAC Fashion Store Mall of the Emirates ❋ Attended MAC update quarterly for current trends and new products launch. ❋ Excellent skills in color combination and skin tone management. ❋ Up to date knowledge on current fashion trends and the makeup industry. ❋ Quick learner; can learn about a character and give the perfect look quickly and efficiently. ❋ Posses expertise in makeup artistry such as, bridal, lesson, seminar and events. ❋ Provide excellent make-up applications, share knowledge and customer service. Computer Skills ❋ MS Word ❋ MS Excel ❋ MS Powerpoint ❋ Adobe Photoshop ❋ Adobe Illustrator ❋ Adobe Lightroom PERSONAL ❋ Rapport building ❋ Coaching skills ❋ Self motivated ❋ Analytical mind ❋ Excellent Communication Skill CORE QUALIFICATIONS CREATIVE ❋ Creative thinking ❋ Good color theory ❋ Layout and design ❋ Good familiarity with fonts ❋ Experienced in flyer, brochure and print ad designs RETAIL ❋ Managing stock levels ❋ Customer service skills ❋ Merchandising ❋ Product advertising ❋ Sales development ❋ Conflict Resolution ❋ Daily sales briefing ❋ Competitor analysis MANAGEMENT ❋ Store management ❋ Superb motivator ❋ Selling techniques ❋ Organizational skills ❋ Cost control ❋ Brand management ❋ Store Management ❋ Super Motivator ❋ Competent ❋ Enthusiastic ❋ Artistic ❋ Detail oriented About me... I have an extreme passion with arts and designs; from fashion photography, layout and special makeup. I finish bachelor of Fine Arts major in Visual Communication. Besides my specialization, I am a individual who is very passionate at work,my main goal is to receive the best feedback for what i do. I love to venture in different realm to improve my skills in design, presentation and communication.
  2. 2. PRODUCT SUPERVISOR CUM ADMIN Tita Gie’s Food-To-Go Catering SM HYPERMARKET, Philippines (April 2009 - 2011) Managed and established the overall production processes of Catering since its inception. Its clientele are mainly the shoppers of SM Hypermarkets looking for ready-to-eat meals. Customer Service: Provides initial training for new merchandisers as well as supplementary trainings to ensure high quality of service. Manpower Management: Responsible in delegating work, develop and enforce policies that would promote a smooth and friendly working environment. Accounting/Inventory: Provides various reports such as sales reports, delivery notes, sales returns Creative Design: Responsible on designing all graphic related works such as logo design, point-of-sales materials, banners, flyers, etc. DESIGNER / ARTIST Yell Adworks - Micro sourcing (April 2008 - March 2009) Worked as a designer for the advertising arm of Yell Group International directories, Yell Adworks. It is the leading multimedia advertising solutions provider in Spain, UK and the US. Designed promotional ads for various entities that are published in business references to effectively promote their products and services. DESIGNER / ARTIST (using MAC) Creative Response (April 2007 April 2008) Provided designing services for Creative Response that are cost- efficient and ensures productive advertising solutions for a US based publishing company. Conceptualized a wide range of design ideas that promotes stunning success for their clients’ products and services. PROMOTIONS AND EVENTS COORDINATOR Carryboy Philippines Inc. – World Class Auto Accessories (February 2006 - August 2006) Worked under the marketing department. Assisted the senior graphic designer in creating flyers, posters, banners, streamers and website maintenance. Coordinates scouts and organizes motor shows, auto cycle events and other events that successfully promote the company and the merchandises we provide. TRAININGS PRODUCT SPECIALIST TRAINING RT DEVELOPMENT TRAINING MANAGEMENT TRAINING TREND UPDATES 18th ADVERTISING CONGRESS CERTIFIC ATIONS LASH AND LINE APPLICATION JUST ONE LOOK MAKEUP APPLICATION MAKEUP LESSON PRODUCT SPECIALIST MAC TECHNIQUE MAC SEMINAR INTERES T S IN READING COOKING PHOTOGRAPHY FASHION TRAVEL Precious Pantig CURRICULUM VITAE BIODATA Bir th date, June 30, 1984 ❉ Marital Status, Single Nationality, F ilipino ❉ V isa Status, Employed