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Cloud computing projects by inspire-groups (Pravin Hanchinal)

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This presentation by INSPIRE-groups focuses on various cloud computing project ideas for computer science students and its corresponding wings.

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Cloud computing projects by inspire-groups (Pravin Hanchinal)

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Projects Pravin Hanchinal Co-founder & CEO INSPIRE- groups
  2. 2. presentations
  3. 3. Prerequisites Basics of Cloud Eclipse HTML(5) JS CSS
  4. 4. Busting myths! Cloud development is paid Cloud is hard to get started Brand new skills are required
  5. 5. Why Cloud? No Fuss Anywhere, anytime No Heavy Lifting Power Speed Security Deploy Clone Extend
  6. 6. What you can Deploy on Cloud? Apps (Anything as a Service) Private, Public, Hybrid Clouds Can experiment on Virtualization
  7. 7. Why Cloud based IDE’s? Freedom to code Collaboration No issues Runs on your browser PaaS support
  8. 8. Everything as a App!
  9. 9. EVERYTHING is a blend of
  10. 10. Cloud vs Native IDE Eclipse Netbeans Cloud9 | Codenvy Cloud IDE |Sourcekit Kodingen | Coderun Studio | ShiftEdit Akshell | Erbix | Appery | Neutron IDE Collide |Orion Python Fiddle Codeanywhere
  11. 11. Cloud Mobile Apps Development Telerik AppScale AppInventor Appcelerator PhoneGap Titanium Sencha Space and many more...
  12. 12. Few more mentions Openstack CloudStack Spring Amazon Web Services CloudBees (Java PaaS) Eucalyptus OpenNebula
  13. 13. Lost in Cloud? Help is everywhere, just shout! StackOverflow StackExchange Quora
  14. 14. Play with NoSQL MongoDB postgresql CloudSQL CouchDB Cassandra
  15. 15. Its time to wake up! most free accounts are getting out of scene!
  16. 16. Building Cloud using Cloud
  17. 17. Another honorary mention
  18. 18. Yet another one!
  19. 19. Good coders code, great reuse
  20. 20. API and Frameworks
  21. 21. Why collaborate with INSPIRE-groups? Open Culture Earn while you learn Open for your ideas We don’t care where you are! Teach us, we are in hunger to learn!
  22. 22. What INSPIRE-groups is looking for? Developers to experiment on AWS Developers to experiment on Azure Developers to experiment on public, private and hybrid clouds
  23. 23. Some more ideas Google Apps Script Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) Google Forms and Spreadsheets Cloud End Point Dropbox
  24. 24. Thank you more presentation at inspiregroups.co.in/presentations/
  25. 25. Got questions? mail to askinspire@live.com
  26. 26. What Next? Go through this presentation again Explore more Start experimenting Read Documentation Have patience, rome is not built in a day!
  27. 27. Stay connected pravinhanchinal.com
  28. 28. Useful Resources http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/useful-code-comparing-tools-for-developers/ http://inspiregroups.co.in/presentations/ http://inspiregroups.co.in/training/cloud-computing/ http://inspiregroups.co.in/our-blogs/cloud-computing/