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  1. 1. RESUME A.Praveen Kumar Mail: adabala.praveen1@gmail.com Cell No:9505951112,9908857275 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Professional Objective To attain a responsible and a credential position in an organization, which offers an eminent opportunity for professional advancement and where my dexterities, ability and knowledge are of full use to the organization with my courteous and endurable nature.  Educational Qualifications B.Sc (Chemistry,Biotechlogoly,zoology) passed in first class from ANDHRA UNIVERSITY Board of Intermediate passed in first class from RAGHU SANTHI COLLAGE S.S.C passed in second class from M.G.M GOVT HIGH SCHOOL  Specialization course PG Diploma in Health and Safety Environment from J.N.N.C.Y organization.  Computer profiency Geospatial Processing Programs : ARC GIS Application Packages : MS Office Internet Applications & Tools  1).PRESENTLY WORKING ORGANIZATION DETAILS M/S JUBILANT LIFESCIENCES Ltd. is manufacturer of high value Bulk Drugs and APIs based its operations at India. Having a high standards facilities. It has approved by ISO and USFDA. Duration : March 2012 to Till Date Position : Safety Officer
  2. 2.  Roles & Responsibilities  Responsible for development of all HSE&FIRE Training; Safety Induction, Training Course Training for Supervisors, Work place site safety training  Major activities like implementation of management safety policies, site safety induction, regular safety inspections, conducting training and safety  Meetings very frequently, assigning suitable personal protective equipment to all the employees respectively etc  Conduct Tool Box For The Work Force On Different Safety Issues.  Role of Supervision in Accident Prevention  Major areas of experience in terms of activities are Advanced fire fighting techniques, food safety, fabrication works, steel erections, electrical safety, excavation works, works on heights (scaffolds), load lifting works (rigging) etc  Educating all the employees on basic site FIRE SAFETY Rules & Regulations.  Conduct Risk Assessment and Take Necessary Safety Precautions before Work Start.  Accident / Incident Investigations.  Conduct mock Drills (Fire, hose drills etc…)  First Aid and Emergency Proceedings.  Fire extinguishers are located in the correct place; provide daily reports to the Management.  Daily inspections will take place and any dangerous condition reported immediately to the management
  3. 3.  Previous work Experience: Having 1 years experience in various API & Bulk Drug manufacturing industries focused on cGMP Documentation,Worked in FDA approved & CRO organizations. Handled specialty equipment like Elution column.Improving with continuous up gradation of my knowledge & position.  2).PREVIOUS ORGANIZATION DETAILS: M/S SAI ADVANTIUM PHARMA Ltd. Manufacturer of high value APIs based operations at Bidar, Karnataka, India. It has a high standard CRAM facility. It has wide range of pharmaceutical market in USA, Japan, Europe and India. USFDA & WHO approved facility. Duration : June 2011 to march 2012 Position : chemist-Production  PERSONAL DETAILS: Name : A. Praveen Kumar Date of Birth : 14-02-1987 Father’s Name : A. Gangadhara Rao Mother’s name : Anantha lakshmi Sex : Male Martial Status : Single. Nationality : Indian. Known Languages : English, Telugu & Hindi. Passport No : L8319194 Email. : nani.praveen333@gmail.com Date: Place: KAKINADA (A. PRAVEEN KUMAR)